Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Exploring WoW

I have to commend Blizzards creativity on zones - I didn't really appreciate all the detail until I started poking around in the corners!  Some places I'd been before, but learning more about the lore and history has really enhanced my enjoyment . 

As I mentioned I'm actively pursuing the Explorer achievement for the title (it will be awhile as I've not stepped foot on Northrend and still 30% from level 70 for the flying mount!). But I've found some really interesting places that I'd never been before.

Bloodcurse Isle - Statue of Queen Azshara

Inhabited by naga (they use to be night elves way way back!) that love and worship Queen Azshara.  Which now makes so much sense as to why they're are so many in Azshara!!!

Azshara, Ravencrest Monument - a statue in honor of Lord Kurt'alos Ravencrest.

More naga - lol!! I actually find Azshara fascinating.  Mind you I hated it the first time I went and could not believe someone made such a horrid zone.  But having quested there a few times, I really like it.  It's challenging - just remembering how to get around - but no so hard as to be impossible.  

This is looking up at the Loch Modan dam from outside Grim Batol (Wetlands).

Stepping out on these rocks you have great views out over the Wetlands, but beware Grim Batol is heavily guarded by dragonflight (elites).

Exploring these areas, you can really see there is quite a bit of future expansion potential!  I'm hoping for something with the dragonflight and all the Emeral Dream portals!

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