Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random thoughts on Cataclysm

I have to say, so far I'm thoroughly enjoying Cataclysm. I love the start areas and the quest lines that while it might still be kill 10 rats, etc., at least seem to have more meaning.  I've not completed the 80-85 zones yet, as I've been enjoying the start areas, and have done the Troll, Goblin, Tauren, Worgen, but still want to do the new Gnome one. I've heard the others are improved but haven't done those either.  Couple years for the next expansion so there's time right?

I like Thrall's new look -but the braids are a bit scary. I did finish all the books prior to Cataclysm's release, and the Shattering tied in nicely with all the transformations that occurred.  Hellscream as a leader, hmm, he's more aggressive, but adds to the tension between the Alliance and Horde now.   I did find Varian Wyrnn referring to himself as Lo'Gosh too interesting and glad to see Anduin has aged too.

Even the changes to the cities are great.  Orgrimmar I've been lost in so many times (no flying on lowbies PiA), but it feels more 'Horde-like' than before.  Stormwind has been changed, but not to the same degree - the park and all is nice, and yeah on multiple Inns, AH and banks in both cities.

My favorite zone so far, definitely the Goblin.  Blizzard went over the top with this one and it's great.  Deathwing torching Kazan, to all the changes in Azshara, just fun.

  The Worgen start area, I love the feel and the story-line, but Worgen themselves - I can't play them!  All that sniffing/snuffling noise I find annoying to the max.  I did roll a female Worgen, but after 10 levels realized I was getting motion sickness with her movement.  Rerolled a male, slightly better, but still no love for the race as it stands. I even made a druid so I could avoid much of the Worgen movement.  He's on the delete list.  Their running reminds me of a dog with rabies or someone with Tourettes - no thanks.  The Darkshore quests are much improved though.

This quest in Silverpine Forest made me laugh.  (spoiler don't read if you haven't done it, just go talk to High Executor Darthalia.), the quest line continues into Hillsbrad - what a zone change there!  Silverpine>Hillsbrad you really get a feel for Sylvanas has lots of ideas, mostly involving everyone joining her as Forsaken.

I hope they have something similar on the Alliance side, but I don't have any low level Alliance at the moment to find out.

I have been consolidating my main characters on one server, both Horde and Alliance, so quickly running out of slots, but once I've done what I want with them they can move elsewhere or /delete!

I have heard healing is awful at the higher levels, so I guess the priest and druid are going to stay DPS only for now.  I'm re-learning the Priest anyway after a year off, so have an excuse. : P

The new server is an RP one, and I've always wanted to try that aspect of the game, so new game new server!  I'm not sure I 'get' RP completely, but going to give it a shot.  A couple of the Horde characters have found a guild, now to find an Alliance one.

It is odd though to be on a non PvP server, it's is a whole 'nother animal.  Kind of odd to see the opposition out in the world and not kill them or be killed.  Although my Hunter did run across a few 'red' Hordies in Ashenvale and felt obliged to end their life.  My Night Elf's, a bit sentimental to the changes in Ashenvale and definitely no love of Trolls or Orcs.

So all in all, I'm loving WoW, I think Blizzard overall did a great job with this expansion.

As my blogging has been sporadic at best, going to wish everyone a wonderful New Year and a great 2011.