Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I thoroughly enjoy Battlegrounds (BGs) in World of Warcraft as I’ve mentioned before. It’s one part of WoW that keeps me playing.

Sass played so many I maxed honor 2x and that was with a full set of PvP gear, mounts and other 'stuff'. Keg is a blast to play, even in the 10-19’s dominated by rogues and hunters, as a hunter, I’m still enjoying him.

As, I wanted to try another class, I looked through the cast of characters and decided to level my warlock -

Enter Frothe!
Cute as a button, pink pigtailed gnome warlock that I made back in 2007. She was created during Brewfest on my second attempt at WoW, (the first way back in 2004/5 I hated the game!)

Why a pink haired gnome warlock? To annoy my "Horde onto death" daughter that crosses continents to kill gnomes. What better way to have lively family debate then to roll a gnome?

Frothe did Brewfest (dinged level six and has her wolpertinger), I ended up rolling another Horde character (a mage), so Frothe had a long nap!

Until two months ago.

I started researching what was involved with a warlock (seriously no clue on how you got soul stones at that point or what was this drain mana/life thing), but I figured she was sitting around – how many hunters could I play anyway? No comment - I'll incriminate myself!

Soooo, we redid her professions to engineeringfor the goggles and minor recombobulator and herbalism for the lifeblood buff. She's ran instances (DM, WC and BFD) and 'discovered' areas she'd need prior to level 19. She's still in need of a different weapon, but the staff is not dropping and the enchants she needs are not readily available (may have to level an enchanter just to do them!).

After playing Horde primarily, I'm really get a kick out of playing a gnome - a true PvP magnet! I'm learning how to play a warlock and I’m sure by warlock standards I’m pretty laughable, but she’s doing okay in BG’s so far, as well as out in the world!

Unfortunately, Frothe, like Keggard, is doomed to be an unfinished twink for a few reasons.

Mostly, I'm not sure I'm that dedicated to twinking - are there casual twinkers? I view the twinking a bit like raiding from some of the things I read. While I admire the dedication of raiders and twinkers, I'm not sure that interests me! I’m just not that hardcore.

There are also, obstacles to overcome.
  • No level 80 to get the BoA (bind on account) gear
  • Enchants she needs are hard to come by as in unavailable or outrageously priced.
  • AGM (Arena Grand Master) trinket is now an achievement, so Gurubashi is populated with many level 80’s
  • Sunday is not a day I play much WoW, takes the fishing tourney out(no hat/no boots!) let alone compete in it!
We’ll keep plugging away at getting her enchants, and staff, but the rest may not ever happen!

Frothe, like Keg, is holding her own – minimal deaths and high up on the dps/kills scoreboard. I even forced her/me to carry the flag once. LOL! I have no talent in that direction nor desire, but she did it.

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