Thursday, November 21, 2013

Not Game related -

A non-gaming post, about a month ago, I heard about so had to check it out.

Here's what Scribd says about themselves:

Scribd is the world's largest digital library, where readers can discover books and written works of all kinds on the Web or any mobile device and publishers and authors can find a voracious audience for their work. Launched in March of 2007 and based in San Francisco California, more than 40 million books and documents have been contributed to Scribd by the community. Scribd content reaches an audience of 80 million people around the world every month.

It's kind of like Netflix for books and articles, in a way.  You can read unlimited books with their subscription or they also have an avenue to publish your own work.

The monthly sub is $8.99, which if you are downloading more than one book a month is well worth it.  I opted for annual sub which was available for a short time only, considering I just finished up a 10+ novel series downloaded to the iPad, the sub is reasonable to me.  Scribd does offer a one month trial as well.

Scribd has a limited number of publishing houses in their inventory at this point, but this still adds up to well over 100,000 books available.  I've definitely had no problem keeping a variety of books in my library.

Scribd works wonderfully via any web browser or Apple devices running OS7.  My first gen iPad doesn't work (my main e-reader device), but it does work on the iPhone, PC and laptop.

If you're a reader, might be worth a look-see.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Disc of the Flying Red Cloud

I'm sure most of you that are more informed all things have probably already done this, but for those that haven't here's an easy to get, Panderian mount the Disc of Flying Red Cloud. I just found out how to get it a couple days ago from a good friend (thanks for that!).

You've seen it, the disc you fly around on (belves look like they're going to die holding on but oh well!).

Anyway, it's the mount you get from becoming EXALTED with the Lorewalkers. You know Lorewalker Cho that's everywhere questing through Panderia. Well if you collect all the lore in the different zones you will be exalted. So an easy to get Rep (not weeks of grinding anything!!!). Added bonus, if you're going for one of the get so many Rep's achievements this is quick.

It's fairly simple to complete flying (a few hours with a flying mount max speed) or you can ground mount run through and collect all the lore, but will take longer as it will require killing mobs around some of the lore pieces.

I have been picking these up (you know shiny something must click on it!) and reading them over the past year, but didn't realize they added up to a mount!!! Nor did I know where they were stored! Well once you collect all of one series it goes into a lore book that Lorewalker Cho will give you - he tells the story and it's kept in the "Seat of Knowlege" with all the other Panderian info you collect. So you can go back and read them or talk to Cho and he'll tell you the story again. (I keep seeing hints of what's coming with the Garrison housing!)

So, did this last night - it's really quite easy, I did use the info below to finish, although had quite a few already done, as there were about five that were only missing one piece of lore.

If you have TomTom, you can make macros for each zone (see the ones below Mannheim4631 shared on WoWHead) as it makes finding these very painless.  It will put markers on your map too.

Mannheim4631 over on WoWHead: posted the TomTom waypoints.

By Mannheim4631 (1281) on 2013/08/11 (Patch 5.3.0) Out of Date | Report

Using tomtom

Valley of The Four Winds
Macro 1

/way valley of the four winds 55.06, 47.25
/way valley of the four winds 20.27, 55.84
/way valley of the four winds 34.64, 64.00

Macro 2

/way valley of the four winds 61.16, 34.62
/way valley of the four winds 83.16, 21.22
/way valley of the four winds 18.80, 31.79

Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Macro 1

/way Vale of Eternal Blossoms 40.11, 77.51
/way Vale of Eternal Blossoms 68.79, 44.20
/way Vale of Eternal Blossoms 52.87, 68.52
/way Vale of Eternal Blossoms 26.65, 21.56

Kun-Lai Summit

Macro 1

/way Kun-Lai Summit 74.46, 83.53
/way Kun-Lai Summit 45.72, 61.87
/way Kun-Lai Summit 44.70, 52.40
/way Kun-Lai Summit 53.02, 46.49 Entrance, down stairs near table.

