Friday, February 27, 2009

The Exodar

No one goes to The Exodar on purpose, right?   It looks like an explosion in a cotton candy factory or a Barbie meets Hello Kitty nightmare.

I'm late to the game (literally and figuratively lol), but I have a growing appreciate of The Exodar.

Did you know the Hall of Lights was a hologram museum?  Complete with a tour!  Keg running ot the bank saw a group of Draenai wandering around, so curiousity demanded he follow them.  They stopped at one of the holograms, and all of sudden a description of what we were looking at popped on the screen!

 How cool is that?  

Keg and Widget  joined the tour.  

I love the details like this in WoW.  I honestly think so many people zoom through the game and miss so much of the rich lore, design, cities, etc., that make up Azeroth.

Kudos to the designers/developers on this one.

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