Friday, February 27, 2009

The Exodar

No one goes to The Exodar on purpose, right?   It looks like an explosion in a cotton candy factory or a Barbie meets Hello Kitty nightmare.

I'm late to the game (literally and figuratively lol), but I have a growing appreciate of The Exodar.

Did you know the Hall of Lights was a hologram museum?  Complete with a tour!  Keg running ot the bank saw a group of Draenai wandering around, so curiousity demanded he follow them.  They stopped at one of the holograms, and all of sudden a description of what we were looking at popped on the screen!

 How cool is that?  

Keg and Widget  joined the tour.  

I love the details like this in WoW.  I honestly think so many people zoom through the game and miss so much of the rich lore, design, cities, etc., that make up Azeroth.

Kudos to the designers/developers on this one.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sithi is 70!

Did it!  Sithi dinged 70 out in Nagrand while farming knothide and clefthoof.

But as soon as she dinged it was off to Shadowmoon for that flying mount! She chose the snowy gryphon , for some reason she has a strong preference for white pets!

Now that she can fly - she's hovering over Shattarath while I work on some of the other characters.

She's still 15 mounts away from her albino drake. 48 more AB's, 22 WG for her to obtain the last two Battleground mounts. Kurenai rep for all the Talbuks (only honored now). A couple other non-epic flying mounts will get her closer. Then its the big $$ save for epic flying mount, artisan skills . . .

Duel Boxing or Multi-Boxing

I've been playing with duel-boxing and find it to be alot of fun.  I dabbled in this is EQ2, and while it can be a bit harder, is definitely lots of fun!

I took one of my Death Knights and spent the weekend running instances to gear up a few of the gang.  They ran Dead Mines, Wailing Caverns, Blackfathom Deep and Stocks - a couple a few times. It's actually quite fun, and only one death on the last boss in WC as I wasn't paying attention to his aggro. So all the quest greens are being replaced by blues and we're getting lots of items for the Enchanter to d/e and cloth, ore's, etc.

As I have enjoyed this on a desktop/laptop combo - in a jury-rigged fashion (two keyboards, etc.) I knew there had to be better ways to duel-box. I googled duel boxing and found, so I've been studying that and have been working on trying to set up three-boxing. I've downloaded KeyClone and the addon Jamba. I've started 3 lvl 1 Mages to test the setup out tonight. I think it will take some work to get things running right. I also searched YouTube - lots of good videos there as well!

I know if I'm going to I want to play different classes, not 3 of a kind.  I don't have any goal of arena's, etc., it would be purely for my own entertainment!

I'm so tempted to try the 5 box, although I'm not sure my rig will take it - and I'm not sure how much I want to invest in another aspect of my addiction - lol!!!  But it's tempting.

We'll see . . .

Warsong Gulch 10-19

Keggard dipped his toe in the 10-19 bracket as a semi-twink! Didn't do to bad at level 18.  I'm not sure I have the desire for complete twinkage as I don't want to 2v2, or feel the need to one-shot level 10's.  It is nice though to not die quite so easily  - lol!!  

The big BUT - I need to learn to NOT argue with the @#$#^ twinks that hate everyone but themselves. Most seem to be okay but there always has to be one in almost every BG - the guy that constantly types negative things about eveyone else, and how unfortunate the are to be in this BG, etc.  The one the other day, OMG!!!  Irritating beyond.  No one but him knew how to play, no one but him could play, no one but him was worthy of being in that BG.  We were all (all 9 of us) eight year old nubs that couldn't follow direction.  So, I had to point out to him that as I was an eight year old nub (he couldn't spell well either), I most definitely could NOT follow direction as I was too in awe of his 1337 abilities!  It degraded from there - lol!  I finally apologized to the rest of my team for the wall of text argument and /ignored that jerk for the rest of the game.

I'm practicing a new mantra - of ignore them, ignore them, ignore them - so I won't feel the need to get down to their level of stupid. They always win. /sigh

Here he is with new pet spider - Widget.  Both Widget and Jack (hyena) are making appearances in Warsong Gulch.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

test post

Test post. Having major issues getting the Wowhead tooltips to show up regularly so this is just a test.

