Thursday, October 30, 2014

Scenes around ArcheAge

Saw this the other day while running through Lilyut Hills.  What exactly it is, still a question!

Creative use of wooden crates on an aqua farm.  This guy built himself a fishing platform, complete with a chair.

A Dahuta recruiting billboard in Lilyut Hills.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

ArcheAge random pics of the week

I take alot of screenshots in games.  These are some random fun ones I found the past week.

How you want to see a bot in game.

When you get tired of sailing the seas in ArcheAge, harpoon your way to fun.

Anyone who's unloaded trade packs on a farm will appreciate the precision of this pack stack.

Waiting for the war clock to to tick down in Two Crowns outside Cinderstone Moore to grab that 130% delivery fee.

What you want to see when visit the owl after playing the auction house.

Scenes from Lutesong Harbor, Villanelle (Haranya).

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

ArcheAge - You Scripter!

Now that ArcheAge is over a month out, properties are trickling in for unpaid taxes and are slated to be demolished.  The un-landed are searching zones, setting up spreadsheets, timers to make it to demolitions at all hours of the day/night.  People have friends help click, do area raid  invites to screw up the competition's clicking (hint - turn off raid, party, guild, etc, invites while at a demolition).  It can be very unfriendly at times.  PvP zones, guilds will go purple to kill off the competition on a desirable spot.

I've attended some land-grabs just for fun, some with the intent to try and win. (Would have loved the location below on the river in Marianople.) When a property is coming up for demo, people start hovering around hours before the actual demo time - which I don't get - it's not first in line for a Black Friday sale - as your position doesn't signify anything.  If you're there five hours before or five seconds, it's the winning click that counts!

  Big crowd for a place on the river in Marianople (couldn't screenshot the whole group waiting).

As buildable land is a finite resource in ArcheAge (there is much open/unused (no NPCs even!) land just not designated for housing/farming.)  People really want their own slice for a myriad of reasons: some want the house to decorate and call home; others. its all about farming for trade/crafting, or hoping on the rare Thunder-struck tree or Blizzard Bear Cub - everyone thinks they need their little chunk to call their own.

Whomever wins is always accuse of being a bot or scripter, etc., and often is.  Many properties are purchased by the same few names and resold within a short time.  Which feeds people's fury at losing again.  It's okay to lose to the player next to you from XYZ Guild, but not so much to a scripter that isn't even in visual distance and resells the property usually at a huge profit.

 This was a fairly normal group waiting.

When I read that you could be 80m away from a property getting demo'd, I thought that explained why we might not see someone that snags a property and always 'assume' they're a bot/scripter.   (Not saying there aren't alot of bots/hackers, etc., in game!)

Soooo, I had to try it.  How far could away could I be and actually still click to win. I found this 16x16 getting demo'd in Karkasse Ridgelands at 4 a.m. - perfect! If I didn't win, it wouldn't be a total loss - yes another 16 would be great - ever in need of more materials for trade runs - but it was not the ideal location I wanted.  So a perfect test - if I get it great, if not no loss there. 
This toon is only 22, so aside from the concern about getting killed prior to the click-a-thon (for the anti-PvPers - 3 deaths in a month in KR - it's pretty darn safe!), I wanted to see if I could indeed click from here and win.  I'm not sure of the actual distance, but there is one 16x16 and one 8x8 below the hill I'm on.

Did I win?  Darn right!  I out clicked the handful of people there by the time 4:14 rolled around.  I don't think they saw me or if they did, likely assumed I was /afk or something, but not actively involved in the land grab.  

You want to see this screen only the "build" button NOT greyed out.  That's a you didn't win.

When I came down (hoping I wasn't going to get a purple bloodlust attack going), I was accused of being a scripter.  I told the guy I wasn't who was naturally angry he'd lost.  Honestly though, there isn't any reason someone could or should be that far away IMHO (I don't know if I could have been further away as in no line of sight). Maybe highly desirable places in PvP zones - you might want some distance but I think you should be no further away than the adjacent property.

