Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Duel Boxing or Multi-Boxing

I've been playing with duel-boxing and find it to be alot of fun.  I dabbled in this is EQ2, and while it can be a bit harder, is definitely lots of fun!

I took one of my Death Knights and spent the weekend running instances to gear up a few of the gang.  They ran Dead Mines, Wailing Caverns, Blackfathom Deep and Stocks - a couple a few times. It's actually quite fun, and only one death on the last boss in WC as I wasn't paying attention to his aggro. So all the quest greens are being replaced by blues and we're getting lots of items for the Enchanter to d/e and cloth, ore's, etc.

As I have enjoyed this on a desktop/laptop combo - in a jury-rigged fashion (two keyboards, etc.) I knew there had to be better ways to duel-box. I googled duel boxing and found, so I've been studying that and have been working on trying to set up three-boxing. I've downloaded KeyClone and the addon Jamba. I've started 3 lvl 1 Mages to test the setup out tonight. I think it will take some work to get things running right. I also searched YouTube - lots of good videos there as well!

I know if I'm going to I want to play different classes, not 3 of a kind.  I don't have any goal of arena's, etc., it would be purely for my own entertainment!

I'm so tempted to try the 5 box, although I'm not sure my rig will take it - and I'm not sure how much I want to invest in another aspect of my addiction - lol!!!  But it's tempting.

We'll see . . .

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