Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WoW Twinks

I'm a closet twink lover.

I really admire the effort to twink a character, the amount of time and thought especially in the lower battleground brackets were your xp gain has to be really watched while getting the appropriate max level gear.

So, I'm going to try twinking.  Will it be a success - I doubt it - lol!  I'm not sure I have the discipline or inclination to be very obsessive about having every piece gear, etc.  Part of my 'problem' with WoW - I'm just not that gear oriented.  I like it to look good, and I want to be viable but to run an instance umpteen times to get a bracer or shoulder piece to drop - naaaa!  

We'll see!  

My chosen target for my attempt at twinking is Keggard a dwarf hunter.  I KNOW - TOO MANY HUNTERS!!  Well that's what I like to play so it would be pointless to twink something I would hate, no enjoy or dread playing!  

Keg's sitting right now at level 15.  I've been collecting his gear, enchants, working on fishing, he's started all the quests he needs to do to get the rest of the gear well before 19.  He's maxed his engineering for his goggles, working on mining (I think it should have gone to skinning though . . . /sigh!)

I still need one of the gang to get his libram for his head piece.  It's in the bank, just need to do it!

He has a hyena, Jack, to work with him and I have a gorgeous spider picked out on Bloodmyst Isle when he gets to level 18.  I'll see which I prefer for Warsong Gulch.  

Although, I've been told my pet will matter little - I'm not going to be playing on private servers or arenas - just the generic pug BGS.   

Bottom line, I know I'll pose no serious competition to the earnest twink community, but hopefully not get one-shot by them to often!  Through all my WoW playing I've noticed there are two types of players - the constructive critic and the obnoxious ones.  Unfortunately the obnoxious/rude one's seem to be prevalent on most servers!  I had one guy on a boat one day tell me how awful my gear was.  My first thought - no kidding.  Second how rude!  So we had a long debate about his living conditions (trailer park or parents basement, and about how closely his family was related to have such a lack of manners!).  Now I don't mind a hey I'm a hunter, you're a hunter you really need to be wearing xyz.  Or run this instance/do this quest info - yet I digress here.

So, along with the twink gear,  I need to get the thick skin for all the noob/scrub remarks from the 'real twinks' and insults from the people just passing through about how 'twinks' ruin BGs!

If someone is interested in twinking I would recommend these two sites.  

ArenaJunkies has good macro guides (they are aimed at obviously higher levels)

Everyone has to decide how far they will go to gain an advantage - I personally won't use some of the 'ways' people enhance their twinks. I find some things just a bit much and it borders on explotive if not bannable.  'Nuf said there.

We'll see how we do with this project!

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