I really wish it would switch to a lottery type system. Put in your 1g (10g whatever), name comes up it's yours. Total RNG, but no cheating, no scripting, no macro's off your keyboard or mouse, no lag-loss, etc.  Straight up RNG, which we are all use to!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

ArcheAge - Erecting a Fellowship Plaza

A Citizen's Fellowship Plaza once added to a zone gives the ability to create Fellowship Trade Packs for those that own property in that zone.  The balance of the crafting stations, vendors are open to the public, but the Specialty Bench is only for residents (citizens of that housing province).

It is quite an undertaking, usually by a guild or individual with deep pockets and alot of land!  I'm fortunate on Tahyang, McFly (I assume with friends?) built one in Marianople and the guild Conviction built one in Halcyona where fortunately I do own properties. 

I missed the one going up in Marianople, but did attend (and contributed a couple of stone packs) to the guild Conviction erecting the Fellowship Plaza in Halcyona.

First step buying the plans.  500 Gilda Stars is alot of trade pack runs!

After you have the plans you need:

30 Stone Packs (each pack is 100 stone brick or 300 raw stone)
10 Iron Packs  (each pack is 100 iron ingots or 300 iron ore)
10 Lumber Packs (each pack is 100 lumber or 300 logs)

The packs like all the housing have to be added in order.  So, 30 stone packs have to be placed first.

Stone packs down, iron being added.

 Iron in place and lumber going down

Completed Fellowship Plaza.

Conviction did a nice job placing this in Halcyona.  It's next to their town hall with easy access for everyone in the area.
Making of the first specialty pack.

 Most housing areas have crafting work stations, etc., but the specialty workbench only allows the production of a specific trade pack from that zone. (Ex. Marianople - Marianople Face Cream.)  These trade packs do not fluctuate in terms of price based on turn in as only residents of that zone make them.  So you're almost guaranteed the 130% return on a pack. (The ingame trade pack calculator is your friend for following percentage returns.)

ArcheAge Dailies

ArcheAge (AA) has a number of dailies available while leveling from the super simple gilda star quickies for the under 30 crowd to cooking quests to honor dailies to raising mounts.  These are easy ways to accumulate gilda stars along with the intercontinental trade runs.

Level 10-30 - Nui Priestess Dailies

*If you level from one tier to the other, you can do the next level Nui Priestess daily.  They are on separate cooldowns.
** If you're a slow leveler keep a few Memory Ink and Lilies on you for those dailies!

Priestess of Nui (safe area in any zone - rez spot & place to change out your skills)

Level 10-15: Talk to the Nui Priestess.
Talk to the Nui Priestess. That simple. Collect your reward.
Reward: 1 Gilda star, 50s

Level 16-20: Memory Ink
Bring the Priestess one Memory Ink (purchase from General Merchants for 10s each).
Reward: 1 Gilda Star, 70s
You can keep a few of these on you for this daily and also if you wish to record a portal such as your house or a friend's house.

Level 21-25: Flowers
Talk to the Priestess. Now target her and type /flowers in chat.
Reward: 1 Gilda Star, 1g
Make sure you are in the main chat window (not faction or guild, etc.), then type the /flowers.

Level 26-30: Lilies
Talk to Priestess.
Reward: 1 Gilda Star, 1g50s
Bring her a Lily.  You can buy these of the Auction House, grow them or pick them in the wild.  They're common flower especially around Dewstone/Marianople and Vilanelle along the roads.