Tusker this one is not wanting to link, attempt 4,365 . . .

Mana potion

Throat piercers

Pet taming day . . .

Found this post from last month . . .

I was flying over the Barrens on an alt and caught sight of Humar, lolling under a tree! Yeah!!! Quickly decided which hunter could get there fastest - the benefit of so many LOL!

Sithi being in Shattarath was the best choice. So she said grabbed Kelethin - her former favorite white cat (that grew black stripes in the major patch and I’ve detested since) hurried to The Barrens and tamed Humar.

Happily flying back to Theramore, I was reading Petopia (ZOMG what a fantastic resource!!) and was reading about the gorillas and thought maybe I should try one of those. They are suppose to be good tanks, and I've never tried one. Hmmm. Well if I'm getting one, it has to be the rare white, Uhk’loc in Un’Goro Crater.

Off we go! Stable our new kitty - the 'new' Kelethin (Kelethin is from the EQII elf area), grab a temporary pet and into the gorilla cave. I figured reading Thottbot that it would be hours if at all and was going to be a shot in the dark - surprise within 15 minutes I had Holiday eating grapes and killing her former buddies as we left.

I have to say the gorillas really can tank and hold aggro. We completed all the Nessingwary quests in Nagrand solo at lvl 65-6 and even took down Tusker (32,000 health!), although Holiday died halfway through and I ended up kiting Tusker to Talaar! We still gave it a good go!

Love that butt scratching ape!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

89% to Level 70

Yes I'm at 89% to level 70 - use to be an achievement dinging 70, but now its just another level on the road to endgame . . . or so I'm told! I've been slowly leveling as there have been other things to do.
  • Farming low level leather for alts gear (SFK for leather and greens works well)
  • Running instances for the enchanter to have stuff to d/e (Why am I leveling an Enchanter I keep asking myself!!!)
  • Exploration - Eastern Kingdom almost done (STV left)
  • Farming mats for a few leather upgrades for Sithi (knothide/clefthide . . . argh)
  • Battlegrounds - they're definitely more fun when you're in the '9th level of a bracket! Even with the overabundance of Death Knights - which have really imbalanced BGs - I'm grinding AB/WG! Yes I said grinding (I normally enjoy BG's, but lately . . . argh), as I want the last two mounts for yet another achievement! I need 45 more AB marks and 24 more WG ones for those two. I repeat albino drake, albino drake while I play/die/play/die! Sitting at 35 mounts right now, with the flying ones to come!
I also had a lucrative pet selling business, until last week, with Kreliss, my horde shopper/bank as he went to toon heaven.  Having Krel buy and put on the neutral AH, buy and resell on the Alliance side started not to make money but to get the darn pets for the Pet Achievement (43 companions and counting!), but when I found out how much I could make and how easy . . . well its turned into a nice money-maker this past month on a second account! 

It also has been nice to access both sides AH - Darrowmere the low pop server I transferred to - is NOT Wildhammer by any means! But that's another long QQ post!  Between WoW's laggy performance and my fitful DSL line, there have been many #$%#$% moments!!!

Krel's other parting gift to my Alliance hunters - I ran all three over to tame Echaykee as I do think it's a pretty kitty and as it's a Horde only quest line to summon him, I tamed him on ALL three just in case!!!!

So here I sit at 89% to level 70.  I've been collecting gear and enchants for the day I ding.  Money's in the bank for flying skills and mounts.  But I want to finish the Explorer portion of Azeroth before dinging - flying will make Outlands easy to finish.

Then the decision - do all the Outlands quests or off to Northrend and save Outlands for later . . . decisions, decisions.

More Exploration

I've almost completed Eastern Kingdom - STV left! Apparently with all the questing you do in STV, I still managed to miss 4 places! So back I go. I'm really enjoying the Exploration Achievement. As you progress though, I've seen places I hadn't before - and seen alot of potential for future expansions (free content please!!) in WoW's future!

