Sunday, May 3, 2009


I'll admit it - I have a serious love/hate relationships with Death Knights!

They have proven to be fun to play (finally realize why so many people have Paladins!), but ZOMG learning a good strategy to kill them with different classes.

My poor hunter was a ping pong ball in many battlegrounds until I developed a strategy.  If there is more than one run or prepare to die!  If there is only one and we can get the jump on
 him, trapping, staying at range, a good tanking pet, shot rotation and luck and we stand a chance!  Even if we die, I want that DK to think twice about trying to kill a hunter!

This is about Death Knights though.  

Blizzard (IMHO) did a great job with the DK's start area.  I love how the environment changes as the world progresses.  I don't know how they do that as you're not alone in an instanced environment like Tortage in AoC the night versus day setting.  The quest chain is linear but progresses quickly - nothing is difficult to accomplish.  The worst part I've had is too many DK's trying to complete certain parts so you have to wait.  

The ending cinematic - I found interesting and fun, especially the first time - I lie I liked it so well I deleted a DK to do it again just to show someone else the mini-drama.

As is my way, alt-aholic that I am,  I have a number of DK's.  They're all spec'd unholy as I did try Blood but it was not a comfortable fit at all.  I'm enjoying the AoE killing, although admittedly Blood kills single targets faster.  As for Frost haven't even attempted that.

Currently, I am two-boxing a pair of Blood Elves and a Human/Gnome pair.  I originally made them to run the some of the lower toons to gear them up with no intent of leveling, but they're proving to be fun to play on their own, so I've been spending some time on them.

The BElves have progessed a bit further along, completing Hellfire Pennisula, while the Alliance pair have mostly been running instances, collecting achievements and enjoying the recent World Events.  The speed which the two can get through content is amazing.  As I'm still new to multi-boxing, I'm still working out macros/keybindings but with DK's in general things die so fast it's hardly a worry.  Another nice thing, other than a level 80, they're fairly immune to attack traveling together - what a difference from the constant worry of a Shadow Priest or Hunter soloing content!

Here are the ladies - Biya and Greaf with their favorite trainer

This is Greaf post new hairdo's - had to get that achievement completed!  Landrel's photo didn't turn out, just an explosion of light with the achievement.

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  1. "I don't know how they do that as you're not alone in an instanced environment "

    They called it phasing or something. Much like what happens in Stormpeaks as you begin completing the long quest chain for Sons of Hodir.