Monday, April 27, 2009

Chocolate-fest is on!

The first two to get hit with Shake Your Bunny-Maker.

Noblegarden is in full swing as everyone is flooding the start areas in search of Brightly Colored Eggs.  The achievements seem much easier than the nearly impossible Hallow's End ones.  

Running around as a cute bunny with a speed basket - too funny!  The two quests have been easy as well - collect eggs - open to see what's inside and turn in your shells/chocolates for a nice bit of XP.

I have noticed that 'drop' rate of the fun stuff i.e. the BoP pet seems to be truly random.  My Horde received two in the first twenty eggs collected, while two of my Alliance characters (in three different zones) have collected over 300 eggs and only had one drop.  Of course the one that is trying to collect the 50 companion pets for the skunk has NOT had it drop!  Is that karma or what?  Fortunately there is still plenty of time left.

Sithi has completed four of the achievements so far - now to get the darn pet - may end up buying it for 100 chocolate eggs if it won't drop!  The rest should be fairly easy to knock out this week on at least the higher level characters.

I figure Wednesday will be a good day to do many of the achievments the level 80's will be done and back to raiding so planting flowers in the desert should be less risky!  The joys of a PvP server . . .

All in all though Noblegarden is a nice diversion, easy for almost any level and features the usual quirky, tongue-in-cheek humor:
-  Shake Your Bunny-Maker use only on over 18 females
-  Spring Fling - find your pet bunny some love (they make lots of cute baby bunnies!!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Horde cast of characters

Life has been a bit busy but squeezing in some WoW time, but not blogging time!

State of the cast of characters -  I haven't been on my Alliance at all, so they're all gaining rested xp (and I'm losing the accelerated gain from the RaF program).  I have been back on BWL (Black Wing Lair) after an extended absence.  I couldn't figure out why (or forgot), I stopped playing on BWL, but this week reminded me - the lag!  

For some reason I have the worst lag spikes on that server.  But I have missed the guys I've played with on and off the past year or so (they're all level 80 now and consumate raiders) while I'm still dinking around with the level 40-70 toons as I'm not committed to one character (toon ADD?).   They're hilariously funny in vent though and I thoroughly enjoy listening to them.   I've always appreciated that they work hard at raiding and other aspects of this game, but all with a sense of humor and in a non-stressful way.  They're all very versed in WoW lore and game play so I always am learning!

On to what's been up!

Sassi - Shadow Priest
 I dusted Sassi off, after almost 10 months of not playing (I'd get her out fly around SC and log out) and had to face the realization that I haven't a clue how to now!  Not that I was ever that good as I've had a huge learning curve on the roll of a SP other than a mana battery pre Wrath.   

So, I found her still in her PvP set that I worked so very hard to get (call it welfare epics all you want - that was hundreds of BGs to earn them - maxing 75K honor more than twice - so not a freebie set!

I've, spec'd her what I think will work (shadow/disc) and realize she still needs glyphs, new macros, lots of practice and the player (me!) to remember her spell rotation!  I'm going to level her to 80, some what unwillingly, but I will - I say that but it could be 2010 before I do as much as I'm not wanting to.  I'll dread giving up her matched set to wear better gear that will make her look clownish - thank goodness for shadowform!

Right now she's in Desolace to level fishing as I thought her cooking skill was higher but it's not, so she cant' cook for herself or the DK's.  Fishing and cooking is in order while the DKs level.
I am working on her achievements too - very slowly.  I'm really thinking to see how she plays with one of the DK's - I'm not sure how I'd set up the keybindings, but it could be fine - or a total wipe - lol!

Sithi, Hunter
The last one I'm working on on BWL is Sithi (another hunter).  She's at level 40 right now and when I logged on one of my friends found me in Orgrimmar.  I asked how he found me so quickly and he said because of the funny clothes my characters are always wearing! Hey I don't design this stuff and it looks hysterical on blood elves!

Death Knights - Biya and Greaf
This past week I decide to work on the Death Knights as they've been sitting at 58/59 since creation other than running a couple of the lower levels through instances to get them geared up. I've been working on them this week and they're at 62/63 - I'm not a fast leveler as I tend to stop for so many things on the way and I read quests - even the ones I've done a few times before.  (I truly appreciate the effort the designers/developers/writers have put into the details!)

The ladies took the flight to Swamp of Sorrows, rode down and through the portal to Outlands (I always go the old fashioned way - silly but I do!),  flew to Thrallmar, then rode (yea for those fast mounts) to Falcon Watch to Swamprat and finally to Shattrath City to set their hearthstone with the Scryers.  I know Aldor is easier but Horde I do Scyer.

