Friday, April 3, 2009

Sick so playing at a minimum

Go figure, gorgeous weather and I somehow have the flu or a cold - wtf!!!!  I'm so not thrilled it's scary.  Drinking TheraFlu as I'm out of those tongue tabs and not willing to get dressed enough to look human and go to the store.  Argh!

All I've done today is read blogs (you can spend so much time reading other people's writing - lol!)  I've accomplished zero.  I guess after I force down this TheraFlu I should find something to eat.  

As for WoW - 
The third Druid is finally 20, yeah!  So they can all group together again, although there is still 6 levels between them - its closer!  

Sithi dinged 71 questing in Northrend came back to SW and forgot I was PvP flagged from there so got killed by a DK and pally in the harbor - I'm still getting use to the UI and the PvP flagging just isn't as obvious as I'm use too!

I did the questline that starts from kill Van Cleef with my DK and the druid that hadn't done it - dumped the hunter (didn't check that she could do it too - drat being sick!) and did that questline for the umpteenth time!  Now the hunter needs to do it again - I think I'll wait until another character needs it as well and do them both at the same time.  The hunter, Treja, has been thinking of a new pet (she has a boar - Moira), but hasn't picked one yet.

I haven't even been doing any $$ on the AH the past few days - brain function is not there!

I logged in for a few minutes last night.  I love this game!  Absolutely love everything about it, except SOE's lack of character slots!  A max of seven just doesn't work for me.  I want to try a different server, but the thought of AGAIN killing one of my carefully crafted characters to do so - not going to happen!  So, I log in, realize I don't have an interest in playing my two mains (both tanks go figure!), or leveling the others at this moment, so log out without doing anything.   I do have access to three accounts (two closed at the moment), so could play one of them on a different server, but haven't yet.  

Why I haven't been /gkicked this past year speaks for the quality of those people.  They're all wonderful and kind and fun to play with. 

My subscription comes up on May and I'm not sure if I'll renew or not.  I've always paid EQ2 annually, sooooo . . .    I guess I have some decisions to make this month!

I guess being sick is giving me full license to be whiny!

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