Friday, February 22, 2013

Last Train to Cairo - TSW Issue #6

The Secret World Issue #6 should be ready to play the beginning of March.  It's bringing some changes to TSW along with the new mission in Egypt.

The darkness in Egypt is ancient and its malevolent tendrils work tirelessly to spread their influence across the world. Issue #6; The Last Train to Cairo, will call upon you to contain this dire threat once again.
In this update you will play through a new, deep and revealing story within Egypt. Travel back in time to unearth powerful artifacts which can help you in the future, and see how the wondrous locations of The Scorched Desert looked in ages past.
Enjoy the Issue #6 cover here, and read more details about the upcoming content below.

As exciting as the new Issue quest will be, I think I'm equally excited by the new Auxiliary Weapon - the whip!  It sounds very Indiana Jones and fun.  DPS, buff or cc - sounds interesting!

A new 10 man raid can be started from items dropped in Lairs.  Set in the South Pacific this is a new adversary.

Veterans will be getting rewarded with Issue #6 as well with new points rewards to purchase useable items.  Recruiting will also give points in this system.

PvP is getting a ranking system.  Rank up and receive new tokens to buy new PvP gear (uniforms).

What I didn't read was the hoped for changes to the Cabal Management.  It's still dreadful (I had hoped for some creative person to write an addon that worked for it!).

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