Macro 2

/way Kun-Lai Summit 43.80, 51.18
/way Kun-Lai Summit 67.78, 48.32
/way Kun-Lai Summit 41.00, 42.37
/way Kun-Lai Summit 71.70, 62.03
/way Kun-Lai Summit 50.35, 79.25
/way Kun-Lai Summit 63.03, 40.83

Jade Forest

Macro 1

/way Jade Forest 67.72, 29.38
/way Jade Forest 66.03, 87.54
/way Jade Forest 26.42, 28.34
/way Jade Forest 37.30, 30.10
/way Jade Forest 42.27, 17.43
/way Jade Forest 47.05, 45.12
/way Jade Forest 55.89, 56.77
/way Jade Forest 35.73, 30.50

The Veiled Stair
Macro 1

/way The Veiled Stair 57.73, 13.75 Enter Cave Here. Then Take First Right (Hole In Wall). Keep Right. Back of Cave

Note - This is in the cave between The Veiled Stair and Kun-Lai Summit ** Inside the river cave **

Townlong Steppes
Macro 1

/way Townlong Steppes 37.74, 62.87
/way Townlong Steppes 65.35, 50.05
/way Townlong Steppes 84.01, 72.80

Dread Wastes
Macro 1

/way Dread Wastes 67.44, 60.75
/way Dread Wastes 53.60, 15.46 Entrance, back of cave ** past the mantid, you'll have to fight a few if you can't stealth **
/way Dread Wastes 48.37, 32.97
/way Dread Wastes 59.92, 55.02
/way Dread Wastes 35.53, 32.60

Krasarang Wilds
Macro 1

/way Krasarang Wilds 72.19, 30.05
/way Krasarang Wilds 32.81, 29.45 Underneath Cliff
/way Krasarang Wilds 30.56, 38.55 in Building

Macro 2

/way Krasarang Wilds 52.41, 87.66 in Cave
/way Krasarang Wilds 81.41, 11.48
/way Krasarang Wilds 50.99, 31.64
/way Krasarang Wilds 40.46, 56.59 in Building Upstairs

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Secret World - Issue #8 - The Venetian Agenda

FunCom released a video regarding Issue #8 -The Venetian Agenda.  It continues the main storyline, as well as introducing Augments and Scenarios.  Scenarios will come in three flavors and look pretty darn interesting!

The Secret World.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Rift expansion 3.0 - Plane of Water?

During the Twitch TV Livestream on June 21, Trion / Rift revealed or hinted at the next expansion being the Plane of Water.

Supposedly it will not be ALL underwater, just pertain to water in its various forms.

Upcoming changes will include four new souls (healing for warriors/rogues, tanking mage and support priest), companion pets (not class specific ones) will become more important (WoW Battle Pets but more useful?)

Should be interesting to see what TRION does with RIFT going forward, now that the free-to-play model is live and queues are back!

Source: Rift Scene

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Women's armor in MMO's

I read a post today on about women's armor trends in MMO's "13 Ridiculous Female Armors ...", something I've always found disturbing, annoying and fascinating. 

We know that the majority of Dev/Designers are men, so obviously all women warriors should be in bikinis as they definitely protect you in battle!  It really seems to be a common trend in MMO's these days, as I remember in EQ2, that all my characters had adequate armor that cover the vital parts, kind of like armor is suppose to!

Now though it seems to be almost ALL MMO's have hired lingerie artists to make the female armor.  It would be better if you could pin point one MMO at fault, but it is across the board in all MMOs sadly.

I know I've had a major bitch about this for years. Why my female characters are in chainmail bikinis and/or high heels, yet the male counterpart looks like something you actually might survive a battle in is beyond me.

The Secret World, I'm glad to say does give you a variety of clothing from the super slutty to completely covered head to toe to business attire to the truly strange.  But at least there are options!  Not well here it is!  I remember one year my Priest in WoW was in shadow form all the time as the hot pants she had to wear were so embarrassing short, but they were the best gear I had at that level.

It's definitely a sore subject for many women that I game with, as yes we want it to be pretty/cute, but functional!  There's a place and a time for sexy, but more specifically it should be a CHOICE to dress that way, not the only option. 

I love this video from College Humor - Female Armor Sucks
(the link isn't working properly)

Here's a few links I found on Repair Her Armor of interesting blogs about this topic.

