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Can You Run It? (system check)







PWN University.com

Rock, Paper Shotgun




The Guild (webseries about gaming)

MMO Mounts

MMO Games specific sites

ArcheAge.com - XLGames
ArcheAge Furniture - Housing info
ArcheAge Online.com
ArcheAge Forum
ArcheAge Wikipedia
ArcheAge Wiki (Curse site)
ArcheAge Wiki (Wikia)
ArcheAage - Unofficial Tech Support (forum thread)
ArcheAge Database (english)
ArcheAge Reddit
ArcheBase (ArcheAge Builder)
ArcheAegis (news/guides - fishing)
ArcheAgeScene (fan site)
ArcheAge Roleplay
ArcheAge Archive (forum info, patch notes)
ArcheAge Efficient Logging (Spreadsheet)
Tree Planting 16x16
ArcheAge Daily
ArcheAge - Bee Keeping (Husbandry profession)
ArcheAge Beginners Guide (Killer Guides Blog)
ArcheAge Trade Profit Calculator
ArcheAge Interactive Map

BDO (Black Desert Online)

ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)
Elder Scrolls Online website
ESO Wiki
ESO Guide
ESOHead - database
TESO Elite
Elder Scrolls Online Info
ESO Forums
Tamriel Foundry - ESO Fansite
TESO Life - ESO Fansite
SpartanJesters - YouTube how to's
Interactive map of Tamriel
ESO Support - server updates
Alliance Campaigns - PvP
ESO Reddit
ESO Fashion - crafting
How To - Vampire
How To - Werewolf
ESO UIAdd ons

EQII (Everquest II):
EQ2 | Sony website
EQ2 Wire  
EQ2 Players
EQ2 Zam
EQ2 Interface (UI, mods)
EQ2 Zam Wiki
EQ2i Wikia
EQ2 Forums
EQ2 Flames
EQ2 TenTonHammer site
EQ2 Traders Corner (all things crafting)
Norrathian Homeshow forum (great links on housing/decorating)

GW2 (Guild Wars 2):
Guild Wars2.com
Guild Wars2 Guru
Guild Wars2 Hub
Guild Wars2 Junkies
GW2 Database
BandofBrothers - New Player Handbook 
Dragon Season - GW2 fansite
Insight GW2 (german)
GW2Guilds.org - guild database
Guild Wars 2 Journal
GW2 Mini games wiki
GW2 Tools 
GW2 Build.com
GW2 Build.org
GW2 WvW Community

GW2 Jumping Puzzle Guide

LoTRO (Lord of the Rings Online):
A Casual Stroll to Mordor Blog
LoTRO Combo Blog
LoTRO Crafting - Darzil's guide

Project Gorgon website
Project Gorgon Wiki

RIFT | Trion website
RIFT Forum
RIFT Server Status
End Game Guides - raids
Rift Watchers Blog
Telarapedia (Wiki)
Rift Zam
Rift Junkies
Rift Roleplayers
Aaron's Gaming Blog: Rift Raiding
Rift Collectors
Rift Craft
KF Guides (puzzles)
Rift Nerd
Dun Sparrow (rogue info)
Rift Wardrobe (wiki - gear & dye info)
The Planar College (outdated? - Artifact info)
Rift Watchers Blog (outdated?)
Rift Dimensions - all things housing
Rift Scene

SoTA (Shroud of the Avatar):
Shroud of the Avatar
SoTA Stratics
SoTA Museum

SC (Star Citizen)
Roberts Space Industries
CIG Forum Links:
 Package Re Sale Policy
 Customer Service FAQ
 The Star Citizen Economy
 Ship Components Systems
 Account/Character Naming System Update
 Ship's Insurance
 Instanced Battles & Game Play
 In Game Physics
Pirating Info Thread

SWTOR (Star Wars - The Old Republic):
SWTOR  - F2P, Preferred and Subscription differences - Reddit
SWTOR - Galactic Timeline (video)
Swtor Datacrons (wiki): http://swtor.wikia.com/wiki/Datacron
Swior-spy.com - database - companions, datacrons, etc.
Swtor Top Blogs
Swtor Crew Skills
Swtor Credit Guru
Dulfy's Healing Corner (other MMO's too)
Tor Fashion - Fashion & Armor
TOR Companion Crafting Skills

Repop (The Repopulation)
The Repopulations main site
The Repopulation Wiki
Repop Forum MMORPG

TSW (The Secret World):
The Secret World | Funcom website
TSW Wiki
The Secret World Uncovered
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - TSW
FunCom YouTube Channel
FunCom News
FunCom Store
FunCom Community Site
The Deck Builder
Kingsmouth Quests Walkthru (spoilers)
Crafting Guide (TenTonHammer)
Sephoras Closet - clothing info
Bad Omen:  Calculators
TSW Loot Table
TSW Guides - Instance Guides
Yokai's Guide to Talismans
Gear Calculator: Combining Talismans
Mission Checklist per zone
Raithwood's Crafting Guide
Unfair.co - the most varied info for quests, rare spawns, instances, lore
TSW Geography - World Map
TSW Chronicles - Leaderboards

WoW (World of Warcraft):
Are We New At This 
BlizzPro's Warcraft
Blog Azeroth
Blue Posts MMO Champ
Crafters Tome
El's Extreme Anglin' - fishing
Elitist Jerks
Icy Veins
Instances by Level 
MapWow - Google type map
MMO Champion 
MogMyGear - gear transmogrify site
Noxxic - gearing info
Petopia - hunter pets
Warcraft Battle Pets
Warcraft Mounts 
WoW Digs - Archeology site
World of Warcraft | Battlenet
WoW Icon List
Wow Transmogrify
WoWHead database
WoW Prospector - ore prices by server
WoW Insider
WoW Professions - leveling guides
WoW Jewelcrafting (Prospecting gems) Guide
WoW MoP - Guide to Heirlooms
WoW Archeology Guide
WoW Wiki
WoW Wiki universe guide
WoW Companion Pet Search
ShadowPriest PvP 

WoW (Vanilla) Private Server - Elysium-Project

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