Monday, March 18, 2013

World of Warcraft recruiting

It's been a bit of a dilemma taking over team lead of our WoW team, as at times it feels like it's on a respiratory and just needs the plug pulled!   The team members that are playing seem fine with how things are, but it is an MMO and I'd like to see more people ingame.

Besides, I still enjoy WoW, and if you overlook trade/general chat, it has ALOT to offer!  So, I'm going to see if I can breathe a bit of life into the team by trying to recruit.  As I hate being deceived/lied to, I don't want to misrepresent our team, so put together a very non-recruiting, recruiting thread.


Here's what I put on the WA forum and on the main guild recruiting thread (it's long!):

Greetings Accordians.

Sassi here from HFC (Hammerfist Clan). We're kind of recruiting, in a round-about-way.

As, I'd rather be upfront about what our guild is and what we're looking for than misleading, this may be a tad long. For one we're not looking for guild hopper types, but adult gamers that play WoW and would like to help form our WoW team into a wonderful gaming experience, but are also not the "50DKP-" types either.

Hammerfist Clan is a multi-gaming adult (18+) community of casual gamers - we value real life over gaming. We have an overall active community on the forum and in Mumble. HFC is comprised of adults 18-70, many married/committed couples, parents, professionals and students. Currently HFC has a presence in:
  • LoTRO
  • Star Wars TOR
  • Defiance
  • Rift
  • The Secret World
  • Neverwinter
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Guild Wars 2 
  • and have a few others on watch. 
 But sadly our WoW branch has been a tad lack-luster since launch.
Long story short, our WoW Chapter of HFC has had a rocky start and still in a state of ??? It originally launched on Baelgun last summer under an enthusiastic but misguided lead (that shortly thereafter left our guild). After a bit of 'discussion' it was determined we needed to be on a better server (and some voted for faction change), so we moved to WA HORDE.

A very generous guild-mate gave us her unused Guild, so we had a premade level 25 guild with all the bells and whistles, but many of the original team didn't/couldn't make another move after that less than wonderful launch on Baelgun and the expense they'd went to moving there. So we relocated to WA, but the number of new games on the wonderful MMO buffet has left us with a guild, but not as many active players!

Fast foward to February 2013 - I was given team lead to rebuild our WA team and/or determine it should be humanely laid to rest or keep the doors open for the Clan members that play regularly. Right now we have people on daily but not the numbers I'd like to see and many just doing their own thing - which is great - we're definitely not high pressure in any way.

We have people leveling - pve/pvp, a few doing end-game content, and other's randomly wandering through on an alt. None of us have any background in RP, but again not against that either, just don't really know how to go about starting it.

There it is in a nut-shell, maybe not the best and brightest recruiting thread, but I'd rather be honest than mislead people.

So if you're new to WoW or returning or interested in building a team to ? check out Hammerfist Clan.

We do have people on at varying times, but mostly on 7-8pm - 1am PST is the best chance to catch one of us on.

To Join HFC we can give a guest invite, but a formal app on our website is required for full membership.
*** team application ***

** You can join the HFC forum without formally joining a team if you want to check out what we're all about **

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