Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Great news for The Secret World Veterans!

 TSW announced today on their forum changes to the Shop and how Veterans points will be distributed.

Shop Changes and the Veteran System

Hi guys,

I am back from my recent trip to Montreal with some exciting news regarding the shop and the Veteran System. More information regarding the restructuring process at Funcom will be in my next Game Director Letter, which should be out some time this week. But this is the less formal place for me to talk a little bit about some upcoming shop changes and the Veteran System.

Shop Changes
Later today, we will be rolling out account-wide unlocks for pets in the store. We will expand this system to clothing as we move forward, but consider this the first step towards that. I would like people to report any bugs with the system.

You will be able to pay 25% more on top of the base cost of any pet to unlock it for all characters on an account. If you have purchased the pet on any other character before, you will only be charged the cost difference at the time of purchase (25% of the sale price) to unlock it across accounts.

Once the pet has been unlocked it can be claimed from the Delivered Items screen.

Veteran System

Still nailing down the final details of the system, but it will essentially work as an alternate currency which can be used to purchase veteran system items in the store.
Every month of subscription earns you Veteran Points.
Purchasing a subscription period provides you the veteran points for the period immediately (so a 6 month subscription purchase will provide 6 months of points).
Grand Master players will be awarded Veteran Points on the same day that they receive bonus points each month.
Here is a preliminary list of veteran items which will be available:
- Auto repair consumables - automatically repairs all gear when consumed
- Combat Dummy (faction flavoured) which can be summoned anywhere and used to get accurate DPS reports. We will create a healing version if we can script it.
- Veteran outfits/titles/pets
- Portable Bank/AH/Mail consumables and permanent item
- Secondary conduit/ region teleport
- Mission Cooldown reduction consumable

We are aiming to have the system in place for the launch of Issue #6.

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