Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Secret World Companion Pets

TSW (The Secret World) has a variety of companion pets available in game.  They do not offer any stat benefit (there are a few that do for the first few levels in Kingsmouth), but are a fun, fluff addition while traveling through the world.

Most are purchased in the Item Shop and range in price 300-700 points ($3-7), a few are available as veterans rewards and quest rewards.

I haven't purchase all of them (I have 15 so far), the ravens remind me to much of an oddly colored seagull and the owls, well a tad boring.

My favorite Draug Lord Puppy.  He has a few cute animations as well as just being cute!

(Ferocious Wolf - Veterans Reward only as of 03/13)

Hatchling - End of Days World Event reward

Jade Mouser - Halloween competition reward

 (Loyal Hound - Pre-order bonus purchase, now available in the item shop)

(Pharoah Hound - Veterans coin purchase)

** Missing photos from the World Event pets Nermegal and Quetzel Bird

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