Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Warsong Gulch 10-19

Keggard dipped his toe in the 10-19 bracket as a semi-twink! Didn't do to bad at level 18.  I'm not sure I have the desire for complete twinkage as I don't want to 2v2, or feel the need to one-shot level 10's.  It is nice though to not die quite so easily  - lol!!  

The big BUT - I need to learn to NOT argue with the @#$#^ twinks that hate everyone but themselves. Most seem to be okay but there always has to be one in almost every BG - the guy that constantly types negative things about eveyone else, and how unfortunate the are to be in this BG, etc.  The one the other day, OMG!!!  Irritating beyond.  No one but him knew how to play, no one but him could play, no one but him was worthy of being in that BG.  We were all (all 9 of us) eight year old nubs that couldn't follow direction.  So, I had to point out to him that as I was an eight year old nub (he couldn't spell well either), I most definitely could NOT follow direction as I was too in awe of his 1337 abilities!  It degraded from there - lol!  I finally apologized to the rest of my team for the wall of text argument and /ignored that jerk for the rest of the game.

I'm practicing a new mantra - of ignore them, ignore them, ignore them - so I won't feel the need to get down to their level of stupid. They always win. /sigh

Here he is with new pet spider - Widget.  Both Widget and Jack (hyena) are making appearances in Warsong Gulch.

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