Repair Her Armor

Escher Girls

Bikini Armor Battle Damage
** Bikini Armor has a long list of related blogs **

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rift will be Free to Play (F2P) June 12

Big announcement from Trion today that RIFT is going F2P (Free to Play) on June 12, 2013.

Personally, I'm not surprised by this announcement as so many MMO's have found a new breathe of life adopting a F2P model and many have increased revenue with a more ala carte approach. 

As long as a game doesn't degenerate into a "Buy to Win" philosophy, I'm all for the F2P/Cash Shop model.  A few of the games that I think have great F2P/Cash Shop models is SOE with Planetside 2 (you can buy or grind a specific item, but only by playing can you upgrade it/no game purchase is required though), Turbine with LoTRO and FunCom with The Secret World (both of these do require a game purchase, and added content is available for purchase in their cash shop).

Conversely I wasn't very keen on EA's F2P model for TOR.

What this holds for Veterans (Patrons for Rift) that have pre-paid subs or want premium membership will be fleshed out in the coming weeks.  Some of the items mentioned are nice, but will it be worth the price of admission??  And for those of us that have pre-paid annually... ?  One only hopes!

There is a good over-view of the upcoming changes over on the Rift site.  There is also a Dev Diary video on YouTube.

The big question, how long before Blizzard takes WoW F2P? When subs drop below 1 million.... maybe!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Planetside 2 New Player Tutorial - PTR!

AGN (Auraxis Global Network) Instant Action has a YouTube video out regarding the New Player Tutorial currently on the Public Test Realm.

It will be helpful for those coming from a strictly MMO background as well as those coming from FPS, as PS2 definitely has more complexity to it with the variety of classes, vehicles as well as strategies behind capturing bases, etc.

Glad SOE is finally putting one of these out, about six months late, but better late than ever!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Secret World Golden Weekend! May 3rd-May 5th

This coming weekend everyone can enjoy tons of bonuses in The Secret World. Make sure you don’t miss this great opportunity to reap some very valuable rewards.

During this Golden Weekend event, from Friday the 3rd until Sunday the 5th of May, you can enjoy the following bonuses:

Double Ability Points! – Every time you earn an Ability Point during the event you also get an additional one as a bonus. This stacks with the bonus from Timed Ability Point boosts from the Item Store.

Free Membership Months for Recruiting! – For every new player you recruit this weekend you get a free month of Membership in addition to the Veteran Rewards you get normally (if you are a Grandmaster customer you receive $15 worth of Funcom Points instead). To get this bonus you must send your invite between now and the end of the Golden Weekend and the recruit must purchase The Secret World within 30 days.

Great Deal on Funcom Points! – During the Golden Weekend you get 30% extra Bonus Points every time you purchase Funcom Points! Bonus Points are valid for 6 months towards any in-game purchase.

New Player $15 Bonus! – Anyone purchasing The Secret World from Funcom during the Golden Weekend gets $15 worth of additional Bonus Points thrown into the bargain. Buy The Secret World here now.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Planetside 2 - Harrasser

The Harrasser is a three-man vehicle currently on the Test Server in Planetside 2. 

It will make a great vehicle for getting around bases quickly (hopefully with excellent climbing upgrades!) and apparently some sort of thruster ability to get some air.

The current model has room for the driver, a gunner and a rumble seat that will accommodate a Max unit.  It will be available for all factions with (so far) no faction specific upgrades.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Secret World Companion Pets

TSW (The Secret World) has a variety of companion pets available in game.  They do not offer any stat benefit (there are a few that do for the first few levels in Kingsmouth), but are a fun, fluff addition while traveling through the world.

Most are purchased in the Item Shop and range in price 300-700 points ($3-7), a few are available as veterans rewards and quest rewards.

I haven't purchase all of them (I have 15 so far), the ravens remind me to much of an oddly colored seagull and the owls, well a tad boring.

My favorite Draug Lord Puppy.  He has a few cute animations as well as just being cute!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Secret World - Men's Outfits

 The Secret World has a great variety of clothing options to individualize your character.  There are quest rewards, free Tshirts from some vendors (Razer, Curse, MMORPG, etc.), faction rewards and the cash shop.