They had the Khadgar tour of Shattrath.  I think this is a bit fun - you feel so noobish on this tour.  It's so out of date now, but I get a kick out of it anyway.

Death Knights really feel OP even post patch, as I've only died to either an epic boss or to a lag spike (very irritating) or by going in the wrong BG - that was really stupid!  I forgot they'd dinged over to the next tier and they were getting slaughtered!  Painful slog that one.

Biya did get her achievment for 100 quests - surprising as I didn't think she'd done that many.  

They've almost completed Hellfire, so on to Zangermarsh.  I think we have three-four things left in Hellfire - all the hard quests.  I'm going to try and see if they can two man Cruel's Intention as I've always found that the hardest quest in Hellfire.  If they cant' and getting a group won't work it will save for level 70!

The biggest problem I'm facing with the DK's is earning enough $$ before 70 for flying mounts!  I've always made money easily in WoW, but haven't been trying on this server so, need to knuckle down and get some cash flowing again!!  

BTW - I don't just play blood elves - I have a legion of orcs, taurens, and undead too.  The only thing I'm missing is trolls.  Love the racials but that's about it for me!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

3.1 . . .

Do I do the 3.1 patch day complaint post?  LOL!!!  We all knew this was coming and the next two weeks will probably be crashes and off line fun as things get worked out.

I've been at 54% downloaded with 9 minutes left for the past half hour.  Oh progress its up to 16 minutes to download - the fun begins!

Oh well. 

The nerf to hunter pets (all equal stats) is a bit of a sore spot with me, but only time will tell how it shakes out.  I guess if we can spec them differently, but if complete balance is what WoW developers are seeking - good luck!  I often wonder if they factor in the human factor when making these decisions.  You get the hunter that never uses his pet (some MM hunters), the one that only uses his pet while they nap and everyone in between - 
  • I'm sentimental its the first pet I tamed so I have to have it with me always
  • the best dps or else to the curb, I must top the charts!!!
  • only cats
  • only boars
  • it's pretty
  • it's ugly and why I call it stinkytoes  (I saw a guy with the moniker smellmypits . . . not his pet either . . . /sigh)
  • I had a pet - what do you mean we feed them?
As I definitely have enough hunters (the number will never be revealed as it seems weird) with enough pets to test the differences thoroughly!!!

As for the duel spec?  Is it really going to be worth it for hunters?  

Unless you're an avid raider and pvper, I can't see the spec changes being worth the 1K gold unless you just want to because its something new to do.  I can see the duel spec for healers or tanks that want to change stances, but the dps classes?  I mean as a hunter I can pvp and pve solo/group with the same spec.  Maybe there are new instances coming that will require the different specced hunters?

I'm sure there is a reason, but I'm sure this will all get beat around with the nerf bat before its said and done!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I heard today that the first killing of Emperor Karl Franz in Warhammer has finally occurred.  Bravo to the guilds that completed that task.  It's no easy thing locking down the whole Tier 4 (and generally Tier 3) then taking the city and killing him. I do hope someone taped it and will put it on YouTube.  When the RvR works in Warhammer it rocks!  I've played both sides in that game but Destruction is fun, I must admit.

Back to WoW
It's been a busy few days on Darrowmere as apparently the latest round of Horde players are trying to score their bear mount (killing the city leaders), so my DK (only level 61 and a gnome to increase Horde irritation - lol!!!) out defending in Ironforge or Stormwind.  

While going from IF to SW tonight, I was in the Tram with a level 80 Horde warlock (a bit over 1/2 health) and a level 80 Alliance rogue.  (This is the typical apathy I see on many PvP servers)  I mention to the Rogue the warlock is there - kind of 'hint, hint' hiding in the corner across the tracks.  
  The player' responds.  "They aren't doing anything."
  I say, "They're raiding Stormwind and Ironforge."  
  She says, "I'm not going over to kill something."  (Confusing I know but thats what the person said.)
  I reply, "So, why do you play on a PvP?"
  "So, people like you can ask me questions."
  "Ah.  PvE oriented." 
  "Well we know Rogues don't like to fight."  (I know mean but this is a PvP SERVER!!!) 

No pushing that one into PvP on a PvP server . . . no way!

So went on to Stormwind, died twice helped kill ten Horde.  The last one I was working on (and calling for backup) was a pally.  He Bubble hearthed out.  This started my bad pally karma tonight! 

