Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sithi is 70!

Did it!  Sithi dinged 70 out in Nagrand while farming knothide and clefthoof.

But as soon as she dinged it was off to Shadowmoon for that flying mount! She chose the snowy gryphon , for some reason she has a strong preference for white pets!

Now that she can fly - she's hovering over Shattarath while I work on some of the other characters.

She's still 15 mounts away from her albino drake. 48 more AB's, 22 WG for her to obtain the last two Battleground mounts. Kurenai rep for all the Talbuks (only honored now). A couple other non-epic flying mounts will get her closer. Then its the big $$ save for epic flying mount, artisan skills . . .

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