Dream Bough, Feralas

There are all these 'dragonkin' locations with portals to the Emerald Dream.  I do hope it will be a fun expansion if/when it comes - not just end game raiding zones.

I forgot to screen shot my glorious death off the Twin Colossals in Feralas - truth be told I didn't know you could go ontop and parachute off - visit Night Elf, Marli Wishrunner.

Using the parachute at the right time is the trick - lol! It was fun watching my gorilla race me to the bottom though.  They've added a closer graveyard which saves the long run it use to be from the Alliance from Feathermoon Stronghold!

Altar of Storms, Blasted Lands

This is tucked back out of the way!  But I must admit my questing Blasted Lands has been fairly limited.

I must admit though, I'm a bit odd in that I won't go to Outlands unless my characters have 'earned the right' - LOL!  So, if they can't make it through the Portal they're doomed to zep/boat/flights without the quick hop up and down from Shat!  

Grim Batol, Wetlands

Dragonkin guarding the entrance, then this huge - begging-to-be-made-into-something place!!  Wetlands has a few off the beaten path places that I've had fun questing and exploring as Alliance.  

Plus I remember my first Horde run to Ulduman - crazy trying to get there with a map that didn't show how (my first characters did the fogged out map!).  The tunnels between the Wetlands and Loch Modan - that was fun - dodging guards, trying to figure out where they went - lol!  I was so glad when I finally had that flightpath completed.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

First pet . . .

 Way back (or it seems a long time ago . . .) when I made my first hunter, I mostly definitely fell under the name 'huntard' as I was totally clueless as to what a good hunter did. 
  1. I didn't really like the class, having just max leveled a Shadow Priest I thought hunter was easy mode!
  2. The class was overplayed - you tripped over hunters - most really badly played 
  3. How hard could it be - you have a pet and shoot things
  4. Kiting, chain trapping, jump shots - huh???
So, I muddled through my first 10 levels to get to tame a pet that was the goal - tame that pet!  I did the taming training, and ended up (as a Blood Elf) with the start area cat.  Boring!  I love cats, but in the Belf area - a dime a dozen.  I want exotic!  Interesting!  Unusual!  Where do they hide those ones?

Google for the win!  Up pops the site name Petopia!  Must have good information, right?  Wrong!!!  It has fantastic information!  It is one of the best resources for hunters out there IMHO!  So, wanting a cool pet (at level 11), I searched PETOPIA and a whole world opened up!  (Blogs and links on how to be a hunter too - that's a whole 'nother eye opener for this noob-hunter!  People actually studied to be hunters!!!   Oh my naive days!)  

Back to taming - So I'm thrilled with all this pet information. and have narrowed the 'new and unique' pets a level 11 can tame and settle on an owl and a ravager.  Both deep in the Alliance start areas - I figured those are it!  Definitely don't see those every day in Orgrimmar!  

At this point in my WoW playing, I had not played on the Alliance side past level 4 (things have changed - lol!), but then I was Horde all the way!  The only time I saw alliance was when I was fighting - battlegrounds, world pvp, etc., I didn't even know how the Alliance travelled around at that time - by boat?  Who knew?  So getting to Darnassus or The Exodar was going to be an interesting adventure!  

I decide to get an Owl first.  It was lower level and would need additional training (this was back in the you need to level and train skills by taming other beasts pre-Wrath era, no auto five levels below you, etc.), so I'd have to tame other beasts for the additional skills - a bird for dive, something for bite, etc.   As the Strigid owls on Darnassus (now classes in the Birds of Prey family in WoW), were the only low level Owl family.  The next group were available at level 48!  Definitely have to get one of these!   How cool to have for many, many levels!!!

So, I have my quarry's name and location -the Night Elf island of  Darnassus – more specifically in Taldrassil the start area.  We can do this!

I asked around and was told that at my level 11 could get to Darnassus via The Barrens to Ashenvale to Darkshore to Auberdine. 

