Friday, October 30, 2009

A month later . . .

I've been playing WoW more than thinking about writing about it!

So quick update -

Sithi -

Received a wonderful gift from GM - Black Tabby Cat that I've been lusting after but too cheap to buy as it's Horde only. He also happened to locate and help me tame Gondria (now named Ender for Ender's Game).

Passed the 10k pvp kill and have been trying to hit as man WG's as possible and have enough for another PvP piece or two. I did get the Black War Mammoth yesterday (300 stone shards ... gulp!)
Finally did part of 10 man Ulduar - Flame Leviathan and XT-002 Deconstructor (love his exercise regime!!. Seven Ulduar newbies in the group, including yours truly!! We'd been playing most of the day, and did heroics, a 10 man OS, etc., so quit at Auriaya as we were all TIRED! It was fun though.

Lots more achievements down - including Argent Crusader - w00t finally! Now doing the dailies for the pony. I want the squire mobile and running errands!!! Plus the tabard and all the pets and . . . keep the carrots coming Bliz!

Sithi's also working on Loremaster and the fishing/cooking achievements and very very slowly the Netherwing, just shy of Revered right now. I hate going out there, but lust for those mounts! They've been on my list since the first time I saw them. Much nicer than the proto drakes IMHO!

Sassrani - working on her achievements/rep grind. Currently Hodir quest chain and Argent Tournament. She's far behind Sithi, and doesn't have a good revenue stream yet, but working on the girlie!

Greaf's been herbing and glyphing but not much else as of late. The rest have been on a bit of a vacation other than the Hollows End stuff. Achievement chasing takes time!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Taming Ender

Right before I went on vacation, my wonderful GM, tells me in vent that he'd found Gondria

I've been lusting for this pet, in typical hunter fashion for months (especially after taming Skoll) and had almost tamed him a couple of weeks ago. I was interrupted by a viciously cruel horde rogue that popped out and killed me right after I'd changed talents (no mana/no pet). By the time I rezzed and returned - no Gondria. I was so heartbroken, and was swearing loud enough that sailors around the world were appalled and blushing!

Everyone in my guild had to listen to me complain and moan about this, especially when I'd see someone with Gondria in Dalaran.

So when the GM, told me he'd found Gondria and to hurry. I did! Honestly thought he was teasing me, but no! Gondria was there!!

Now flustered, dismissing the crab (I had just caught for bgs) and changing specs - I'm zero mana, but not paying attention so start to tame... then can't! Pop a pot, but that barely helps. No traps, nothing.

My GM pulls aggro off me and is walking around getting beat to death while I'm in full panic. Finally he dies, Gondria turns on me, I concuss hit him in viper (oh duh - I get mana back - definitely a huntard moment!), and tame Gondria. I almost felt bad about my GM dying, except one of his favorite things to do is kill us in interesting way when we least expect it. So Gondria tamed and him dead for a change was a true two-fer!

ENDER and black tabby companion pet
As my GM and I are both fans of Orson Scott Card's book - Ender's Game - Gondria is now Ender. LOVE HIM!!! He's the constant hunting companion except when the wolf comes out for heroics/raiding.

A great GM is worth his weight in gold and this one is one of the best I've had! The funny part a senior officer ask me when I tell him this story . He's a druid, why didn't he innervate you? GM still hasn't answer that!!!! I think my hysteria rubbed off!!!

But Ender is mine, I'm happy.