Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Northrend . . . better late, right?

Okay, I've been dragging my feet about going to Northrend.  Honestly I don't know why, maybe the mad dash to 80 that everyone felt had to be accomplished in 2 hours or less after launch!  All I know is I've had no desire to go.

I lie.  I did take my Shadow Priest to Howling Forde and parked her in the building there about two months ago!  And I did see Dalaran while at the TCG back in early March, but otherwise - I'm prolonging the mystery of Northrend!  I've heard about the zones, but have pointedly avoided reading or researching anything as I want it to be new and fresh.

So, . . . Sithi, my hunter, took the plunge last night.  She jumped on the boat in Stormwind and set sail.

Why last night - I'm not sure. Likely the joy of having my DSL line back instead of dialup on a laptop for the past week had something to do with it!  I've been stuck for a week solo playing easy, meaning no lag areas, on my laptop on DIALUP!!!  At least the guild bank is cleared out, and all the lower level characters on Darrowmere have been leveling their skills. Very boring though.  I digress . . .

First impressions of Northrend - very nice job Blizzard!  I like what I've seen so far.  The transitions from zones, the zones themselves (Grizzly Hills is graphically is quite pretty), etc.  The quests so far seem very easy though.  I was hoping for something a bit more difficult, but it's cool - too easy in a start area is probably a good thing rather than so difficult you can't complete them!  I did a few quests than decided to go take a tour (I'm a WoW explorer in the worst way), and made it all the way from Borean Tundra to the Howling Forde area . . . I don't know how as I refused to 'unfog' the map, but it was a nice tour.  I did get a few flight paths, saw no Horde (a good thing at 70), and didn't see too many things Sithi and Holiday couldn't have handled . . . okay solo mobs at least!  

The funniest thing (I'm known for this in every guild and among all gamer friends) I fell off the cliff near Utgarde and died.  Trying to find my corpse I discovered the Alliance dock - lol - so took res sickness and swam back to the dock!  Pathetic way to locate things!

The bad part with my random wandering, few of the flight paths connect so more travelling will be in order.  That is a good thing.  I'm looking forward to seeing ALL of Northend without benefit of knowing where I'm going.

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