Once there, I was suppose to swim out under the dock avoiding people, guards, mobs in the water and drown myself under the boat on the dock (frankly I was lucky on the boat pick as I didn’t know there were three boats!).  Then ghost run back onto the dock and rez on the ship, hoping they're wouldn't be any Alliance taking the boat ride to Darnassus.  This was on a PvP server and before guards were on boats/zeps, so easy peazy, right?

Off I go (definitely a huntard at that point!), level 11, crap gear, no idea where I’m going but off to get an owl!   Armed with a general idea of where the Alliance docks are in Darkshore.  I confess I swam half the way as I figured I wouldn't miss the dock then!  Oh yea - no one told me about the temporary pet idea - which would have helped immensely with the Loch Ness Monsters guys in the water near the docks!   

The long, long, long trip resulted in many deaths - a wolf in Ashenvale; three deaths on the road from high level Alliance one shotting me (love PvP servers); a few by guards on and around the dock in Abuerdine.  But I was rezzed on the ship with no Alliance - almost home!

Oh yea, they forgot to mention that gorgeous glowing pink gate into Darnassus!  Try getting off the dock and sneaking up to look for an entrance, aggro guards, dead again - back in Auberdine sneak on the boat again . . . well you get the picture!  By the time I made it through the gate to die inside Darnassus which rezzes you in Taldarassil, my armor and weapon were completely red and I got killed by a level 7 with a bow!!  Thank goodness he didn't camp me, as all I could do was punch him.  When I rezzed I just ran and hid - LOL!!

I did get my owl though!   Zamir (he unfortunatel has been on ice as I've been loving the Alliance lately) was my experiment in Hunters.  He tamed, Elsa the Owl, Fluffy the ravager, and Honor, his boar (Bellygrub) along with a series of temporary pets that taught the others their skills.  The run through Duskwood for a higher level bite on a Worg was another funny story.   

That experience though made me try other hunter classes - and started that love affair with the hunter class! 

Since that time I’ve learned the tricks to taming and traveling without too many deaths, and have tamed most pet families since then.  I'm working my way through the Exotics with a second account spec'd 51 for Beast Mastery for the exotics).  

I'm purposely dragging my feet on the Wrath Expansion, and don't plan to spend time there until Spring.   I rushed through content the first two times - no more!  So, whenever I get around to exploring Northrend the devilisaur, King Krush is on the list to tame!  Can't trap him, he has fears - ahhh it shall be an exciting one!

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Guild

Love the show -  The Guild - OMG!  

Anyone that plays MMORPG games can related to most if not all the characters of The Guild.  It is so funny.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Moved again

After a short stay on Scilla (talk about out of the pan into the fire!!!) the Alliance pvp gang is on Darrowmere.  I'm hoping it will move from a low population to a steady medium as it's a bit ghost-town like now.  The up side NO LAG & NO DISCONNECTS - ftw!!!!!

I'm really happy that Blizzard responded so quickly to the debacle that the free tansfers to Scilla turned out to be.  First a 48 hour queue to get transferred only to find out they'd taken (from all I've read/heard) a tight knit community and turned it upside down overnight.  Server lag, a 40 minute queue to get logged in, disconnects - I was bemoaning the move from Wildhammer and Shadowmoon (have all the pvp alliance together now).  

So when they annouced so quickly free moves - I jumped.  Well I researched them - then jumped.

After my research showed I've been playing on a server that had a physical location in Boston and was 30 hops to me in California (no I'm no techie but that wasn't good) and I've been on East Coast time zone servers; I was determined to find one that was West Coast time zone and preferably a physical location on the West Coast.  I know it could still be as bad but I'm hopeful!

Darrowmere was the only 'free' move that fit that profile so thought I'd give it a go.  This transfer happened literally while I was doing it!  Half the gang was gone before I'd finished the other half - yes I transferred them all!  The level 2 bank (she levelled getting her Lunar Fest dress! Hey might as well be dressed nicely sitting in town!!!) to the lvl 69 hunter all went!

