Friday, May 8, 2009


The WoW Achievements when they first came out seemed like a total knock-off of the Warhammer ToK (Tome of Knowledge) - which is awesome in itself. Being able to track your progess through every aspect of the game is fantastic, but I digress. The WoW achievements I've grown to find amusing, fun and irritating at the same time.

Some are funny, some are so 'come on donkey the carrots in front of you' and we all chase that darn carrot! One of the ones I've been lusting after for months is the albino drake from the mount achievement Leading the Cavalry. The next one is the Mountain o' Mounts and the Blue Dragonhawk (Red for Horde).

This is Sithi's newest mount the Swift Zhevra getting her a step closer!

I do want this albino drake, but haven't actually been working that hard to get it. Sithi is sitting right now at 40 mounts. If we grind out rep with the Kurenai and the artisan riding skill we'll make that easily. Now to stop spending money on the alts!

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