Wednesday, July 20, 2016

As Seen in Agartha (The Secret World)

Over the years I've posted on our Cabal forum screenshot of the amazing creative outfits the TSW players put together.

So, thought I'd start adding those here as I see them.  Most will be without names, just the wild, crazy, fun and OMG idea the community has for clothing.

The Secret World Museum

The Secret World version of Housing is The Museum of the Occult.

It's in London, but they did add a Lorentzian Fabricator, (purchase from The Curator), to port you directly to your lobby.
Layout map 

Each Wing of the Museum is opened by purchasing the Curator's contracts (there arre different ones see pic)  from the Curator.  Pedestals inside each wing are then upgraded with Pax, AP and a combination of Lore and Kill Count (see Achievements).  First is Classic (green), then Superior (blue) and finally Paragon (purple).  It is pricey to open ALL wings and upgrade as you must spend AP and Pax.   Each Classic pedestal is 75,000 pax, Superior  pedestals are 150,000 pax and Paragon run 300,000 pax.  The AP cost is start at 50-75 for most Classic. Superior tier is 100-125 AP and Paragon are 175-200 AP.  Centerpieces range from 175 to 500.

This is definitely a PAX and AP sink/end-game activity that won't be completed quickly.  Especially with the kill count requirements.  That said it is neat to go in the Museum and actually get to see so many of these monsters up close and the great detail the designers did on them.

There are also a number of tshirts, pets, a run speed, guardian (consumable pets with buffs) available in the Gift Shop.
** Many of the T's were designed by fellow TSW players!**

Each requires a specific achievement regarding setting pedestals and have their own PAX and Black Bullion requirement.

I opened all wings day one - it ran around 6 million pax.  I didn't keep exact count, then went out to grab Lore.  Fortunately TSW has such a great community a couple of shared Google Docs, made locations of ALL the new lore readily available to people

I did add a few pedestals randomly, but found that the one of the Egypt wings was ready to go so completed it first. This is the - The Extraordinary Fauna of Egypt with dear Dr. Klein as the centerpiece.

I did complete all wings to Classic level a couple weeks ago, and now have a mix of Classic, Superior and Paragon levels depending on achievements.  Many have different kill counts (1K for some 10K for others), that may take some time.  That and tracking down specific items required for pedestals upgrades.

The hardest (I think right now), will be the golems.  Getting to classic was easy.  Needing TWO shards for each upgrade (Classic > Superior > Paragon), with the extremely low drop rate on many of the Golem Shards.  It should allow everyone to hit 10K golem achievement, just trying to get the Golem Shards!

** If you are a 10K farmer, the Paranormal Investigations Society aka The Badgers have been 10K killing since launch.  Check out there strategies.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

WoW's Legion Pre-Expansion 7.0 live

Pre-Expansion is live.

Time to learn how to play again with new abilities, builds and rotations, etc.

Time to reload or stop using the add ons that are broke until they're updated..

Time to explore the changes!

As my bank and bags are a mess - I can't remember the last time I used the default bags - and I need to learn all new everything.  I thought a better use of time today (to avoid the moaning in the chat channels!), take a tour and see how the "View" distance actually looks.

It's pretty amazing, to be able to see so much.  As the game was a bit laggy, I only snapped a few pics.

Looking out over the North Barrens and towards Orgimmar

The Stormwind Park is finally repaired (slow workers).

Blackrock Mountain can now be seen from Stormwind, smoldering in the distance.

You can see all the way to Westfall from Stormwind.

Found this pic too - the original Demonhunter!  Just a remind of what's coming.....

The Secret World's Six Month Reward

The Secret World's new six month reward - a faction uniform.

Dragon Uniform.  Some difference between the male and female style.

Illuminati Uniform.  Very similar.  I forgot to get a back shot of the men's, but I think it's solid.

Templar Uniform. Kind of in the middle as far as differences go between the Dragon and Illuminati.