The economy is a bit slow, but hopefully will pick up!  I've got bags of stuff to sell so at least being a sellers market should help.  I did a bit of research before moving on a lvl 1 and bought the things that weren't available before leaving Wildhammer that I know I need/want.  GAWD!  Like going into the wilderness - be prepared - LOL!

Trade chat unfortunately seems to be trade chat on every server!  Meaning if I'm not actively selling/buying - it stays off!  I actually set up a separate chat tab for trade so I can check it if I need to but I don't need to read the constant drivel when in town.  It makes the game so much more enjoyable avoiding the - ___ anal spam, I hate my mother/dog/boyfriend/this server/all of you group, or I'm bored so going to spew racists/sexist remarks so someone will give me some attention, etc.   Totally useless and I'm not a your reported type - so I just avoid it.

Otherwise it seems okay.  I'm told world pvp is nonexistant and horde outnumber alliance 3-1 - I haven't seen many yet so time will tell.  I was invited to a guild, but need to get back with the GM, I was in a BG avoiding the deadly DK deathcoil at the time!

So, now the line up is Darrowmere and Aerie Peak as BWL and Ysera are on hold for a bit.  

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WoW Twinks

I'm a closet twink lover.

I really admire the effort to twink a character, the amount of time and thought especially in the lower battleground brackets were your xp gain has to be really watched while getting the appropriate max level gear.

So, I'm going to try twinking.  Will it be a success - I doubt it - lol!  I'm not sure I have the discipline or inclination to be very obsessive about having every piece gear, etc.  Part of my 'problem' with WoW - I'm just not that gear oriented.  I like it to look good, and I want to be viable but to run an instance umpteen times to get a bracer or shoulder piece to drop - naaaa!  

We'll see!  

My chosen target for my attempt at twinking is Keggard a dwarf hunter.  I KNOW - TOO MANY HUNTERS!!  Well that's what I like to play so it would be pointless to twink something I would hate, no enjoy or dread playing!  

Keg's sitting right now at level 15.  I've been collecting his gear, enchants, working on fishing, he's started all the quests he needs to do to get the rest of the gear well before 19.  He's maxed his engineering for his goggles, working on mining (I think it should have gone to skinning though . . . /sigh!)

I still need one of the gang to get his libram for his head piece.  It's in the bank, just need to do it!

He has a hyena, Jack, to work with him and I have a gorgeous spider picked out on Bloodmyst Isle when he gets to level 18.  I'll see which I prefer for Warsong Gulch.  

Although, I've been told my pet will matter little - I'm not going to be playing on private servers or arenas - just the generic pug BGS.   

Bottom line, I know I'll pose no serious competition to the earnest twink community, but hopefully not get one-shot by them to often!  Through all my WoW playing I've noticed there are two types of players - the constructive critic and the obnoxious ones.  Unfortunately the obnoxious/rude one's seem to be prevalent on most servers!  I had one guy on a boat one day tell me how awful my gear was.  My first thought - no kidding.  Second how rude!  So we had a long debate about his living conditions (trailer park or parents basement, and about how closely his family was related to have such a lack of manners!).  Now I don't mind a hey I'm a hunter, you're a hunter you really need to be wearing xyz.  Or run this instance/do this quest info - yet I digress here.

So, along with the twink gear,  I need to get the thick skin for all the noob/scrub remarks from the 'real twinks' and insults from the people just passing through about how 'twinks' ruin BGs!

If someone is interested in twinking I would recommend these two sites.  

ArenaJunkies has good macro guides (they are aimed at obviously higher levels)

Everyone has to decide how far they will go to gain an advantage - I personally won't use some of the 'ways' people enhance their twinks. I find some things just a bit much and it borders on explotive if not bannable.  'Nuf said there.

We'll see how we do with this project!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Exploring WoW

I have to commend Blizzards creativity on zones - I didn't really appreciate all the detail until I started poking around in the corners!  Some places I'd been before, but learning more about the lore and history has really enhanced my enjoyment . 

