Monday, April 27, 2009

Chocolate-fest is on!

The first two to get hit with Shake Your Bunny-Maker.

Noblegarden is in full swing as everyone is flooding the start areas in search of Brightly Colored Eggs.  The achievements seem much easier than the nearly impossible Hallow's End ones.  

Running around as a cute bunny with a speed basket - too funny!  The two quests have been easy as well - collect eggs - open to see what's inside and turn in your shells/chocolates for a nice bit of XP.

I have noticed that 'drop' rate of the fun stuff i.e. the BoP pet seems to be truly random.  My Horde received two in the first twenty eggs collected, while two of my Alliance characters (in three different zones) have collected over 300 eggs and only had one drop.  Of course the one that is trying to collect the 50 companion pets for the skunk has NOT had it drop!  Is that karma or what?  Fortunately there is still plenty of time left.

Sithi has completed four of the achievements so far - now to get the darn pet - may end up buying it for 100 chocolate eggs if it won't drop!  The rest should be fairly easy to knock out this week on at least the higher level characters.

I figure Wednesday will be a good day to do many of the achievments the level 80's will be done and back to raiding so planting flowers in the desert should be less risky!  The joys of a PvP server . . .

All in all though Noblegarden is a nice diversion, easy for almost any level and features the usual quirky, tongue-in-cheek humor:
-  Shake Your Bunny-Maker use only on over 18 females
-  Spring Fling - find your pet bunny some love (they make lots of cute baby bunnies!!!!

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