Level 30-50 Dailies
Gilda Star dailies reset at 8 EST / 5 PST. 
These dailies can be picked up at one location and turned in at another. (ex. Ezna and turned in at Marianople).
 Animal Trainer NPC gives Raising a Wild... daily
NPC: Blue Salt Wanderer in Marianople OR Ezna (Two Crowns) OR Seachild Wharf (Cinderstone Moor).
Reward: 1 Gild Star each quest
XP: 3462
Coin: 20-30silver (see each quest)

Quest:  Roadsend in Danger
Location: Roadsend Guardpost; Dewstone
Reward: 1 Gilda Star, 3462 xp, 20s67c
Collect eight barrels of gunpowder left by Blackbeard Thieves located around the perimeter of the Roadsend Guardpost.  Blue glowing light indicators.  They respawn very quickly so no need to be greedy!
The vats behind her are for mixing the 'rare perfume' quest item. 

Quest: A Rare Perfume
Location: At NPC
Reward: 1 Gilda Star, 3462 xp, 30s
Bring with you 30 ground grain OR 30 chopped produce OR 30 dried flowers OR ground spice.  Once you accept the quest you'll get four icons, pick the one you brought the materials for to make the perfume.  Turn in with the NPC.

Quest: Guerilla Marketing
Location: Three locations in Lilyut.  Windshade, Old Pine Village and Bear Mountain
Reward: 1 Gilda Star, 3462 xp, 20s67c
PreReq: Must do A Rare Perfume (above).
Take the three perfume bottles and deposit them at the specific locations in Lilyut. Make sure to click on each as well as they give a buff!

Quest: Raising a Wild Elk
Location: Gweonid Forest public stable
Reward: 1 Gilda Star, 3462 xp, 30s
Buy some vita seed and have water on you (or pump it from the well while waiting for it to mature). This is just like raising your mount.  Feed, water, wash, entertain.  Usually one of each, but you can get a random one that eats two or three times, or needs more water, washing, etc.  Good idea to carry a stack of vita seed and grow some while you wait. 

Quest:  Raising a Wild Horse
Location: Solzreed Pennisula, stable outside Wardton
Reward: 1 Gilda Star, 3462 xp, 30s
Buy some vita seed and have water on you (or pump it from the well while waiting for it to mature). This is just like raising your mount.  Feed, water, wash, entertain.  Usually one of each, but you can get a random one that eats two or three times, or needs more water, washing, etc.  Good idea to carry a stack of vita seed and grow some while you wait.


NPC: Blue Salt Wanderer in Austera (Solis Headlands) OR Lutesong Harbor (Vilanelle) OR Caernord (Ynystere)
Reward: 1 Gild Star each quest.
XP: 3462
Coin: 20-30silver (see each quest)

Quest:  Signs of the Salphira Cult
Location: Outside Palace Cellar, City of Towers
Reward: 1 Gilda Star, 3462 xp, 20s37c
Collect Hellhound Leashes
Collect the leashes from the Palace Cellar.

Quest:  A Rare Perfume
Location: At NPC
Reward: 1 Gilda Star, 3462 xp, 30s
Bring with you 30 ground grain OR 30 chopped produce OR 30 dried flowers OR ground spice.  Once you accept the quest you'll get four icons, pick the one you brought the materials for to make the perfume.  Turn in with the NPC.

Quest:  Guerilla Marketing
Location: Three locations in Tigerspine Mountains.
Reward:  1 Gilda Star, 3462 xp, 20s37c
PreReq: Must do Guerilla Marketing (above).
Take the three perfume bottles and deposit them at the specific locations around Tigerspine - Anvilton, Ironclaw Mine and North Devi River.

Quest: Raising a Malfunctioning Leomorph Cub
Location: Arcum Iris public stable
Reward: 1 Gilda Star, 3462 xp, 30s
Buy some vita seed and have water on you (or pump it from the well while waiting for it to mature). This is just like raising your mount.  Feed, water, wash, entertain.  Usually one of each, but you can get a random one that eats two or three times, or needs more water, washing, etc.  Good idea to carry a stack of vita seed and grow some while you wait.

