Monday, August 23, 2010

EQ2 Extended

I Alpha tested EQ2X (Extended) Sony's free to play (F2P) model, which was fun shop the Marketplace with an unlimited wallet of Station Cash (SC).  So, I bought a mount, appearance gear and ginormous bags - fun spending other people's money, even virtual money.
So, I jumped in the beta version, and have put a few hours in so far at the 'FREE' bronze membership level. I rolled a half elf Templar in New Halas, a class and zone I'm unfamiliar with so thought it would make it more of a 'new game' feel.  I will admit it's great seeing the lowbie zones full of people.  Having 7 to 14 instances open of New Halas, pretty cool!  Will this taper off in the coming weeks?  Good question.

The streaming seems to be quite good, as I've had very little stuttering or slowing of the game - watching the weird little dinosaur march is different.  I've even upped my graphics to maximum quality (see photo below), which is like playing in slow motion at any time, but what a gorgeous world!