As I mentioned I'm actively pursuing the Explorer achievement for the title (it will be awhile as I've not stepped foot on Northrend and still 30% from level 70 for the flying mount!). But I've found some really interesting places that I'd never been before.

Bloodcurse Isle - Statue of Queen Azshara

Inhabited by naga (they use to be night elves way way back!) that love and worship Queen Azshara.  Which now makes so much sense as to why they're are so many in Azshara!!!

Azshara, Ravencrest Monument - a statue in honor of Lord Kurt'alos Ravencrest.

More naga - lol!! I actually find Azshara fascinating.  Mind you I hated it the first time I went and could not believe someone made such a horrid zone.  But having quested there a few times, I really like it.  It's challenging - just remembering how to get around - but no so hard as to be impossible.  

This is looking up at the Loch Modan dam from outside Grim Batol (Wetlands).

Stepping out on these rocks you have great views out over the Wetlands, but beware Grim Batol is heavily guarded by dragonflight (elites).

Exploring these areas, you can really see there is quite a bit of future expansion potential!  I'm hoping for something with the dragonflight and all the Emeral Dream portals!

WoW Achievements

Way back when the achievements were announced I thought what a ripoff of Warhammer's ToK (Tome of Knowledge) as the ToK is a wonderful resource as well as a way to track your progress in the game, etc., I still feel WoW's achievements fall short of the ToK, but it is a nice record of your achievements for those of us that aren't all about arena/raiding!

I still wish WoW (and other MMO's) would have a 'quest completed' section like EQII has, as this is a nice record of all the quests you've done and you can quickly tell if you've exhausted quests in an area.

That said - I'm actively pursuing the following fun achievements -

  • Explorer (World Explorer gets the Explorer title) This is proving to be alot of fun and seeing areas that I hadn't before - separate post to come with some interesting screenies!
  • Ambassado of the Alliance (Exalted with all five races - the gnomes are killing me . . .62 rep per quest now - ARGH! 2000 to go!) Started this one only as I need the mechano-striders for the Albino Drake!
  • Leading the Cavalry (5o mounts and I get the albino drake - this has a new layer too - GAWD I'm behind things LOL!!!)
  • Shop Smart, Shop Pet ... Smart (they've increased this from 50 to 75 for the next achievement and I'm still sitting at 43!!!)
There are a bunch of other fun one's (Did Someone Order a Knuckle Sandwich, Its Happy Hour Somewhere, Master of Arms, Pest Control, Tastes Like Chicken, To All the Squirrels I've Loved Before) that are on the list too as I'm traveling about exploring the Azeroth classic world content. I mean to do a run through each dungeon too to knock out those acheivements - pick up a few BoE for alts too!

Gosh, I wonder if I'll ever see level 80 finding so many none leveling things to do - LOL!!!

Reference - WoW achievements

Monday, February 2, 2009

Back in WoW

Back to WoW! I've been having a ball the past few weeks - doing the not obvious. I've been busy on a PvE realm - now that is a wow of much easier. It's refreshing to NOt be looking over your shoulder all the time. The weird part though is questing next to the opposition . . . they can't kill me and I can't kill them without someone flagging. Just isn't normal - lol!!!

Other changes, I moved my alliance gang from Wildhammer/Shadowmoon to Scilla. Server lag, disconnects and (for me a new experience) instances being to busy - that was enough. Bliz offered free transfers to two low populations servers so I checked them out and though why not! I hadn't found a guild on Wildhammer that I truly clicked with and had primarily been slowly leveling my Sithi, (hunter) Keggard (hunter) and Greaf, (death knight). Keg I've been toying with twinking - what a job that is, but I've been collecting the gold and gear just in case. Sithi is 45% to level 70 and her flying mount! She's also 3000 rep points from Exalted with the Gnomes (what a grind that is!) to get her Ambassador title and buy those darn mechanostriders. (She wants an albino drake!)