Tuesday, February 3, 2009

WoW Achievements

Way back when the achievements were announced I thought what a ripoff of Warhammer's ToK (Tome of Knowledge) as the ToK is a wonderful resource as well as a way to track your progress in the game, etc., I still feel WoW's achievements fall short of the ToK, but it is a nice record of your achievements for those of us that aren't all about arena/raiding!

I still wish WoW (and other MMO's) would have a 'quest completed' section like EQII has, as this is a nice record of all the quests you've done and you can quickly tell if you've exhausted quests in an area.

That said - I'm actively pursuing the following fun achievements -

  • Explorer (World Explorer gets the Explorer title) This is proving to be alot of fun and seeing areas that I hadn't before - separate post to come with some interesting screenies!
  • Ambassado of the Alliance (Exalted with all five races - the gnomes are killing me . . .62 rep per quest now - ARGH! 2000 to go!) Started this one only as I need the mechano-striders for the Albino Drake!
  • Leading the Cavalry (5o mounts and I get the albino drake - this has a new layer too - GAWD I'm behind things LOL!!!)
  • Shop Smart, Shop Pet ... Smart (they've increased this from 50 to 75 for the next achievement and I'm still sitting at 43!!!)
There are a bunch of other fun one's (Did Someone Order a Knuckle Sandwich, Its Happy Hour Somewhere, Master of Arms, Pest Control, Tastes Like Chicken, To All the Squirrels I've Loved Before) that are on the list too as I'm traveling about exploring the Azeroth classic world content. I mean to do a run through each dungeon too to knock out those acheivements - pick up a few BoE for alts too!

Gosh, I wonder if I'll ever see level 80 finding so many none leveling things to do - LOL!!!

Reference - WoW achievements

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