Below are some of the Men's Outfits from the cash shop.  They've separated the pieces so they can be equipped separately versus the outfits from completing a specific deck build.  They cost anywhere from 600-1200  or $5-10 if you buy points.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spark a replacement for Google Reader?

Spark may be the way to go for keeping current on your favorite game info. 

Here's what TenTonHammer had to say today:

The Google Reader is riding off into the sunset this summer. For gamers, at least, there's an alternative. 

Last week Google announced that the Google Reader would be sunsetting, leaving users without a convenient tool for aggregating their favorite content feeds. In the wake of the Reader's impending demise, lovers of collective content have been forced to do one of two things: fight to save it, or find an alternative.

For gamers, at least, it seems Spark is the Google Reader alternative. Thousands have flocked to Spark as a source for timely and relevant gaming news.

"This is my go-to source for gaming news now," says Spark user Mike Perry. "I used to spend a lot of time browsing the web for information on the games I was following, and I ususally missed stuff. Spark does a better job than I ever did of keeping me up to date."

Unlike Google Reader, Spark offers a collection of hand-picked feeds specifically related to gaming and geek culture, with new feeds added regularly. Learn more at the Spark website. You can also vote for your favorite feeds to become part of Spark.

I've tried it and the format is interesting and can be customized to deliver specific gaming news or everything.  So if you want to just follow Blizzard or NCSoft or the current gaming comics you can.

There are limitations currently as you can't add blogs you may follow that have not been included yet, but Spark is still in beta.

But there is hope. TenTonHammer is running a poll for other news feeds to add - vote here You can write in your own personal favorites too.

So while Spark isn't perfect, it may be the interim answer for keeping up on gaming news.

Monday, March 18, 2013

World of Warcraft recruiting

It's been a bit of a dilemma taking over team lead of our WoW team, as at times it feels like it's on a respiratory and just needs the plug pulled!   The team members that are playing seem fine with how things are, but it is an MMO and I'd like to see more people ingame.

Besides, I still enjoy WoW, and if you overlook trade/general chat, it has ALOT to offer!  So, I'm going to see if I can breathe a bit of life into the team by trying to recruit.  As I hate being deceived/lied to, I don't want to misrepresent our team, so put together a very non-recruiting, recruiting thread.


Here's what I put on the WA forum and on the main guild recruiting thread (it's long!):

Greetings Accordians.

Sassi here from HFC (Hammerfist Clan). We're kind of recruiting, in a round-about-way.

As, I'd rather be upfront about what our guild is and what we're looking for than misleading, this may be a tad long. For one we're not looking for guild hopper types, but adult gamers that play WoW and would like to help form our WoW team into a wonderful gaming experience, but are also not the "50DKP-" types either.

Screenshots - The Last Train to Cairo

Completed the Last Train to Cairo over the weekend, and yes FunCom did a superb job on Issue #6!

There were a few bugs and we didn't know what to do with our "whip" and need to go back in to get that corrected ( has a walkthru if needed), but all in all a fun quest chain.

They've tied in the quest chain beautifully with what is going on in Egypt while adding more "possible" future things for TSW to explore.

The side quests (dailies) aren't difficult, but if you're less than Q10, go in a group!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Secret World sale Amazon

Amazon has TSW on sale for $19.99 AND is including 1200 bonus points of in game store currency.

$19.99 Game + In Game Currency
Customers who order The Secret World will receive 1200 bonus points ($10 of value in the in game store) to celebrate the release of Issue #6: Last train to Cairo. Get immediate access to The Secret World environment. Play all you want, subscription is no longer required! Receive 1200 Bonus Points (worth $10) and use them in the online store, for example to buy Issue #6: Last train to Cairo. More information about Issue#6: Last train to Cairo can be found here: Amazon reserves the right to change or terminate this promotion at any time. Limit one per customer.

The Secret World Issue #6 launch

TSW's Issue #6 launched today for GrandMaster level and monthly Subscribers (March 14th) and will go live for F2P gamers on Saturday, March 16th.

It contains a fun quest chain in the Scorched Desert culminating with the "Last Train to Cairo" (Indian Jones here we come!), and getting the new auxiliary weapon the Whip.

The quest chain starts with Nassir (900,310).

