Friday, July 7, 2017

Secret World Legends needs a Forum

Posted this on The Secret World forum, but it will likely be deleted as FunCom in its infinite wisdom has decided to relaunch TSW (The Secret World) as Secret World Legends (SWL) with enough changes that new people are confused

The veterans of TSW had a wonderful helpful community and are trying their best to continue, but there isn't a good place to store and discuss the accumulated information and wealth of knowledge the vets bring to the table.

FunCom believes Reddit, Twitter and Facebook suffice as communication vehicles and all have their place, but they're not a stable, searchable, community building place like a forum.

Anyway, here's the post....

Interesting discussion last night between many of the vets - the names that know TSW/SWL inside and out - about the need for #Noobmares to make its appearance. 

Apparently there is much confusion on the Elites (seeing the questions).  It would be great if there was a place that all the theorycrafters could post their ideas - that was SEARCHABLE.  There is so much new info - what stats are needed, helping people with builds, etc.  Daily chat is filled with the same questions every day, almost every hour and there is nowhere to point the new people too.

As much as the vets are NOT the target audience - they are still actively helping answer questions that FC has chosen to leave very much in the figure-it-out zone.  Don't continue to alienate the vets, they are here because they love TSW/SWL, and truly want it to success, is giving them a place to put the combined wealth of information (ie a forum), that hard?

Or the option is to tell new people - go dig thru pages and pages of Reddit?  Ask on Twitter or Facebook?

I was trying to find something for a cabal-mate regarding aurum to MoF and how they worked but you can't search the FC 'preferred' communication vehicles.  Google returns mostly useless information, so ???

FunCom we need a forum.  #SWLneedsaForum

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Fallen Gate Server (Everquest II)

Always wanted to try Everquest II, but feel lost so many years later?  Daybreak launched Fallen Gate Server last week.  It starts old school and will 'add' each expansion every 12 weeks.

From EQ2:

 The Isle of Refuge awaits your arrival as the newest Time-Locked Expansion server launches today!  Now you can relive your early days in EverQuest II AND earn rewards that will carry over to other servers!

Explore EverQuest’s Heritage

Heritage Quests are a staple of adventure in EverQuest II and we have some exciting rewards for those who complete them on Fallen Gate.

Completion of any HQ on the Fallen Gate server will not only provide the normal reward, but also make a level appropriate version available for all your characters!  Time to take those Journeyman’s Boots off the shelf put them to good use!

Once you have earned your reward, pick them up on any server from Fracture the Inheritance merchants located in Freeport and Qeynos.

The Fallen Gate server is only available to All Access Members, so sign up now and begin your adventure in Norrath!

FAQ for Fallen Gate Server here.

Gorowyn City Festival = July 1-7

From EQ2 Wire:

Come visit the shores in Timorous Deep for the Gorowyn City Festival July 1-7!

Spend City Tokens* on local specialties, generic festival goods, appearance clothing, or food & drink.

Make sure all your characters have finished the Gorowyn Postage Collection, speak to Kella Swampfoot to assist with festival quests, and achieve 244 seconds or less in the local Aether Race to earn the Wind Warden title.

Gorwyn is the "red marble" City Festival.  It won't be available again until December (or on the broker if you're lucky!).
Red marble Dividers, column,mirror and counter


WHEN: 12:01am PT on July 1st – 11:59pm PT on July 7th

WHERE: Timorous Deep, on the dock, /way 2339, 80, 1441 (the merchants are found at /way 2388, 21, 1349)

QUESTS: Special Delivery, Special Order Crafting, Special Order Gathering
ACHIEVEMENTS: Delivery Ahoy, Harvesting Hoopla, Kella Caffeinated, Requisition Acclamation
MERCHANT ITEMS: EQ2 Traders | EQ2 Furniture


** City Tokens can be earned doing the quests during the City Festivals OR doing Writs at any time.

The Proof of the Pudding is finally done!

Yes. It is done!  Proof the Pudding tradeskill questline in Everquest 2 is complete on all nine tradeskill professions!

Top row =Sage, Woodworker, Weaponsmith
Middle row = Alchemist, Carpenter, Provisioner
Bottom row = Tailor, Jeweler, Armorsmith

This signature quest is from the Rise of Kunark expansion (2007ish - ouch!), with a great reward.  Mastercraftman cloak 1.0 and Earring of Solstice.  There are multiple steps to get to this quest (rep grind with Bathezid's Watch in Fens of Nathsar for one).  If you are level 72+ and can get the adventure quests that is much faster.  Many of my crafters are below 40, so had to do the crafting grind after completing New Lands, New Profits from Taskmaster Greeblentus in Teren's Grasp. (I've only completed the rep with Bathezid to 40K+ on one character to access heirloom recipes for the gang.)   

