Monday, March 18, 2013

Screenshots - The Last Train to Cairo

Completed the Last Train to Cairo over the weekend, and yes FunCom did a superb job on Issue #6!

There were a few bugs and we didn't know what to do with our "whip" and need to go back in to get that corrected ( has a walkthru if needed), but all in all a fun quest chain.

They've tied in the quest chain beautifully with what is going on in Egypt while adding more "possible" future things for TSW to explore.

The side quests (dailies) aren't difficult, but if you're less than Q10, go in a group!

Nassir (didn't get a pic of him dancing) is where the chain starts and our favorite mummy, Said, plays an important part in the quest while, as usual providing his insightful flair and humor!

Spoiler screenies:


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