Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pet taming day . . .

Found this post from last month . . .

I was flying over the Barrens on an alt and caught sight of Humar, lolling under a tree! Yeah!!! Quickly decided which hunter could get there fastest - the benefit of so many LOL!

Sithi being in Shattarath was the best choice. So she said grabbed Kelethin - her former favorite white cat (that grew black stripes in the major patch and I’ve detested since) hurried to The Barrens and tamed Humar.

Happily flying back to Theramore, I was reading Petopia (ZOMG what a fantastic resource!!) and was reading about the gorillas and thought maybe I should try one of those. They are suppose to be good tanks, and I've never tried one. Hmmm. Well if I'm getting one, it has to be the rare white, Uhk’loc in Un’Goro Crater.

Off we go! Stable our new kitty - the 'new' Kelethin (Kelethin is from the EQII elf area), grab a temporary pet and into the gorilla cave. I figured reading Thottbot that it would be hours if at all and was going to be a shot in the dark - surprise within 15 minutes I had Holiday eating grapes and killing her former buddies as we left.

I have to say the gorillas really can tank and hold aggro. We completed all the Nessingwary quests in Nagrand solo at lvl 65-6 and even took down Tusker (32,000 health!), although Holiday died halfway through and I ended up kiting Tusker to Talaar! We still gave it a good go!

Love that butt scratching ape!

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