Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Finally caught a nuke launch - Fallout 76

My C.A.M.P. in Fallout 76 is located just down the hill from one of the launch silos. Finally was there when one launched.  I want to actually see it come out of the ground, but haven't made it there for that.  And not sure if the blast will kill you or not anyway!

 These are from different launches. This is a nuke landing at Whitespring.

Nuking Morgantown.  Being on the ground is survivable outside the main blast zone (and if you're wearing Power Armor or a HazMat suit.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Fallout 76. What a way to Die

Bethesda has come up with some interesting little vignettes around the Fallout 76 world.  The teddies and gnomes are used quite creatively.  There are random events and lots of unusual places that are not marked on the map such as Carhenge.

There are also lots of skeletons that died pretty miserably.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Fallout 76 - Easter Egg - The Shining

Fallout 76 has some wonderful Easter Eggs hidden in the game.  Some are extremely obvious, others, you may have to think about the reference or depending on your age and/or interests may not get at all.

One really cool one is the references to the novel/movie - The Shining by Stephen King.

In Fallout 76, there is the Torrance House (The Forest Region), named after the Torrence family (Jack, Wendy and their son Danny). Most of the Torrence House is not accessible (or I didn't find a way in!), but it does have that haunted gloomy feel you'd expect. The photos are from two separate days, one was sunny, and when I went back in was raining.

There is scaffolding around it that offers access to the second floor and balconies and if you have a jetpack or marsupial you can access the roof.  I didn't try just climbing up there, but there may be a way to jump up.

On the lovely verdigris copper roof, found this couple with the blocks spelling out Hubba Hubba.  I'm not sure if this is reference to the ghost that was messing with Jack or some other Shining reference or could be totally unrelated.  (It does have the requisite Teddy Bear!). 

From the roof I was able to take an overview photo of the Torrence House maze.  It looks very clear from a bird's eye view.  It's not a huge maze, more of a walled garden maze. But a great little detailed addition to the game. (The more I play and find things that aren't the main story, the more I NEED to explore and find out what it means.)
Inside the maze, I found Jack with his axe.

Not sure if this is a Shining reference (if so I didn't get it) a mannequin and a dead woman (Wendy and Hallorann from the book, although they didn't die?)  And a safe? or just Fallout 76 loot?

If you cruise around on the scaffolding and the balcony's you'll find Danny's tricycle with blocks spelling out REDRUM. 

The first reference I found to a Danny was at CAMDEN PARK with his names spelled out in blocks.  (Inside the room where you trade in tokens.)  Assuming this is the Danny in The Shining and not some other Danny reference. 

 There are lots of these type of reference Easter eggs in Fallout 76, which I find absolutely loads of fun, the teddy bears that tell stories or Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party, etc.,  Some are very obvious and some require a bit of thinking.

It doesn't really take away from those rushing through the game (although they're missing some fun!), but does give the explorer/puzzle solver types something else to find and share.

Great job Bethesda on another layer to the fun in Fallout 76!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Fallout 76 Into Lucky Hole Mine

Fallout 76 has quite a number of interesting places to explore.  If exploring is your thing - well you can spend quite a bit of time poking in all the corners above ground and below.

This is in one Mine (Lucky Hole).  Some very strange religion going on involving "The Interloper".  Make sure to listen to the holotape before going down inside.

Couldn't figure out what this was about - and didn't see any turtles.  Plenty of Mole Miners though.

 Small alter in a side tunnel. Definitely need to poke around inside this place.

Another small alter 

Weird alter to The Interloper?

No idea how old or what this is.  The only part I could get to.  
There may be more (possible hidden room?)

Monday, February 4, 2019

Fallout 76 and Teddy Bears

I'm not a Fallout fan/follower, as I think I played FO 3, got out of the Vault (having mild motion sickness from first person), some dog ripped my leg off and I never played again.

So, I'm not sure if the Teddy Bears are an ongoing theme, but Bethesda and the designers/devs had a great time with their placement in Fallout 76.

There are people that hunt for them and post lots of screenshots.  I have one on IMGUR that stores ones I've found.  Most of the time when you see them, you have to stop and just laugh or shake your head.  Brilliant set ups.

 By far the most photo'd Bear in Fallout 76

Lots of Teddy's in toilets for some reason.

 Asylum Bear

 Courtroom jury Bear and Toys

 Ready for the amusement park

Sewing Bear 

BBQ Bear 

Funeral Bear

Sunday, January 27, 2019

The Weird and Wonderful spots in Fallout 76

There are a ton of weird, wonderful and freaky places in Fallout 76.  Kudos to the developers/designers for all these hidden gems.

Every time I make a pass back through an area I find something new! Recent finds in The Forest.

A random totem/idol to whom?

 Dog with advanced math skills and a chem set?

 Inside a church in Helvetia (Forest zone).  Top is upstairs, bottom is the main altar.  Every church in the Forest has some freaky stuff going on!

Below are all from Point Pleasant.  There are the obvious Mothman tribute places, below are a few extras.  Don't forget to grab the eggs - they sell well!

Statue in the Mothman Museum. I'd like this as a housing item.

The "ritual offering" outfit.  I'm not keen on wearing the head piece, but do randomly wear the clothing.

Mothman poster.  There is one in Point Pleasant, but I think I took this photo in the Mire.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 has been out a few months now and glitches, dupers and d/c-ing aside - love love love this game!

There are so many stand out features, off the top of my head....

NPCs. Now there aren't any 'human' NPCs as the Fallout fanbase is happy to point out, other than other players.  BUT the way the creatures and effected former humans act and react is just great. Animals that will hide or really runaway. Scorched and Super-mutants that will flank you or try to sneak up behind you.  And the dialogue they've given the robots and Super-mutants, some of it is priceless.

Geography, landscape and setting. Another excellent decision.  People from West Virginia say it is very similar to West Virginia.  A few of the cities have been relocated, but overall they've used many of the existing real places in game.  A big plus, most of the rocky walls, cliffs you can climb, unlike so many MMOs (looking at you WoW with so many you can't!).  The weather and day/night cycle are well done.  In the start zone it's less obvious it's night, but some of the others dark is dark!

All the hidden or not so obvious places you can visit with their own little stories going on.
The creative use of Teddy Bears and Gnomes in the game.  Funny stuff.

Enough puzzles and truly hidden features for those that are willing to search.
Wonderful array of apparel.
Actual surveyor's mark and location in game.  How cool is that?

Housing!!!  This can be finicky and glitchy at times, but the creativity people are displaying is very cool.  Players are sharing their creations here Settlements.  One industrious player (bolsey on reddit) actually cataloged ALL the available housing items, which has been awesome!  Catalog of Items.

 Great place for RPers.  Tales from Appalachia and FO76 Roleplayers Troupe on Reddit are two good sites for sharing stories, screenshots, etc.

Lastly, great community.  There is a very vocal 'we hate FO76' majority, but there is a great community on reddit - FO76 Filthy Casuals - that love the game and are very supportive of the growing community of people that are having a blast in West Virginia!  Surprisingly the majority of ingame players are friendly and helpful as well.

Link to my ever-growing .  I don't think I've ever taken so many screenies in a game before!
ingame photos hosted on IMGUR