Quest:  Raising a Wild Snowlion
Location: Falcorth Plains public stable
Reward: 1 Gilda Star, 3462 xp, 30s
Buy some vita seed and have water on you (or pump it from the well while waiting for it to mature). This is just like raising your mount.  Feed, water, wash, entertain.  Usually one of each, but you can get a random one that eats two or three times, or needs more water, washing, etc.  Good idea to carry a stack of vita seed and grow some while you wait.


** Must have access to a farmer's workbench for these
 Reward: 1 Gild Star each, 5g, 3000 xp 
Quest: Start at your farmers work bench. Turn in any Mirage Isle Auctioneer  (blue Daru) next to Mirage world gate.
Three quests available daily (separate cooldowns for each). They use the same base ingredients, only the 'meat' changes. The materials are not cheap, especially the ginseng. The meat is from chicken, duck and geese coops/pens. These dailies are easy, but if you aren't raising all of the materials yourself and are purchasing off the AH, it can be a breakeven to do all three daily. 
Ingredients: 25 Garlic, 50 Rice and 15 Cultivated Ginseng, along with the meat below
Hearty Meal: 5 raw chicken meat 
Premium Hearty Meal: 5 raw duck meat 
Rare Hearty Meal: 5 raw goose meat 

Reward: 3 Gilda Star
 Pick up quest outside the dungeon 
Quests for the reward are completed as either a Mentor or Mentee. 
** People ask regularly in Faction/Nation or via Shout for Mentor/Mentees  in zone if you need either.

Sharpwind Mine (SM) / Dewstone Plains
Mentee level 18-29  / Mentor level 30-50
Quests: Kill Okape with a Mentee / Kill Okape with a Mentor 
Collect a Mentee Token from the Secret Chest first then exchange with a Mentor token collected from the Secret Chest.
Sharpwind Mine Walkthru

Burnt Castle(BC) / Cinderstone Moor
Mentee level 31-39 / Mentor 40-50
Quests: Kill Hieronimus with a Mentee / Kill Hieronimus with a Mentor 
Collect a Mentee Token from the Secret Chest first then exchange with a Mentor token collected from the Secret Chest.
Burnt Castle Walkthru

Palace Cellar (PC) / City of Towers
Mentee level 18-29 / Mentor level 30-50
Quests: Kill Akmit with a Mentee / Kill Akmit with a Mentor  
Collect a Mentee Token from the Secret Chest first then exchange with a Mentor token collected from the Secret Chest.
Palace Cellar Walkthru

Hadir Farm (HF) / Ynystere
Mentee level 31-39 / Mentor 40-50
Quests: Kill Marmas with a Mentee / Kill Marmas With A Mentor  
Collect a Mentee Token from the Secret Chest first then exchange with a Mentor token collected from the Secret Chest.
Hadir Farm Walkthru

* The quests below are in game.  I've done some, but not all.  Some I still haven't a clue of when/how they work especially the time based ones.  I'll update this as more information is forthcoming. *

Kill an opponent in Arenas 
NPC: Gladiator Arena Manager 
Location: West Marianople / Cinderstone? East Solis Headlands or Ynystere 
Reward:  ?

Time Based Dailies:

Deliver materials within the zone. 
Quest: Blue Salt Board. Cinderstone / Ynestere
Timed Event: ??

Deliver logs, iron or ?  I've only seen this quest one time in Cinderstone.  I had to deliver logs from Seachild Wharf to Burnt Camp in Cinder.  I received a gilda star and some XP, but didn't note it at the time. 
The board will have the blue quest icon, but haven't had it available again.

Quest: To the Arena!  Grimghast Rift
Location: (East) Ynestra   (West) Cinderstone Moor
Reward: Gilda Star, 4215 XP, 26s77c
Timed Event:  ? regarding time.
NPC will ask you to take archeum to help build a trebuchet.  I still have the quest, but haven't been there apparently in the time to do the quest!