Access must be purchased from the ingame store (960 for GrandMaster, 1040 Subs and 1200 for F2P players).  The quest is marked with the Funcom "F" is called "The Mean Streets". has a walk thru for the quest chains if you get stuck.

There are more changes in Issue #6 to PvP and a Raid type Lair.


Complete Patch Notes:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Back in WoW

I've been playing more WoW (World of Warcraft) as of late after taking over Team Lead for the Hammerfist Clan guild.

HFC is a casual multi-gaming guild that only started in WoW July of 2012, so yeah, we're a late start to the MMO of MMOs!

The guild is pretty slow paced and primarily a place for the Clan members to hangout and play when they need their WoW fix, as we all do from time to time. We haven't really determined what the goal of the guild is - end game, pvp, leveling - and with the plethora of new games out there to spend our time/money on it's been a slow process figuring this out.

But I'm enjoying being back in WoW regardless.  Over the past few months I've moved a number of toons over, deleted/rerolled a few others, so I have quite a selection in the guild now from level 85 (Sassrani)  down to resently re-rolled Ziboo level 16.

There is one more to go, as the Night Elf druid is likely to go to toon heaven and reroll as either an Undead Hunter, Mage or Warrior or an Orc.

Sithi and Frothe (my original Alliance) can't be turned to Horde so will stay as they are.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Last Train to Cairo - TSW Issue #6

The Secret World Issue #6 should be ready to play the beginning of March.  It's bringing some changes to TSW along with the new mission in Egypt.

The darkness in Egypt is ancient and its malevolent tendrils work tirelessly to spread their influence across the world. Issue #6; The Last Train to Cairo, will call upon you to contain this dire threat once again.
In this update you will play through a new, deep and revealing story within Egypt. Travel back in time to unearth powerful artifacts which can help you in the future, and see how the wondrous locations of The Scorched Desert looked in ages past.
Enjoy the Issue #6 cover here, and read more details about the upcoming content below.

As exciting as the new Issue quest will be, I think I'm equally excited by the new Auxiliary Weapon - the whip!  It sounds very Indiana Jones and fun.  DPS, buff or cc - sounds interesting!

A new 10 man raid can be started from items dropped in Lairs.  Set in the South Pacific this is a new adversary.

Veterans will be getting rewarded with Issue #6 as well with new points rewards to purchase useable items.  Recruiting will also give points in this system.

PvP is getting a ranking system.  Rank up and receive new tokens to buy new PvP gear (uniforms).

What I didn't read was the hoped for changes to the Cabal Management.  It's still dreadful (I had hoped for some creative person to write an addon that worked for it!).

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Great news for The Secret World Veterans!

 TSW announced today on their forum changes to the Shop and how Veterans points will be distributed.

Shop Changes and the Veteran System

Hi guys,

I am back from my recent trip to Montreal with some exciting news regarding the shop and the Veteran System. More information regarding the restructuring process at Funcom will be in my next Game Director Letter, which should be out some time this week. But this is the less formal place for me to talk a little bit about some upcoming shop changes and the Veteran System.

Shop Changes
Later today, we will be rolling out account-wide unlocks for pets in the store. We will expand this system to clothing as we move forward, but consider this the first step towards that. I would like people to report any bugs with the system.

You will be able to pay 25% more on top of the base cost of any pet to unlock it for all characters on an account. If you have purchased the pet on any other character before, you will only be charged the cost difference at the time of purchase (25% of the sale price) to unlock it across accounts.

Once the pet has been unlocked it can be claimed from the Delivered Items screen.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dragon's Prophet

Dragon's Prophet a new MMO from Runewaker Entertainment (makers of Runes of Magic), but will be published by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) here in North America.  Runewaker has began it's European testing with friends and family, while SOE is taking sign ups for the North America closed beta on the Dragon's Prophet NA website.

Here's the video from SOE announcing Dragon's Prophet last Fall.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


ArcheAge is one of the those games I've been loosely following and now XL Games has updated their English website with a bunch of new information.

ArcheAge English site.