The good news - the king lived!  Yesterday the same in Ironforge - it was a good 40+.  I like to make the Horde work for that bear mount, seeing as how Darrowmere has a fairly meek Alliance force - okay not just meek, but totally outnumbered, so I'll not be getting that mount on any characters unless I can figure out how to solo the leaders - lol!!!!

Arathi Highlands a few minutes later . . .
Poor Uldur (31 druid) went to get his first aid books in Arathi - two level 39 pallys questing - poor dead Uldur.  So what is this with the FA books going to be available from trainers after the 3.1 patch?  That is so bogus!  I'm really noticing the dumbing-down of WoW and empathizing from the pre-BC crowd.  How easy does this have to get?  Start at level 79, heres 25K gold, everything you need to buy is from this guy here and you don't really need to move the xp will just come to you?  

Back on topic!

More pally PvP fun . . .
After that I dinked around with a few characters, cleaned out the bank, and finally hopped on Sithi to do a bit more towards her ever seeing 80.  A few quests completed with no Horde interference killing some guys, then off to Colderra.  Neat area, was exploring around when a bored level 80 pally spotted the toy of the day - Sith and Holiday!  Down Holiday goes as the pally sits there.  I shoot, trap and run.  He chases, judges and toys.  Even when I pull another mob he just keeps up being a PIA.  I continue shooting him, pointedly ignoring the mob.  Half alive by now, trap mob, run.  He chases again, traps up toss it behind me.  Trap the pally on his horse - lol - wish I'd been faster on the screen shot for that.  Now he's a bored and mad level 80 pally - so chases me - shadowmeld - pops me out.  Trap again - really unhappy pally.  Run around hill, he follows, run around again - laughing now as this is getting comical - he finally goes airborn to find me - lands and kills me.  I hope he enjoyed himself - as I hate pallys on a hunter!

Rez and rez Holiday.  Back to health and time to leave as there are now 4 Horde in the area, all level 80.  Of course the next one takes his shot as I'm hearthing out.  I aggro the guards as he's in a building (I guess he's done this before) so, the guards kill me (hope he didn't get honor for that one!)  Wait and rez again, then out.

This reminds me of the first time through Outlands while all the then bored 70's lurked around Hellfire to make life miserable for the freshly through the portal crowd.  3.1 should make Northrend bearable for a few days at least.

I finally logged out, took a break.  Then jumped back on her.  We went to find Thassarian.  (I personally love the DK start area - and have done it I think 6x, so finding him was cool!) We're now doing some quest for him using his ghoul.  That will have to keep for another day though - its late!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sick so playing at a minimum

Go figure, gorgeous weather and I somehow have the flu or a cold - wtf!!!!  I'm so not thrilled it's scary.  Drinking TheraFlu as I'm out of those tongue tabs and not willing to get dressed enough to look human and go to the store.  Argh!

All I've done today is read blogs (you can spend so much time reading other people's writing - lol!)  I've accomplished zero.  I guess after I force down this TheraFlu I should find something to eat.  

As for WoW - 
The third Druid is finally 20, yeah!  So they can all group together again, although there is still 6 levels between them - its closer!  

Sithi dinged 71 questing in Northrend came back to SW and forgot I was PvP flagged from there so got killed by a DK and pally in the harbor - I'm still getting use to the UI and the PvP flagging just isn't as obvious as I'm use too!

I did the questline that starts from kill Van Cleef with my DK and the druid that hadn't done it - dumped the hunter (didn't check that she could do it too - drat being sick!) and did that questline for the umpteenth time!  Now the hunter needs to do it again - I think I'll wait until another character needs it as well and do them both at the same time.  The hunter, Treja, has been thinking of a new pet (she has a boar - Moira), but hasn't picked one yet.

I haven't even been doing any $$ on the AH the past few days - brain function is not there!

I logged in for a few minutes last night.  I love this game!  Absolutely love everything about it, except SOE's lack of character slots!  A max of seven just doesn't work for me.  I want to try a different server, but the thought of AGAIN killing one of my carefully crafted characters to do so - not going to happen!  So, I log in, realize I don't have an interest in playing my two mains (both tanks go figure!), or leveling the others at this moment, so log out without doing anything.   I do have access to three accounts (two closed at the moment), so could play one of them on a different server, but haven't yet.  

Why I haven't been /gkicked this past year speaks for the quality of those people.  They're all wonderful and kind and fun to play with. 

My subscription comes up on May and I'm not sure if I'll renew or not.  I've always paid EQ2 annually, sooooo . . .    I guess I have some decisions to make this month!

I guess being sick is giving me full license to be whiny!