Crimson Rift
Location: Cinderstone Moor / Ynestere
NPC: Nui's Shield Recruiter (start/end quest here)
Reward: 500 Honor to complete the three quests.  They are separate, so each can be turned in as completed.
Crimson Omen 1: rewards 50 honor by killing 20 infantry men and/or archers
Crimson Omen 2: rewards 150 honor by killing 20 soldiers and/or reserves
Crimson Omen 3: rewards 300 honor killing 20 commanders and/or spearman
There is generally a raid forming when the Crimson Rift is open. You'll see /shout of 'inv for CR' or CR forming.  It's definitely a group event 25+ people recommended.
The Hounds is the fourth part of the event, but requires two tanks, heals and dps (level 50s) and there are supposed more to this event, but I've never seen it completed.

Timed Event:  It appears the Crimson Rift is timed to occur during peace time in one of the two areas.  A red 'rift' (big red circle), will appear in the sky to indicate the location.  In Cinderstone there are three possible locations - north of Seachild Wharf, near Starsunder Vents or Breezebrine Coast.  Dolman Floodplain or Yearning River, Ynestere.

A good write up on the whole Crimson Rift found here.

** Some report this event starts at 12:00 and repeats every few hours in either Cinder or Ynestere. ???

These two events are designed for the under level 20 crowd. If you're not there when it starts it will generally be completed if you have to travel within the zone.

East: Clockwork Rebellion. Junkyard, Tigerspine
NPC: Heun (start/end)
2 a.m. and 2 p.m. daily

West:  The Armies of Castigant.  Lilyut Hills
NPC: Karan (start/end)
Reward: 10 honor, 2s54c, 1440 xp and choice of head piece
2 a.m. and 2 p.m daily

There are other Honor based time quests listed on ArcheAge Database.  Some are not in the current version of the game as of 10-18-14.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

ArchAge Farm Cart - getting stuck

I have a farm cart, which is truly great for trade pack runs, being able to turn in three packs versus one. especially on those long hauls from Hellswamp to Gweonid or Gweonid to Sanddeep (two of my favorite with the best payout!).  The first time we did those on donkey's it took 45 minutes.  The donkey is still pretty quick if you have carrot on a stick and use Songcraft ability "Quick Step", it can keep up with a cart using Eco-Fuel with no problem.

The cost to make one is high depending on your servers going rate for a Thunderstruck log (from a Thunderstruck tree!). On Tehyang it's been running about 300g for a log which is a component of one part of the cart. The RNG Gods have not been in my favor the past month, but I did get my cart built anyway!  If you can scrape the cash together or trade something, it's well worth it, as you can recoup the gold doing trade runs relatively quickly.

 My Leomorph got knocked up into my cart and road there for awhile

The carts aren't very speedy, unless you burn Eco-Fuel. As I do raise geese (the best for eco-fuel production!), I'm not terribly thrifty on using fuel to roll on down the road.  The first few days, (well occasionally I still get stuck), I managed to get my cart stuck in some of the most unusual ways.  You never can tell what it will go over and what will get you stuck!  It's a tad trial and error.

Slow rendering trees are a hazard and can impale your cart.
You can safely go across most plant material in an immature state (including most trees - not bamboo!), as well as fencing - the brown and white, not so sure on the stone/iron and many animals on farms (housing area short cuts can be a major PiA until you get your routes down!)

Collision can be another issue, as trollys and other vehicles can knock you about at times or block your path completely.  We had a guild blocking bridges for awhile to scam bridge tolls from people.
Pushed into the bridge by the trolly in Halycona

Rider's Escape ability is your friend, but as I found out the hard way, make sure you're in a clear, safe area or your cart can be placed in even a worse position!  
 First time using Rider's Escape I was headed down hill, it reset me to this!

To use Rider's Escape you have to be within 20 meters of your stuck cart. So pick a good spot to have it moved to as there is a long cool down on this ability.  (FYI - if you cancel Rider's Escape once you've started it may count it as used, so be careful!.) Your only other choice will be to unload your cart, despawn and respawn it.  Good to travel with friends on those occasions or have helpful guildies around to help you unload/guard your packs.

