Friday, May 1, 2009

Children's week

It's running of the children time again.  Tell me, why is it they stay out and run behind our mounts like a companion pet.  It's soo funny yet seems to wrong.

It will take another year to finish this achievement anyway, just to collect the pets with Sithi and Sassi.

I know they pushed back Noblegarden with the big patch, but aren't these overlapping a bit?  

Noblegarden was interesting this year, fairly easy acheivements in comparision to the other World Event achievements at times.  We'll see how close we get! 

I will say though the random drop rate, argh!  The last day of  Noblegarden I finally had two of the pet rabbits drop, after having collected a few hundred eggs and buying it a a couple days ago.  It would be nice if some of the pets, etc., were bind on account.

Sithi still needs to find a few of the rarist of the rares though - Orc and Troll females.  I've heard this achievement does not have to be completed by the end Noblegarden, so bunny ears on an Orc will be funny mid-summer!  

* BTW - the last day of the Noblegarden two pet bunnies dropped while completing the daily . . . the randomness of it 

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