Tuesday, April 14, 2009

3.1 . . .

Do I do the 3.1 patch day complaint post?  LOL!!!  We all knew this was coming and the next two weeks will probably be crashes and off line fun as things get worked out.

I've been at 54% downloaded with 9 minutes left for the past half hour.  Oh progress its up to 16 minutes to download - the fun begins!

Oh well. 

The nerf to hunter pets (all equal stats) is a bit of a sore spot with me, but only time will tell how it shakes out.  I guess if we can spec them differently, but if complete balance is what WoW developers are seeking - good luck!  I often wonder if they factor in the human factor when making these decisions.  You get the hunter that never uses his pet (some MM hunters), the one that only uses his pet while they nap and everyone in between - 
  • I'm sentimental its the first pet I tamed so I have to have it with me always
  • the best dps or else to the curb, I must top the charts!!!
  • only cats
  • only boars
  • it's pretty
  • it's ugly and why I call it stinkytoes  (I saw a guy with the moniker smellmypits . . . not his pet either . . . /sigh)
  • I had a pet - what do you mean we feed them?
As I definitely have enough hunters (the number will never be revealed as it seems weird) with enough pets to test the differences thoroughly!!!

As for the duel spec?  Is it really going to be worth it for hunters?  

Unless you're an avid raider and pvper, I can't see the spec changes being worth the 1K gold unless you just want to because its something new to do.  I can see the duel spec for healers or tanks that want to change stances, but the dps classes?  I mean as a hunter I can pvp and pve solo/group with the same spec.  Maybe there are new instances coming that will require the different specced hunters?

I'm sure there is a reason, but I'm sure this will all get beat around with the nerf bat before its said and done!

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