Monday, September 29, 2014

ArcheAge building a clipper

Building your first boat in ArcheAge is pretty exciting.  Not as exciting as bu8ilding/watching the huge galleon being built, but your first clipper is pretty cool to have!  As I didn't build one in Alpha, I was determined that would be short listed at launch (well after the house and farms were going!).

To build a Harpoon Clipper you need:

  1. The plans (50 gilda stars) purchased on Mirage Island (you can find them listed on the auction house for 35-100g)
  2. 10 gold, 10 iron bricks and 10 lumber for the dry dock
  3. One lumber pack (100 lumber), one iron pack (100 ore) and one fabric pack (100 fabric)  don't make these ahead, you have to add them one at a time in a specific order. Important to place your dry dock close to crafting stations (metal, stone and fabric).  
The dry dock is protected for three days, so you have plenty of time to complete construction.  I found it easier to have everything ready to go and just run the three packs out.  You can have trusted friends/guildmates help carry packs too.

 Early in the game (or for a low level poor character!), the hardest part of getting your clipper is collecting the materials.  Three hundred logs, three hundred iron and depending on if you use wool (3 to 1) or cotton (10 to 1) takes some time or deep pockets or generous friends!  People that really focus or have friends/guilds helping can achieve this relatively quickly.

So, after my house was up and the 16x16 farm pumping out logs, and wool regularly (sheep 16-19 a clip), I set about getting the gilda together for the Harpoon Clipper.  I'd really like the fishing boat, but at 250 gilda stars that will be down the road!  Fortunately with the dailies and the story quest line collecting 50 doesn't take that long.

  First pack of lumber off to the dry dock.

Most people build their ships along the coast or at one of the ports like Ezna in Two Crowns. But, you also get harassed by the various "I'm working on being a pirate" guilds, "red" players, etc., jumping around and blocking your way, so as I'm a chicken and novice boat captain, I decided to be very safe and set up my dry dock in the river outside Marianople.  It took some maneuvering to find a deep enough spot, but I did succeed.  Some people build in the lake in Two Crowns as well.  For my needs, Marianople worked as crafting stations were close and a short swim on the donkey.

As you add each pack, more of the boat is revealed.  It does cost labor points (LP) to build the boat so make sure you aren't running on empty!

Completed boat, launching with fireworks going off!

The boat launched, I jumped on, looked at the commands and promptly despawned it!

My first practice run, was north of Crescent Throne (there is a dock off the royal palace that isn't used much), and I practiced turning, spawning/despawning there.

Sailing a ship in ArcheAge is one of the many fun activities.  XL Games/Trion have done a wonderful job with the weather, water and sea creatures (watch out for sea bugs and giant jelly fish!).

** Be sure to set up your keybinds if you haven't (the same ones you use for the rowboat/glider), for left turn, right turn, back, forward, etc.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

ArcheAge - The 2,000 queue week

ArcheAge (AA) launched on September 16th, a Tuesday, after a four day Head Start for pre-order Patron's of the game.

HeadStart and Launch have been less than ideal with numerous bugs, glitches, potential DDOS attacks, etc., along with the endless queues.

Since launch, with the addition of the F2P (Free to Play) players to the already over-populated servers, Trion began adding servers.  Today, Sunday night (almost Midnight EST).  ALL eleven USA servers are in major queues with the original servers - Tahyang, Aranzeb, Naima, Kyrios, Ollo and Salphira - no additional characters can be made of any race at all.

Queue times are hours and I'm not sure how bad F2P people are faring but Patrons, we in queues of 1500-2500 that take upwards of two-three hours (when lucky) to get to the character select.  Europe is rumored to have queues in the 25,000 range. I don't even know what that means!  Queue for a few days?  Servers don't even hold that many people!

