Friday, February 6, 2009

Moved again

After a short stay on Scilla (talk about out of the pan into the fire!!!) the Alliance pvp gang is on Darrowmere.  I'm hoping it will move from a low population to a steady medium as it's a bit ghost-town like now.  The up side NO LAG & NO DISCONNECTS - ftw!!!!!

I'm really happy that Blizzard responded so quickly to the debacle that the free tansfers to Scilla turned out to be.  First a 48 hour queue to get transferred only to find out they'd taken (from all I've read/heard) a tight knit community and turned it upside down overnight.  Server lag, a 40 minute queue to get logged in, disconnects - I was bemoaning the move from Wildhammer and Shadowmoon (have all the pvp alliance together now).  

So when they annouced so quickly free moves - I jumped.  Well I researched them - then jumped.

After my research showed I've been playing on a server that had a physical location in Boston and was 30 hops to me in California (no I'm no techie but that wasn't good) and I've been on East Coast time zone servers; I was determined to find one that was West Coast time zone and preferably a physical location on the West Coast.  I know it could still be as bad but I'm hopeful!

Darrowmere was the only 'free' move that fit that profile so thought I'd give it a go.  This transfer happened literally while I was doing it!  Half the gang was gone before I'd finished the other half - yes I transferred them all!  The level 2 bank (she levelled getting her Lunar Fest dress! Hey might as well be dressed nicely sitting in town!!!) to the lvl 69 hunter all went!

The economy is a bit slow, but hopefully will pick up!  I've got bags of stuff to sell so at least being a sellers market should help.  I did a bit of research before moving on a lvl 1 and bought the things that weren't available before leaving Wildhammer that I know I need/want.  GAWD!  Like going into the wilderness - be prepared - LOL!

Trade chat unfortunately seems to be trade chat on every server!  Meaning if I'm not actively selling/buying - it stays off!  I actually set up a separate chat tab for trade so I can check it if I need to but I don't need to read the constant drivel when in town.  It makes the game so much more enjoyable avoiding the - ___ anal spam, I hate my mother/dog/boyfriend/this server/all of you group, or I'm bored so going to spew racists/sexist remarks so someone will give me some attention, etc.   Totally useless and I'm not a your reported type - so I just avoid it.

Otherwise it seems okay.  I'm told world pvp is nonexistant and horde outnumber alliance 3-1 - I haven't seen many yet so time will tell.  I was invited to a guild, but need to get back with the GM, I was in a BG avoiding the deadly DK deathcoil at the time!

So, now the line up is Darrowmere and Aerie Peak as BWL and Ysera are on hold for a bit.  

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