Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lagging, d/cing and other fun

This week has been horrific in the lag department - 4-1oK ms at various times.  A phone call to ATT - whom I love in a very raging postal way - told me nothing was wrong but that I needed to let my modem rest!  Excuse me?  The new modem needs a nap?
According to the ATT tech, in fact my DSL modem does need a 1-2 hour nap for every 8 hours of use.  I told him that was the first I'd heard that, but he should put out a company wide memo to the other reps so they could be as well as informed as he was!  I swear, the last ding-dong told me I had lag as too many people used electricity in he evening.  Huh?  Phone line/electricity are competing now?  I guess the b.s. works on most people.  I'm surprised my ATT file isn't flagged with incoming @#%% on the phone, send to thickskinned rep that actually knows something.

We've tried rebooting PC's, unplugging the modem, resetting it, checking the firewall, removed the WTF files from WoW, deleted extra UI addons - all to know avail.   I'm going to buy two ethernet cables to see if that will make a difference (I don't see how but I'm willing to give it a try!).

I'm truly un-thrilled with this as the only reason I moved to Darrowmere from Wildhammer was to escape the lag and now this!!!  Not that it's a bad server, but the AH is miserable and the population - you can be in most areas and rarely see anyone - except for world events.  It wouldn't have been my choice if I had known the lag would follow.

The D/cing has been awful too.  BG's are unplayable as you never know when you'll d/c, same for any advanced questing/instances - tired of coming back to a corpse!  So, I've been dinking around reorganizing everyone.  I moved Sithi to the second account, so she can now level with two death knights (safety in numbers in Northrend!), use the RAF grant levels to level up Zadril (now 31), Sassii(now 24) and a new warrior Deva (17).  

Nothing funnier than a warrior at level 17 in starting area gear!  Deva was an accident anyway - I thought I clicked on paladin, but with the lovely lag ended up with a warrior at level 17 before I noticed!  Now I have a definite L2P with Deva as I've never played a warrior in WoW.  My two main characters in Eq2 were a Berserker(tank)  and a Monk (meleee dps) so it shouldn't be to difficult, just something new to learn!

I have 10 more day with my RAF bonus xp, etc., so I want to take advantage of that.  Everyone that I solo play will be sitting for a bit while I work on the groups.  Hopefully get the druids into the 40's or higher.  Too many toons so little time.

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  1. Yeah I have noticed some issues lately. Lag has been spikey on our server, but the fps have been god awful. I would have blamed my system, but upgraded it. Then after this last patch, something changed and my fps seems to be back up to tolerable levels.

    The joy of playing a game online I suppose. Good luck with the lag.