Here are a few other fan sites for this upcoming MMO, that releases this week in Korea.
A great over-view FAQ about the play style for ArchAge is on the Archeage North America site -

US/Europe release date is still pending.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rift Companion Pets

I just added a static page here for ALL the RIFT companion pets I could locate info on.  There are some missing items (noted with the ??).  Also sharing a new Addon from a guildmate - MountMe -

I did post this list on the Rift Forum Vanity Pet thread too, to see if anyone else can help fill in the missing info.

The links are to the Rift Zam database (which is missing alot of info too!).
Appreciate any help filling in the blanks.

Air Crab - ? Fishing Storm Legion ??

Akylios Balloon - Purchase World Event "Carnival of the Ascended" 100 prize tickets

Arcane Excavator - Reward for Artifact collection "Scarlet Gorge"

Arcane Lifter - Reward "Glory of the Gorge" achievement Scarlet Gorge

Ashe -  Reward "Conqueror: Rise of the Phoenix"

Baby White Tiger - Purchase Veterans Reward vendor Jarvis or Cadbury. 25 plat

Basilisk - Reward artifact collection "Scarwood Reach Artifacts"

Bernie - Reward Ember Isle Puzzle "Emerald Enigma"

Black Bunny - Trapped World Event "Summerfest" Silverwood

Black Coyote - Trapped World Event "Summerfest" Scarwood Reach

Black Crow - Purchase World Event "Realm of the Autumn Harvest" or World Event Merchants.  300 Autumn Harvest Ambersap

Blood Grove Hatchling - Rward from "Ruler of Scarwood" achievement

Blue Dart Frog - Reward from  artifact collection "Rare Fish of Moonshade Highlands, Droughtlands and Iron Pine Peak"

Blue Shell Crab - Purchase from Nicholas Knack, Runeguard Merchant during World Event "Waves of Madness" 250 Rune King Seals

Bog Shambler - Purchase 10 Lucky Coins from Artifact Collector - Enrinke Shinuas (Meridian), Fenric Duboard (Sanctum) or Felissa Scivolo (Tempest Bay)  

Brown Rat - Trapped World Event "Summerfest" in Stonefield

Cebren -  Reward completing "It's My Island!" Achievement. Ember Isle spirit companion.

Chipmunk - Reward Artifact collection "Relics of Freemarch"

Cloven Stoneram - Reward artifact collection "Moonshade Highlands"

Cookie - Rift forum contest winner??? Cooking contest winner???

Cornish Rex - Reward zone "Droughtland Triumphant" achievement

Corpse Candle - Reward zone achievement Stillmoor "It's Finally Still"

Corpus Kitty - Promo pet reward D2D (Direct2Drive) pre-order of Rift 

Courage - Reward for one friend referral purchase "Ascend a Friend" program

Crocnard Hatchling - Sold by Chiela Forto, Tempest Bay. 
(The Lycini faction rep required Decorated). 10 Emypreal Sourcestones

Dasher - Purchase World Event "Fae Yule Oddities" vendor.
500 snowflakes

Dead Simon - Reward artifact collection "Dead Simon"

Deathtouched Dragon Whelp - Purchase 5 Lucky Coins from Artifact Collector - 
Felissa Scivolo (Tempest Bay) 

Deepwater Crocodile - Random drop Brevanic Treasure Cachet Fishing Storm Legion (Dusken & Brevane)?

Diseased Terrormaw - Faction Rep Purchase ? Eternal City Survivors Honored

Embri - Reward for completing "A Hero's Reward" Ember Isle

Fae Squirrel - Purchase with 5000 planarite, requires Decorated with Students of the Vale.

Flame Squirrel - P
urchase with 5000 planarite, requires Decorated with Ember Scholars.

Fluffy "Destroyer of Worlds" - Random drop Warfront (PvP) looted from player bodies 

Forest Disruptor - Purchase 10 Lucky Coins from Artifact Collector - Enrinke Shinuas (Meridian), Fenric Duboard (Sanctum) or Felissa Scivolo (Tempest Bay)

Forest Protector - Reward for artifact collection"Silverwood"

Forest Striker Hatchling - Reward for artifact collect "Gloamwood"

Ghost Screechling - Item drop in Deepstrike Mines off the bats. Works on normal.

