EQ2 Characters

Everquest 2

Grandmaster "Staranah" of Blackburrow
Race: Kerra
Class: Monk
Trade Skill: Provisioner
Deity: Quellious


My original character back in 2006 on the Blackburrow server.  Still leveling (2017) slowly, taking in the sights, crafting and decorating!  She finally redecorated her house at 4 Bayle after many many years.  She also inherited an island (Isle of Refuge) house to manage and another larger City/House she's using for the gang's warehouse of housing items.

Slayer "Nixiah" Marrs'Mercy Frostfell Fanatic
Race: Ratonga
Class: Bezerker
Trade Skill: Tailor
Deity: Mithaniel Marr

Nixia (now Nixiah with server merges), was my second character, the evil aligned side.  This was back when Ratonga were evil only and lived in Temple Street - the slummy side of Freeport.  She defected - back when it was hard and you got beatup leaving Freeport - to Qeynos and eventually settled in New Halas.  She's the Frostfell/Erollisi Day junky, loves those holiday, flowers and romantic stuff.  Also believes 100% in Mithaniel Marr.

She has a couple of Frostfell/Erollisi themed houses, including one work in progress one.

Tazneem of Innoruuk
Race: Dark Elf
Class: Necromancer

Trade Skill: Carpenter
Deity: Innoruuk
 Level 100

Taz is the carpenter, housing item supplier for the gang.  Originally from Neriak, she's now living overlooking the water in Freeport.  Still loyal to Queen Cristanos, she thinks Lucan is hot, go figure.

She maintains homes in all the 'evil' aligned cities, but loves her Freeport house the most.  Her ambitious project for 2017 to have one of every carpenter crafted items (well up to the 900 item limit), in her City of Mists housing.  We'll see how that goes!

Bithiya of Blackburrow

Race: Wood Elf
Class: Warden
Trade Skill: Alchemist
Deity: Karana

Bithiya has had a name change with the server merges, and I'm not exactly sure what it use to be.  Fourth in line for leveling time, she's been doing Agnostics with friends and leveling Alchemy.  Nature lover, her house looks like a garden.

Thief Sithii of Blackburrow
Deity: Bristlebane (may switch, doesn't quite suit her personality)

Sithii lives in Neriak, could care less about decorating, but loves to kill things and make jewelry.

Bishop Lyrill Polovinata of Rodcet Nife
Race: Half Elf
Class: Inquisitor
Trade Skill: Sage
Deity: Rodcet Nife

Ragehowler "Alayh" the Dream Hero
Race: Ratonga
Class: Beastmaster

Trade skill: Armorer
Deity: Brell Serillis


Knight "Sidthr" Bal'Dassare of The Nameless

Race: Freeblood
Class: Shadow Knight

Trade Skill: Weaponsmith
Deity: Anashti Sul

Savant "Danekah" the Zealous
Race: Aerakyn
Class: Illusionist
Trade Skill: Woodworker
Deity: Quellious

Other Characters testing (below 20).
Lanriyah, Troubadour Halaah Valeyah Teylisahi Ziyad Kitanyh Grynvir Sarenyh

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