Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The gang

It's been 15 day +/- since I last wrote anything. I've been reading to many 'blog' how-to's which kind of freezes you in place wondering why do I write and how boring am I?

Anyway the WoW gang -

The Alliance. I'm still playing them the most, much to the dismay of my Horde friends.

Sithi -
Working on the Kurenai rep still. How many ogre's does a night elf have to kill to get a Talbuk? Apparently alot! Argh! At least the drop on the darn necklace has been fairly good, as well as the stacks of netherweave that will help pay for all the talbuk mounts!! As Sithi's just shy of 73 they're still green so some XP too! The albino drake gets closer! I'm really contemplating leveling her to 80 as I want to try the tournament so badly, I can almost taste it!

I've been combining this very boring/tedious task with the daily Fishing and Cooking quests along with a few other Outland dailies. It breaks up the Ogre slaughter.

Sithi is also, only 3 pets shy of the 50 pets achievement too. And only Northrend left for the Explorer title. Finished the 'It's Happy Hour...' one after reading drink 25, didn't mean alcohol. The coffee seller in Lower City was the ding!

I've also with all Sithi's exploring, found an appreciate for Netherstorm. Sassi never went past Area 52 and did no questing there, so it's a totally new area to me. The pink is overwhelming at times, but I love it in general, especially after Blades Edge, which I hate. The sharpness and dead dragons - one of my least favorite places. It makes Hellfire and the dang fel reavers seem fun!

Now the question, quest there to level, or save it for money later after 80 questing? I'll probably quest as it's dead empty! I don't think I've even seen anyone Horde or Alliance in Netherstorm, Blades Edge or Shadowmoon at all. Call me weird, but I'm going to see all those areas before Northrend! It will be there, just full of more 80's waiting to kick my butt out of boredom -lol!!!

The Druids are stalled out at 33/34 as I've been working Miss Sithi. Gifted the RAF levels to Zadril she's almost 33 now and now have a brand new level 17 warrior, Deva wearing starting gear - lol. I've never played a warrior so thought another class to learn.

I've been doing Warsong Gulch with Keg, he's not fully twinked, but close. It's fairly enjoyable, even getting beat by far better hunters, I'm having fun! He's trying to get the Arena Grand Master, but only has one AM now, as it is an achievement now, so Gurubashi is filled with level 80's most of the time. He was opening the chest and received the first two items before the serve shutdown, so no joy on a second AM. I have him living there as all he does otherwise is WG.

Took Frothe in a BG too. I haven't played anything but a hunter or shadow priest in PvP in so long it felt weird. She did okay considering she's only a level 14 LOL!

Had the three Death Knights running thru Hellfire - boy does that go fast with three of them! I do have to say a gnome is a PvP magnet. A Horde DK attacked Greaf, while I was loading Jeall and Landrel. Bad idea as the blood elf went down fast. LOL! She never rezzed either once all three were loaded and standing over her body.

I've also been spending time with various low toons in Wailing Caverns getting gear for them, and collecting deviate scales for Sithi. The belts sell well on the alliance side for twinks.

Finally broke down and bought the Deviate Fish recipe for 500G on the neutral AH. It's been 1-2K on the alliance side. Considering the fish sell for 2g each, it will make $$ long term. Found fishing inside WC she fished up 40-45% deviate fish and no worry about a lvl 80 beating her up while she fishes. For some weird reason, I've actually been enjoying fishing as of late. Maybe it's the changes to fishing up junk versus nothing or travelling all over to level. Although I do love to fish the pools of debris, like finding a chest - lol!

The Horde side -

I have been on there a bit. I even was in vent the other day - lol! I have a hard time just popping in if I'm not playing. Just seems like cheating or something, especially if I'm playing alliance seems wrong to be in the horde vent!

Actually took Sassi out and working on the explorer title for her. A few Azeroth areas left, Outlands is done. She's actually now 6% towards level 71!!! I'm not hating it, but not loving playing her either!

I did work on the hunter gang. Started a new one for the 19's on the horde side. Actually two, a blood elf and an orc, although the orc will likely be the one I'll use. BE's I like to play, but they're a bit weak at that level.

How is that for a bit of a rambling state of the toons! LOL

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