The number of angry and irate threads on the AA forum is overwhelming I'd think for Trion to even keep civil; let alone Twitter, Reddit and other social media burning up with AA's launch.

It's understandable not wanting to start with too many servers as AA because of the non-instanced housing will be difficult at best to merge low population servers later, but the frustration many are feeling at NOT being able to play even for a half-hour per day is substantial.

 So, is this a brilliant marketing plan in the "no publicity is bad publicity" way of thinking?  Or a severe "miss-guess" on Trion's part?

I thought it was a major Trion cock-up, but I'm wondering maybe they did know and are taking advantage of all the hype driving more people to want to see what all the talk is about. I know a few people that went ahead and paid a sub this week, hoping it would alleviate the long queues (F2P are queueing for 6-10 hours).  I'd hate to think they did this to their paying client base, but ??

As for me, my latest three hour queue (fourth time today getting bounced for various reasons) is down to 484, and it's getting about log out time for many of the EST players.

So, I just might get to log on today.....

ArcheAge Trade Pack Running

Trade pack runs are a good source of gold, gilda starts and/or rare crafting materials, as they are an intregral part of playing ArcheAge.  The first few trade pack runs are required to get your 16 x 16 Scarecrow Farm (west walkthru), which isn't a requirement, but definitely is a necessity if you craft or want to do trade runs without spending a fortune on the auction house.

Taking a pack to Solzreed turn in on my donkey using 'carrot on a stick' speed buff

If you're going to do trade pack runs, plan you're route once you're past the first required ones.  The different travel options available - AA Map - can save time or increase your return per pack.  Sometimes it's quicker on the donkey or farm wagon; sometimes public transport or an airbus (cross your fingers you didn't just miss one) ride saves time or a quick boat ride up the coast.

The biggest reward is generally the furthest away, overseas definitely, but crossing several zones is can be worth more than delivering a pack one zone away.  But, it also depends on how many other people are delivering packs to the same Trader as what you receive.

During peace time you will notice many people make packs in those zones.  It will be up to you to deliver them right away or store them on your farm for later delivery.

West (Nuia) delivery locations
Solzreed Pennisula (docks)
Gweonid Forest (under airbus)
Marianople (docks)
Two Crown (Ezna dock)
Cinderstone Moor
Sanddeep (dock)

East (Haranya) delivery locations
Solis Headlands (dock)
Falcorth Plains
Arcus Iris
Ynystere (dock)

** Freedrich Island (3-4 gilda stars) lots of pirates, so beware

 You will only receive gold for continental deliveries, whereas overseas you can chose gold, gild stars or rare materials (need these for crafting) from the resource trader.  Whatever you choose will be delivered in less than 24 hours.

You can check the current return on a delivery to a specific area on the vocation tab under "Trade Info".  There is also an independent website Trade Profit Calculator. (I use the ingame tab under Vocation.)

Two Crown dock. West can only sell to Gold Trader, East can choose.  It's reversed on Haranya.

 What you need for Trade Packs
As the crafting in AA has been simplified as well, many common ingredients are repeated in different combinations for the packs, versus a specific plant or meat product that was required in the past.  So check your tooltip as to what the finished product is for each item.

A couple of examples:

Dried Flowers for example can be processed from a variety of flower/plant material - azalea and roses are often the easiest to grow/harvest in the wild, but there are other options.  Some will give more Dried Flowers, but may take longer to harvest.  That's where you need to decide which is better for you - quick harvest/small reward versus long harvest/more reward.  Processing will cost 5 LP (labor points) regardless.

Medicinal Powder: processing 10 mushrooms will result in 15 Medicinal Powder versus Thistle (23 powder) or Clubhead Fungus (77 powder).  It's a trade off time to grow versus quantity.  If you play every couple of days a longer growing plant may be better than one that's ready in two hours, that you won't need or use for 48 hours.  Again, all processing costs 5 LP (labor points).

