Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dragon's Prophet

Dragon's Prophet a new MMO from Runewaker Entertainment (makers of Runes of Magic), but will be published by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) here in North America.  Runewaker has began it's European testing with friends and family, while SOE is taking sign ups for the North America closed beta on the Dragon's Prophet NA website.

Here's the video from SOE announcing Dragon's Prophet last Fall.

Set in the world of Auratia (the video's and screenshots look amazing), there are eight (ten?) dragon races with different abilities.

According to the DP website there are 300 unique dragons in the game. You get a dragon early in the game, and are able to tame others for their different abilities.  The dragon's are how you get your 'stats', so depending on which dragon you use will affect your abilities.

There are four human civilizations and a few sub-human ones from what I've been able to find so far.

The four 'classes' of DP include (subject to change):
  • Dragon Blood Gladiator
  • Long Shadow Ranger
  • Long Interest Alchemist
  • Long Encyclical Apostle

Housing and the Frontier System which is supposedly completely customizable, with players being able to build their own unique housing, while guilds will be able to build large scale kingdoms.

These are set in specific areas and involve a PvP element, although your own home will be exempt from PvP and any destruction.

The best information I could find was on MMORPG Forum about Dragon's Prophet -  it is from November 2012, but is quite detailed in the feature list for the game.

There's a FAQ regarding Dragon's Prophet F2P model on the website.

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