Now with EQ2's latest expansion, Kunark Ascending, this quest line is a requirement, so I figured I might as well get it done!  I hadn't intended to do ALL 9 professions, but found it wasn't quite as bad as many made it seem and was going to be needed anyway so why not.

So, turned on Netflix and crafted away!

This is the crafting center where many hours has been spent.  Having this set up - crafting stations, depots full of materials and fuel, and the house published for speedy travel back in forth from the writ giver in Bathezid made this much easier.

Once that grind is completed, a chat with Danelak Hosfoak, (must be level 80), one more crafting task for him (trade skill specific), and then it was off to Neeta Cabbageleaf in Rivervale.

You can craft items for your alts and put them in your shared bank as they'll be classed as Heirloom.

 Much crafting left to do, as the gang works towards crafting level 100 (Provisioning, Carpentry and Alchemy are done!) as well as ALL of the new Artisan Tradeskill lines in Tears of Veeshan, Altar of Malice, and Thalumbra still to do.

Here's a wonderful guide to Proof of the Pudding on EQ2.Wikia

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Secret World - Golden Week March 1-8


Golden Week: Mar 1 – Mar 8
Things are heating up in the dead of Winter; a new Golden Week is here, running from March 1st through March 8th!  Here’s what to expect:

Gilded Rage

The golden Guardian of Gaia, Samsu Nasiru, walks the earth again.  Gather your best allies and hunt them down to earn your special rewards and tokens!

Doubled Ability Points

Every time you gain an Ability Point during this week, you will be awarded an additional bonus Ability Point!  This effect stacks with Timed AP boosters that are available from the Item Store.  This bonus doesn’t work with AP Injections!

Golden Vendor & Event Bags

The Merchant of Glitz opens for business with a fresh stock of High Roller’s Valises and pets!  High Roller’s Valises purchased from the Item Store grant 1 Lucky Coin when opened!  The Golden Bag of Lady Luck returns for those who want to spread some cheer, and grants 3 Lucky Coins to  the kind soul that opens it.

Glitz and Glam

The golden outfits and unicorn once again have their deep discounts, joined by the Gilded Geist Rider! Remember, this mount is only available during the event!


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Everquest II City Festival February 1-7th

EQ2 City Festival starts February 1st.

Find the shinies for a housing item (mailbox).  Or do the repeatable Far Seas Requistion quests (great to boost your trade skill with a super easy repeatable quest), Aether racing or do a bit of shopping for your house.
Kelethin Specialty Items (February/August)

Blue Shelf FungusChair of the Acorn ScholarGourd of Cranberries
Gourd of RaspberriesEngraved Kelethin Door (added 2/2011)Kelethin Banquet Table (added 5/2011*)
Kelethin Curved TableKelethin DeskKelethin Display Counter (added 8/2010)
Kelethin Leaf Chair (added 5/2011*)Kelethin Pedestal Table (added 5/2011*)Kelethin Plain Floorlamp (added 8/2010)
Kelethin Round CounterKelethin SignPolished Wood Block (added 2/2012)
Polished Wood Half Block (added 2/2012)Polished Wood Railing (added 2/2012)Polished Wood Rounded Tile (added 2/2012)
Polished Wood Short Column (added 2/2012)Polished Wood Short Divider (added 2/2012)Polished Wood Stair (added 2/2012)
Polished Wood Tall Column (added 2/2012)Polished Wood Tall Divider (added 2/2012)Polished Wooden Column
Polished Wooden MirrorPolished Wooden TileWooden Pole

EQ2 Decorators for pics of all the goodies.

Never attended a City Festival in EQ2?  ZAM has a great over-view of the Live Event, including quests and items available for purchase.



You can earn City Tokens during the Festival or by doing Crafting (Tradeskill Writs). 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Winter around Norrath

It's actually a graphical glitch, but it coincided with the change of weather in real life, so thought these were quite appropriate with the approach of Frostfell.


Nektulos Forest

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Back in Everquest II

Interesting year for MMO's, in my humble opinion.  

World of Warcraft did an excellent job with the latest expansion, but something - I don't know what - just kinda fell flat for me.  I stopped playing at the end of September.

Fortunately The Secret World had just ended it's month long challenge and the Samhain event was right around the corner.  So, kept busy with the gang there. But I'm sooooo ready for new content in TSW and it looks like there won't be any until 2017.

