Thursday, May 7, 2009

Battlegrounds and twinks

I've finally leveled Keggard to 19 running thru Dead Mines one last time trying to get a drop. No joy, so he's likely done as he's 43% to level 20 and I'm keeping a healthy margin - just in case!

Keggard and Widget his spider

Keg is a semi-twink, as I don't have a level 80 to collect badges for BoA gear, and he missed out on the grandfathered in twink things. I'm really glad we bought some of the things for him back in January before moving to Darrowmere, as some enchants/gear I still haven't seen for sale on this server! The downside his 100 HP chest enchant was nerfed with the last patch, so he's back to a 50 HP. I do need to get an enchant for his hit rating, but I'll confess I barely understand that, sooo we'll see!

So, he's fairly competitive, but still missing some of the key 'twink' gear. Here's his armory profile - Keggard. We're working on the Alliance trinket now.

I'd like to get the AGM (Arena Grand Master) trinket and the Fishing Tournament gear, but doubt this will happen! This was my first attempt at a twink, I'm happy - he's a hunter (I LOVE that class) and I'm having fun so its all good!

This is what he did the first two days playing at level 19 -

Ir's a bit embarrassing but I actually had to run the flag - not my favorite - but the healer didn't want to so I did. I'd rather defend the base or go on O to support the flag runner, than actually run a flag. Just not my thing!

I did get an invite to a twink guild, but don't see any reason to at this point. Although I do want to make more twinks - hunters definitely, but also thinking of a 'lock, or warrior or shaman for the 19's. I'm not sure I'd be good at any of those classes but it could prove to be fun!

As for the actual battlegrounds, it's been an experience. You get the gambit from the passing through 'I hate twinks', to the twinks that scream at everyone and how horrible they all are, to the rest of us that are trying to have fun!
I do feel bad for people leveling thru with the twinks, as some get really upset that twinks exist. But from all I've read/know they're not interested in those players, you want the competition of the other twinks, otherwise its a slaughterfest. Nothing is more enjoyable to me than trying to burn down the hard to kill rogue or other hunter or paladin. There are some awesomely geared players that really know their class - lol - half the time I want to stop and watch them!
I rememeber my first BGS on my mage and shadow priest - they were so painful - but I had that L2P learning curve, I'm still a horrid mage (why she's at 22 after two years!), but have learned some strategy in playing. The only bad side is playing both Horde/Alliance some times you forget which side your on - lol! Good times!

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