Gil - Purchase "Planar Menace" World Event 500 Dragon Tears

Glowing Seed "Shambler Hatchling" - ???
Green Cobra - Trapped World Event "Summerfest" in Shimmersand

Green Frog - Reward Fishing "Rare Fish of Silverwood and Freemarch"

Green Roc - Reward "Stonefield Savior" achievement  ???
Greenscale Balloon - Purchase World Event "Carnival of the Ascended" 100 prize tickets

Grey Siamese Cat - Purchase 10 Lucky Coins from Artifact Collector - 
Enrinke Shinuas (Meridian), Fenric Duboard (Sanctum) or Felissa Scivolo (Tempest Bay)

Gritty Kitty -  Spoils of War event ???

Gweenscale - Reward dungeon achievement "Conqueror: Greenscale Blight"
Hagbrood Hatchling - Purchase from "River of Souls" World Event. 100 Otherworldy Sourcestone

Happy Seacap - Purchase "Waves of Madness" World Event.250 Rune King Seals

Harbinger of Regulos "Hoppy" - Rare drop from planar invasions and closed rifts loot reward

Hatch -  ?
Hooty - ? Reward for winner Rift forum contest or given out at PAX ? Cooking contest winner?
Keko - Reward for completing "Third Degree Burns" Ember Isle quest 
Laethys Balloon - Purchase World Event "Carnival of the Ascended" 100 prize tickets
Leopard Frog - Reward Fishing "Rare Fish of Stonefield and Gloamwood" collection
Life Bunny - Reward from quest "Meditations on Life" quest. Guardian only. 

Lil’ Smoulda - Random drop Caduesus Rise "Big Mama Sizzle or Black Spit's Booty"

Lil' Swagga - Random drop Caduesus Rise "Big Mama Sizzle or Chest or Cinderstorm?"
Maelforge Balloon - Purchase World Event "Carnival of the Ascended" 100 prize tickets

Mini Regulos - Reward for Storm Legion expansion purchase.

Molted Crocodile - Random drop "Brevanic Treasure Chest"

Mordant Crawler Hatchling - Purchase 10 Lucky Coins from Artifact Collector - 
Enrinke Shinuas (Meridian), Fenric Duboard (Sanctum) or Felissa Scivolo (Tempest Bay)

Mort - Reward completion of "Saga of the Endless: Glut of Greenscale" chain Defiant only.

Nugget - Purchase World Event "Ashes of History" 500 Magma Opals. 
?? / random loot drop World Event / Rift Mobile App Carnival Game ?

Pearlescent Conch "Deep One Spawnling" - one of three Pre-order Rift pets from the Collectors Edition

Pet Dragon Whelp - Faction Reward. Purchase Shimmersand Quartermaster Kemar. Requires Revered. 7 plat.

Pet Gravemaker - Faction Reward. Purchase Stillmoor Quartermaster Savija.
 Requires Revered. 7 plat

Pet Ore -  Reward for completing "Conqueror: Gilded Prophecy" Achievement
Pet Oreling - Faction Reward. Purchase Granite Falls Quartermaster Verdson. Requires Honored. 7 plat.

Pet Rock -??? Loot from Death Rift "Encroaching Death"???
Pet Werewolf - Faction Reward. Purchase Gloamwood Pines Quartermaster Kenrad. Requires Honored. 7 plat

Pet Yeti - Faction Reward. Purchase Iron Pine Peaks Master at Arms Varis. 
Requires Revered. 7 plat

Pile of Sugar "Giant Ant" - reward for completing ALL Shimmersand achievements "Windswept"

Prancer - Purchase World Event "Fae Yule Celebration" 500 snowflakes

Rescued Oreling - Ember Isle Cairn

Red Dart Frog - Reward Fishing "Rare Fish of Scarlet Gorge and Scarwood Reach"
Red Roc - Reward for "Artifacts of Stonefield" collection
Red-eyed Tree Frog - Reward for "The Rarest Catch" fishing achievement

River Crocodile - Random drop "Brevanic Treasure Chest"  ??

Rudy - Purchase World Event "Fae Yule Celebration" 500 Unique Snowflakes.

Santa Claws - ? "Fae Yule Celebration" PvP ?

Saltwater Crocodile - Random drop "Brevanic Treasure Chest"  ??

