Tuesday, February 17, 2009

89% to Level 70

Yes I'm at 89% to level 70 - use to be an achievement dinging 70, but now its just another level on the road to endgame . . . or so I'm told! I've been slowly leveling as there have been other things to do.
  • Farming low level leather for alts gear (SFK for leather and greens works well)
  • Running instances for the enchanter to have stuff to d/e (Why am I leveling an Enchanter I keep asking myself!!!)
  • Exploration - Eastern Kingdom almost done (STV left)
  • Farming mats for a few leather upgrades for Sithi (knothide/clefthide . . . argh)
  • Battlegrounds - they're definitely more fun when you're in the '9th level of a bracket! Even with the overabundance of Death Knights - which have really imbalanced BGs - I'm grinding AB/WG! Yes I said grinding (I normally enjoy BG's, but lately . . . argh), as I want the last two mounts for yet another achievement! I need 45 more AB marks and 24 more WG ones for those two. I repeat albino drake, albino drake while I play/die/play/die! Sitting at 35 mounts right now, with the flying ones to come!
I also had a lucrative pet selling business, until last week, with Kreliss, my horde shopper/bank as he went to toon heaven.  Having Krel buy and put on the neutral AH, buy and resell on the Alliance side started not to make money but to get the darn pets for the Pet Achievement (43 companions and counting!), but when I found out how much I could make and how easy . . . well its turned into a nice money-maker this past month on a second account! 

It also has been nice to access both sides AH - Darrowmere the low pop server I transferred to - is NOT Wildhammer by any means! But that's another long QQ post!  Between WoW's laggy performance and my fitful DSL line, there have been many #$%#$% moments!!!

Krel's other parting gift to my Alliance hunters - I ran all three over to tame Echaykee as I do think it's a pretty kitty and as it's a Horde only quest line to summon him, I tamed him on ALL three just in case!!!!

So here I sit at 89% to level 70.  I've been collecting gear and enchants for the day I ding.  Money's in the bank for flying skills and mounts.  But I want to finish the Explorer portion of Azeroth before dinging - flying will make Outlands easy to finish.

Then the decision - do all the Outlands quests or off to Northrend and save Outlands for later . . . decisions, decisions.

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