Friday, June 26, 2009

Busy Day

Sithi finally bought the sandels to complete the outfit - just to do a pole dance achievement! She did the King of the Fire Festival last summer solo at level 40-50. Playing both sides helps to know the different city's layout and had honored/desecrated most of the fires too. It was sweet when Bliz reset to get to do them again! Definitely enjoy the XP and $$!

The achievement that I'm sure will be /fail for Sithi - throwing torches. I haven't tried it yet, but going to. I'm sure it will be a frustrating and irritating experience!

Sithi's Battle-bot pet seems to have taken some growth hormones! I don't know why it was so large, do they grow? I couldn't find a 'normal' size one to compare or fight!

While questing through Borean Tundra I got a whisper to do a Kara run. As I was getting ready to take a break from Wow-ing, I declined and wished them well.

Breaks over. I really need to get the current flavor-of-the-month raid pet a wolf as I keep getting whispers for instances and the gorilla isn't the ideal pet.

Petopia time as I'm not overly thrilled with the Northrend wolves at least what I've seen! Level appropriate but a bit on the ooglie side for me. The one in Hinterlands, the rare spawn Old Cliff Jumper - that's the ticket! It won't look like every other wolf, if I have to have a wolf.

Off to The Hinterlands!

Stop in Aerie Peak at the Stable Master with the Gorilla. Storage problem - two cats and a wasp. The next slot 150g and I'm saving for flying. The cats (I don't really need two, but....), boot the wasp! Store the gorilla, grab the wasp and off we go to find the Jumper!

Note to self: You are on a PvP server at a time when lots of the opposition are running around. Not a good idea to stand around reading wowhead notes on new pet while out in the open with pet on PASSIVE!!!! Death by warrior - argh! My fault - hunters can see them coming so know excuses except stupid!


What? The Jumper is on a 10-16 hour span timer? Back to Petopia. Ah Ironjaw! I always did like the look of that one in Terrokar Forest, the same model at Halycon in Black Rock Depths - the gianormous one - and it's a rare model too.

A lovely trip later - Dalaran-Shat-Terrokar off on my bird to get Ironjaw! Find him, dismiss the wasp, trap 'n tame. New wolf pet. Now I need a good wolfish name. Feed him - we need to level him 5 levels as he's only level 70. Hearth is not up, so Shadowmoon is just a hop over the mountains. Off we go.

As I'm landing in Shadowmoon, I get a whisper. Can you come to Kara now? (same group) We need DPS. Hmmm, I've never been. How bad can it be? If it is I can leave! So, I agree. I wanted to get back to town to restock arrows, food - no come now! What pet do you want? We don't care. Oh joy! Well the wolf can go then. That's why I got him, right?

Off to Kara! They're right befor Curator. This is a PUG, level 70-80 DKs, pallys, locks, one mage and me. Okay! The pally that was tanking is no healing as one healer left. The RL says he'll tank (70 DK). Do you need any CC? No just DPS. So away we go. Wipe one on all the adds with Curator. Back up. Adds down, Curator down.

Free rolls on gear - w00t! I win the gloves. If I'd known my PvP set were better I would have passed, but hey I'm a noob raider and totally ignorant on gear! : P

We take down Terestian Illhoof and again win!!! Girdle of the Prowler Nice! Time to start passing on stuff!

We're going along well until we meet Shade of Aron who nicely kicked us to the curb. The raid basically fell apart then as they'd been at it for quite a long time.

So, for a first raid and a pug at that - not bad! No screaming or whining which is a rarity - lol!!! Especially as we were not in vent.

Still need to name the wolf though!

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