For some reason, I decided to go check my EQ2 characters (I haven't played since 2011 and not seriously since 2009!), but logged in anyway.  EQ2 always keeps your houses, and I can dabble with redecorating for hours.  There are some amazing houses and talented people that come up with wonderful ideas - EQ2 Design Gallery,  EQ2 Decorators,  EQ2 Designers,  EQ2 Traders - show many of the creative genius in EQ2.

It was surprising - yes I know time flies...., buuuut, Star was approaching her 10th birthday in December.  She was still level 70 (that's how long ago I played her!), so I thought why not see if I can get her to 100 before she's 10, just for kicks.

Little did I know, I'd get sucked back in - very happily - to my first MMO and the one that has always been the benchmark against which all others have been measured.  The amount and quality of content still amazes me.  There are apparently over 8,000 quests, crafting, achievements, collections, battlegrounds, live events, 'guide' events, a customizable UI (that newer games still can't touch), 26 classes, 21 races, 9 crafting professions (3 secondary), in game games, and so much more!

So did I resub, oh yeah!  Unsubbed from WoW (I'll likely go back at some point - found of those characters too!), but I think EQ2 and TSW will be it for awhile.  Although I did promise that I would go do the past year of SWTOR and spend some time in ESO at some point in 2017.

Since mid-October I've been "organizing" the gang and adding a few new faces - sos I finally have ALL crafting professions (tradeskills) represented.  I found out, I had somehow at some point, purchased extra character slots so have 14 total, so saved some names/races/class combos, but I'm only concentrating on the nine that are crafters too.  Some person in general chat mentioned they had 23 characters! Yikes!! But as they're are achetypes, but each class does play somewhat differently, I may work towards one of each. Maybe!  I actually want to reroll a character on the time-locked (progression) server to experience the game as it unfolded.

Kunark Ascending launched today - the 13th expansion - aimed towards the level 100 characters.  It's received rave reviews in Beta, so hopefully it will be a good thing.

For my gang, back to leveling and crafting.  I have an instant 100 character slot, but as I haven't actually played the 73-100 zones, I'm going to do that first.

It feels awesome to be back in Norrath!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

As Seen in Agartha (The Secret World)

Over the years I've posted on our Cabal forum screenshot of the amazing creative outfits the TSW players put together.

So, thought I'd start adding those here as I see them.  Most will be without names, just the wild, crazy, fun and OMG idea the community has for clothing.

The Secret World Museum

The Secret World version of Housing is The Museum of the Occult.

It's in London, but they did add a Lorentzian Fabricator, (purchase from The Curator), to port you directly to your lobby.
Layout map 

Each Wing of the Museum is opened by purchasing the Curator's contracts (there arre different ones see pic)  from the Curator.  Pedestals inside each wing are then upgraded with Pax, AP and a combination of Lore and Kill Count (see Achievements).  First is Classic (green), then Superior (blue) and finally Paragon (purple).  It is pricey to open ALL wings and upgrade as you must spend AP and Pax.   Each Classic pedestal is 75,000 pax, Superior  pedestals are 150,000 pax and Paragon run 300,000 pax.  The AP cost is start at 50-75 for most Classic. Superior tier is 100-125 AP and Paragon are 175-200 AP.  Centerpieces range from 175 to 500.

This is definitely a PAX and AP sink/end-game activity that won't be completed quickly.  Especially with the kill count requirements.  That said it is neat to go in the Museum and actually get to see so many of these monsters up close and the great detail the designers did on them.

There are also a number of tshirts, pets, a run speed, guardian (consumable pets with buffs) available in the Gift Shop.
** Many of the T's were designed by fellow TSW players!**

Each requires a specific achievement regarding setting pedestals and have their own PAX and Black Bullion requirement.

I opened all wings day one - it ran around 6 million pax.  I didn't keep exact count, then went out to grab Lore.  Fortunately TSW has such a great community a couple of shared Google Docs, made locations of ALL the new lore readily available to people

I did add a few pedestals randomly, but found that the one of the Egypt wings was ready to go so completed it first. This is the - The Extraordinary Fauna of Egypt with dear Dr. Klein as the centerpiece.

I did complete all wings to Classic level a couple weeks ago, and now have a mix of Classic, Superior and Paragon levels depending on achievements.  Many have different kill counts (1K for some 10K for others), that may take some time.  That and tracking down specific items required for pedestals upgrades.

The hardest (I think right now), will be the golems.  Getting to classic was easy.  Needing TWO shards for each upgrade (Classic > Superior > Paragon), with the extremely low drop rate on many of the Golem Shards.  It should allow everyone to hit 10K golem achievement, just trying to get the Golem Shards!

** If you are a 10K farmer, the Paranormal Investigations Society aka The Badgers have been 10K killing since launch.  Check out there strategies.