Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Exploration

I've almost completed Eastern Kingdom - STV left! Apparently with all the questing you do in STV, I still managed to miss 4 places! So back I go. I'm really enjoying the Exploration Achievement. As you progress though, I've seen places I hadn't before - and seen alot of potential for future expansions (free content please!!) in WoW's future!

Dream Bough, Feralas

There are all these 'dragonkin' locations with portals to the Emerald Dream.  I do hope it will be a fun expansion if/when it comes - not just end game raiding zones.

I forgot to screen shot my glorious death off the Twin Colossals in Feralas - truth be told I didn't know you could go ontop and parachute off - visit Night Elf, Marli Wishrunner.

Using the parachute at the right time is the trick - lol! It was fun watching my gorilla race me to the bottom though.  They've added a closer graveyard which saves the long run it use to be from the Alliance from Feathermoon Stronghold!

Altar of Storms, Blasted Lands

This is tucked back out of the way!  But I must admit my questing Blasted Lands has been fairly limited.

I must admit though, I'm a bit odd in that I won't go to Outlands unless my characters have 'earned the right' - LOL!  So, if they can't make it through the Portal they're doomed to zep/boat/flights without the quick hop up and down from Shat!  

Grim Batol, Wetlands

Dragonkin guarding the entrance, then this huge - begging-to-be-made-into-something place!!  Wetlands has a few off the beaten path places that I've had fun questing and exploring as Alliance.  

Plus I remember my first Horde run to Ulduman - crazy trying to get there with a map that didn't show how (my first characters did the fogged out map!).  The tunnels between the Wetlands and Loch Modan - that was fun - dodging guards, trying to figure out where they went - lol!  I was so glad when I finally had that flightpath completed.

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