Thursday, January 29, 2009

Continuing on in my adventures in LoTRO I've since started a Lore Master (Human), Burgler (Hobbit) and Champion (Dwarf) and have been enjoying the different start area quests. My first character (elf hunter) dinged 10 on Thursday, so I promptly logged into the as its known in LoTRO - the creeps and freeps pvp.

What a fun experience! I hadn't been in more than two minutes when I was invited to join a raid, so I did. Although my map was blank and I had no clue what a worg did or brought to the party, I was willing to give it a shot!   Playing a creep (monster side) you have a choice of orc, urak, worg or spider (one other I don't remember) and you are playing against the freeps (free people) in a huge valley with outposts, small settlements, huge keep type buildings and lots of hostile npcs! There are pve quests available as well as the endless battle to take or defend your turf!

Anyway, I took off on my warg - found out I could stealth too - w00t! and by constantly checking my map found the raid party. Most were seasoned and knew the opposition by name/sight. I killed one freep, but mostly died (alot)  or tried to help out/not get in the way! 

It was quite fun trying to take TA and to decypher the 'lingo' of the creeps!.  While we never achieved more than the bridges in this encounter, (a large freep party showed up) as  we were totally outnumbered it was still a good learning experience.

After the raid broke up I decided to go uncover my map. I found more quests and outposts. Lots of nasty NPCs, roaming bands of freeps and an awesome setting for this to take place! 

One quest bring back 10 hobbit legs made me giggle a bit (from the scene in the movie), but overall I found the pvp to be quite entertaining. 

Definitely different PvP than in other MMO's but quite fun. It definitely wouldn't feel like a grind as its a sizable area with plenty to do and with a healthy population of freeps and creeps in there!

I did go back again last night on my Warg to do a bit of pvp - apparently the hardcore freep pvp set was out as we were getting beaten up pretty badly for awhile! One small group of freeps tracked me across the map - three deaths to them the rats! All was fun though and definitely adds another enjoyable dimension to the game!

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