Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Back in WoW

I've been playing more WoW (World of Warcraft) as of late after taking over Team Lead for the Hammerfist Clan guild.

HFC is a casual multi-gaming guild that only started in WoW July of 2012, so yeah, we're a late start to the MMO of MMOs!

The guild is pretty slow paced and primarily a place for the Clan members to hangout and play when they need their WoW fix, as we all do from time to time. We haven't really determined what the goal of the guild is - end game, pvp, leveling - and with the plethora of new games out there to spend our time/money on it's been a slow process figuring this out.

But I'm enjoying being back in WoW regardless.  Over the past few months I've moved a number of toons over, deleted/rerolled a few others, so I have quite a selection in the guild now from level 85 (Sassrani)  down to resently re-rolled Ziboo level 16.

There is one more to go, as the Night Elf druid is likely to go to toon heaven and reroll as either an Undead Hunter, Mage or Warrior or an Orc.

Sithi and Frothe (my original Alliance) can't be turned to Horde so will stay as they are.

Ziboo (Rogue) went from a cute gnome to goblin

Greaf (Death Knight)

Ifari (Shaman)

Lyril (Paladin)

Biya (Hunter)

 Sidthr (Druid)
   >>>>     ???

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