Friday, June 26, 2009

Dalaran at last!!!

Sithi's finally in Dalaran. It's been a long six months waiting to go, but I wasn't going to have this new city adventure ruined! I've been avoiding all things Northrend, as I wanted the surprise and fun exploring a new area without commentary!

Shattrath was so anti-climatic after having my hearth there for 40+ levels. But I didn't know any better, the guild were helping me - a total nooblet. Now as irritating and as slooow as it can be, all characters take the boats/zeps/birds around until they can go through the portal at level 58!

None with hearth in Dalaran until they do the quest either. I know weird, but that's the way it will be!

Travel will be a moot point soon since patch 3.2 there will be a direct route to the dark portal from Org/SW with a direct flight to Shattrath on the other side.

Personally, I've enjoyed that heart-thumping ride though Outlands as a new level 58. I would have loved to go through the portal for the first time when Outlands was fresh and new - it would have been fantastic! Now it's a maniac ride -
  • Hoping the flying gankers don't notice me.
  • Hoping I don't aggro ever beastie on the way and get dismounted.
  • Hoping not to get stepped on so many times by the Fel Reaver this time
It's such a relief to finally reach Shattrath - but oh so fun!

The downside to Dalaran - lag and d/c time! My PC froze every time Sithi took a step. Four freezes later, I went to the forums. Delete your cache, move the WTF and Interface files. Try again. No joy! I finally deleted off all the games I'm not playing (backed up to external HD), did a disk cleanup and defragged and that seemed to work.

Tried it on low settings, with the standard UI - all works. Relog with normal - a bit choppy down to 22-25fps at times, but at least I have my UI!!!!

As for Dalaran! Wowzers! I really like the city. Pretty, easy to get around and the layout is great. It's all there but some things are hidden so you're forced to explore. If Bliz can get it to be a bit more stable it will be perfect.

So Sithi is at home in Dalaran. She's already working the daily cooking & fishing quests. She's closing the gap to cold weather flying (short on cash at the moment so being industrious!! Level 77 will bring artisan and cold weather flying along with the albino drake! I'm so excited for that!

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