Scoots' Favorite Treat - ? Purchase World Event "Summer Festival" ?? 

Scorched Collar "Hellhoud Pup" - one of three Pre-order Rift pet choices
 from the Collectors Edition

Scotty's Companion Whistle "Sobek" - Reward completing Scotty quest chain From Outcast to Hero (Guardian Only)
Scorpion - Reward for Artifact Collection "Artifacts of Droughtlands"

Shade Squirrel - Purchase with 5000 planarite, requires Decorated with Death Serpent

Shadetouched Hound - Purchase "River of Souls" World Event. 
100 Otherworldly Sourcestone

Shadetouched Scarab - Purchase "River of Souls" World Event. 100 Otherworldly Sourcestone 
Shambler Hatchling - Promo pet pre-order Rift at Walmart

Shimmersand Kyloe - Random drop Shimmersand "Scourge of the Sand" zone event ???

Shiny Lil’ Trinket "Bogling Wastrel" - Promo pet from the Pre-Order Collector's Edition

Skia - Reward from Ember Isle artifacts collect "Wanton Desires"

Snogs - Reward for killing Tak'gnarl, Ember Isle "He Followed Me Home achievement

Sparkling Geode "Gnar Hatchling" - EU only Collector's Edition
Speckled Coyote - Reward for completing Moonshade Highland Achievement

Spirit of Tears - Reward artifact collection "Critter Tears"

 Spot - Reward "Rorf Collection: Awesome Reward" artifact collection

Spotted Snake - Trapped World Event "Summerfest" in Freemarch
Stone Egg "Cockatrice Chick" - one of three Pre-order Rift pets from the Collectors Edition

Stone Squirrel - Purchase with 5000 planarite
requires Decorated with Mendicant Order

Storm Griffon - Reward Storm Legion quest "Adventure Awaits"

Storm Squirrel - Purchase with 5000 planarite,
 requires Decorated with Zephyrian Collective

Suspicious Sheep -  Purchase Dimension Vendor, Tempest Bay. 
Decorated with The Lycini required. 10 Empyrian Sourcstones

Swamp Crocodile - ?? Fished up or drop from Brevanic Chest?

Tabby Cat - Trapped World Event "Summerfest" in Moonshade Highlands

Tame Burrowing Crab - Reward fishing "Crustacean Trophies" collection

Tame Isle Crab - Reward Fishing achievement "Master Trophy Angler"

Tame Powdernose Crab - Reward fishing "Marvelous Sea Creature Trophies" collection

Tamed Deepfang Hatchling - Trapped World Event "Summerfest" in Gloamwood

Tats "Jeweled Scarab" - ???

Tide Squirrel - Purchase with 5000 planarite, requires Decorated with Mercurial Sevants

Tinder -  Dungeon random drop from High PRiest Arakhum  Rise of the Phoenix (RotP)

Twiddle "Mini Mordant" -  Purchase World Event "Summerfest" 
100 Summerfest Merit Badges

Unusual Deer - Purchase 5 Lucky Coins from Artifact Collector -
 Felissa Scivolo (Tempest Bay)

Valmera Cub - Purchase World Event "Carnival of the Ascended
50 Glass Beads
Water Crab -? fishing ??

White Bunny - Purchase 10 Lucky Coins from Artifact Collector - 
Enrinke Shinuas (Meridian), Fenric Duboard (Sanctum) or Felissa Scivolo (Tempest Bay)

White Squirrel - Trapped during World Event "Summerfest" in Iron Pine Peak

Wind-Up Pony - Purchase World Event "Carnival of the Ascended
50 Glass Beads 

Winston - Purchase 10 Lucky Coins from Artifact Collector - Enrinke Shinuas (Meridian), Fenric Duboard (Sanctum) or Felissa Scivolo (Tempest Bay)

Yellow Banded Frog - Reward Fishing "Rare Fish of Shimmersand, Stillmoor and Ember Isle"

Young Treant - Purchase World Event "Realm of the Autumn Harvest"  300 Autumn Harvest Ambersap


Mount Me Add on (Curse)

Rift Fishing Pets at Rift Gameplay Journal 

Rift Zam