Tuesday, July 19, 2016

WoW's Legion Pre-Expansion 7.0 live

Pre-Expansion is live.

Time to learn how to play again with new abilities, builds and rotations, etc.

Time to reload or stop using the add ons that are broke until they're updated..

Time to explore the changes!

As my bank and bags are a mess - I can't remember the last time I used the default bags - and I need to learn all new everything.  I thought a better use of time today (to avoid the moaning in the chat channels!), take a tour and see how the "View" distance actually looks.

It's pretty amazing, to be able to see so much.  As the game was a bit laggy, I only snapped a few pics.

Looking out over the North Barrens and towards Orgimmar

The Stormwind Park is finally repaired (slow workers).

Blackrock Mountain can now be seen from Stormwind, smoldering in the distance.

You can see all the way to Westfall from Stormwind.

Found this pic too - the original Demonhunter!  Just a remind of what's coming.....

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