Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SWTOR a month out

 A guildmate asked recently if I was enjoying TOR (Star Wars the Old Republic), and I said yes and no.

There are aspects of TOR that I absolutely love - it's visually breathtaking and it feels like real worlds and huge cities (maybe should be more people running around), but the major cities look/feel like what you'd visualize futuristic or syfy cities would look like.

The worlds are gorgeous - even the Hutta kinda ugly ones - are amazing.  The overhead fighting, pollution on Corellia, the details are there and just fantastic.

Add to that the mini-cinematic cutscenes with awesome voice overs (I still want to track down a list of all the actors - my guild guesses alot of them!) and you can see where the money was spent on in TOR.  

The cutscenes are really cool, most of the time.  Some are a bit overdone, like when I have a cutscene with a rock, to watch a 30 second clip of the rock doing something. WTF???  That isn't immersive to me, that's disruptive.  The major quest chains and class quests are great, but every NPC. I guess I would have been happy with the dialog in the game, not a cutscene for every quest.  The class ones are definitely great, but a rock? /sigh

The story lines are fun and distinctly different for each class as well as based on the choices you make will affect how things turn out.  That's a bit fun and as I play with the dark/light point indicator off, I'm sometimes surprised at what I get dark or light points for.  I saved his life and get dark points? Why? lol