You also must have ten of the same material (mushroom, duck meat, whatever), along with Blue Salt Knife (buy a stack they're cheap) to process. So don't grow just one bean! I gather lots of materials when I have excess LP, so stick the odds and ends in the bank to process when I have ten, or sell on the AH.  To process, just click on the product and it will process (costing labor!).  Be careful if you're splitting an unprocessed stack too.  I've hit the wrong key and processed an ingredient that I didn't mean to.

(Mushrooms, trees and pumpkins growing on a 16x16)

These are the finished products you'll work with for the trade packs and crafting.

Trimmed Meat (chicken and beef).  Other meat can work such as turkey/duck, etc. Chicken is the quickest, and also gives you eggs if you feed your chickens.

Orchard Puree (grapes and apples).  Other fruit will work too, but grapes are probably the easiest to get.

Dried Flowers (azalea and roses).  Azalea are the easiest/quickest to grow but there are a variety of others that will become dried flowers.  Lotus/cornflower give more per harvest.  Always read the tooltip, sometimes long and slow works if you won't be on, etc.

Ground Grain (barley/rice/beans/wheat).  Barley and rice are the fastest, beans give more per harvest.  Barley ready in 30-40 min., is pretty quick.

Ground Spices. (iris/mint).  Lots of herbs/plants will grind for spices.  Check the harvest time though! (Lots of choices here just remember you need 10 of the same kind to process!)

Medicinal Powder. (mushrooms).  Mushrooms are the most common, but cultivated ginseng, thistle, clubhead fungus will work.

Chopped Produce. (potato/carrot/cucumber).  Cucumber/potato have the fastest harvest time 8-10 minutes, so good if you're leveling the profession too. Strawberries will become produce too.

The second column ingredients are the specific one.  Many are used in the first column as well - grapes and apples for orchard puree or mushrooms for medicinal powder - others such as milk, require raising a calf to maturity and milking it.

Trade packs require the below components along with a Quality Certificate purchased from a General Merchant at the Specialty Workbench in each zone.   (below info is in your commerce section of your skills window.) AND labor points (LP!)

 All specialty workbenches look the same and can be marked on your map.


   ZONE                                 ITEM   / QUANTITY       SECOND ITEM / Quantity

Solzreed Braised Meat Trimmed Meat 50 Egg 30


Solzreed Dried Food Trimmed Meat 50 Grape 35


Gweonid Dyed Feathers Orchard Puree 15 Goose Down 15


Gweonid Apple Pies Dried Flowers 50 Apples 15


Lilyut Hills Milk Soap Ground Spices 50 Milk 20


Lilyut Cooking Oil Dried Flowers 50 Olives 12


Dwestone Fine Thread Ground Grain 50 Goat Wool 30


Dewstone Distilled Liquor Medicinal Powder 50 Narcissus 190


White Arden Trail Mix Chopped Produce 50 Milk 15


White Arden Figgy Pudding Ground Grain 50 Fig 40


Marianople Duck Down Dried Flowers 50 Duck Down 30


Marianople Sweeteners Ground Spices 50 Cherry 8


Two Crowns Cream Medicinal Powder 50 Milk 20


Two Crowns Pomme Cakes Ground Grain 50 Pomegranate 10


Cinderstone Tart Mead Dried Flowers 50 Lemon 20


Cinderstone Sacred Candles Ground Spices 50 Bay Leaf 40


Halcyona  Wheat Biscuit Ground Grain 50 Eggs 35


Halcyona Yam Pasta Dried Flowers 50 Yams 90


Hellswamp Spicy Meat Trimmed Meat 50 Banana 12


Hellswamp Mushroom Pot Pies Orchard Puree 15 Mushrooms 100


Sanddeep Medicinal Poltice Medicinal Powder 15 Avacado 45


Sanddeep Preserved Meat Trimmed Meat 50 Rosemary 100