Thursday, January 8, 2015

Early Access should we buy into this?

I read this article early on Massively - Who benefits from MMO early access? and as I've been having this discussion with other gamers it got me to thinking.

Personally, I'm not against early access to help test a game as it's easy to get tunnel vision and "think" you know what a customer wants, not necessarily be giving them what they truly want/need.  But this pay to try a game that is a year plus still in development, does seem to be a bit of a money grab.

I did pay SOE for early access to Dragons Prophet back in 2013 (justification incoming), I did it as I had high hopes for this game, and the cost for early access included a substantial amount of Station Cash, which is useable in any SOE game, and I do play a few of those.  So it wasn't a totally loss if I didn't like it.  (I do still have intentions of getting past level 20 in DP maybe one day!)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Looking forward to 2015

It's almost a week into 2015 and MMO's well, nothing OMG spectacular on my radar sadly.
I've come to the conclusion most Korean style games are not to my taste, my time in ArcheAge confirmed that.  I don't care for the art style or grindy-ness of the play.

 My sub to ArcheAge (AA) expires in a few weeks and it's going to be shelved.  Many fun aspects of AA, but so many things wrong the scale tips to heavily in the "stop playing this game now" direction.  So this week, I'm giving away all the properties to guildies, emptying mail, closing account and saying goodbye.  Too bad, it seemed to have potential, but honestly I think the peak fun with ArcheAge was Alpha testing over the summer.  What XL/Trion have put out there is just wrong on so many levels.