Monday, February 2, 2009

Back in WoW

Back to WoW! I've been having a ball the past few weeks - doing the not obvious. I've been busy on a PvE realm - now that is a wow of much easier. It's refreshing to NOt be looking over your shoulder all the time. The weird part though is questing next to the opposition . . . they can't kill me and I can't kill them without someone flagging. Just isn't normal - lol!!!

Other changes, I moved my alliance gang from Wildhammer/Shadowmoon to Scilla. Server lag, disconnects and (for me a new experience) instances being to busy - that was enough. Bliz offered free transfers to two low populations servers so I checked them out and though why not! I hadn't found a guild on Wildhammer that I truly clicked with and had primarily been slowly leveling my Sithi, (hunter) Keggard (hunter) and Greaf, (death knight). Keg I've been toying with twinking - what a job that is, but I've been collecting the gold and gear just in case. Sithi is 45% to level 70 and her flying mount! She's also 3000 rep points from Exalted with the Gnomes (what a grind that is!) to get her Ambassador title and buy those darn mechanostriders. (She wants an albino drake!)

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