Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stress Relief

I think everyone has either ran a guild or been an officer in one.  I inherited a guild in EQ2 after being a senior officer.  I really started to hate the responsibility as making sure everyone else is happy takes away from actually playing, or so I found.  In WoW, I've always declined any officer or leadership roll for that reason.  I want to play and not worry who needs what, can I have that in the bank, why do we have these rules, can you run me now, so and so in mean, whisper, whisper, whisper about so and so . . . can the drama and b.s. - I want to have fun period!  I need drama there is plenty in everyday RL - thank you very much!

So, when I first started playing Alliance, I chose Wildhammer as it was a busy server and after playing horde on Blackwing Lair primarily and to a lesser degree on Onxyia (with a RL friend) both medium to low pop servers, I wanted one that was busy and full of activity!

I played on Wildhammer most of 2008, was in a couple or so guilds with different characters, some good, some not so good!  The biggest issue I had with Wildhammer was its an East Coast server (I live WC), and the horrid lag/disconnects that were getting more frequent.  I mean how busy can it be at 11:30 at night that I'm still disconnecting?

Long story short, when Blizzard offered free server transfers to a less populated server, my thinking no wait to log in, no disconnects, no instances are full messages, so decided it would be time to move the gang (9 of them at this point).  I did a bit of research and decided on Scilla. Well apparently so did alot of other people!  Scilla went from (all I heard/read) a tight-knit community to an explosiong of new bodies, login waits of up to 45 minutes and very angry Scillians not happy with Blizzard or the immigrant population!  

It was two or three days later Blizzard offered another round of free server transfers, so did the research again and thought - ah ha!  A West Coast server that is physically located on the West Coast should hopefully solve the lag issue, so chose Darrowmere.  I had a few doubtful moments looking at the AH economy as Darrowmere's is dismal at best,  most definitely was NOT Wildhammer, but figured it be better than Scilla.  So off the gang went!

After the gang was moved, and I had added a second account, I thought about the benefits of a guild and had one of those duh moments of why not make a guild to take advantage of the guild bank!  

So Stress Relief was born!

Poor Ziboo (banker/gm/manager of the crew) set out to gather the needed signatures and start the guild.  It didn't take long, but boy do you feel horrible asking for signatures (I paid 2g each to get it over with!).  The tabard designed is fairly feminine keeping with a guild dominated by female toon.

The guild name I thought, while not original was perfect.  Stress Relief it's why I play - lol!!

Here's the guild as it stands now (and yes I play all of them! How is that for alt-itis!!!)

Ziboo, level 2 banker/gm gnome rogue.  She keeps everything organized and works the AH.  She's basically chained to Ironforge, but has taken a few sightseeing trips to the major Alliance cities (and has a pretty dress from the Lunar Festival.

Hunters (my favorite class by far!)
Sithi, night elf hunter, 70.  Leatherworker 340/skinning 435 is the first Alliance character I leveled last year.  (Not the first I made that honor would go to Frothe.)  Ambassador Sithi,  is commuting from Darnassus to Winterspring - she's selling things on the neutral AH.

She still has a few achievements to knock out in Azeroth, so won't be headed to Northrend for a couple of months. Sithi is in the header photo with her gorilla, Holiday, and cat, Ulthuan.

Zadril, dwarf hunter, lvl 24. Enchanting 223/skinning 150. I've not been playing her as I'm trying to take advantage of Blizzards RAF (recruit-a-friend) program with the excelerated xp gains.  So, she's just hanging out for the time being.  

Treja, another dwarf hunter, level 17. I was boxing with two other hunters but ran into the RAF problem two leveling fast one not!  So she's likely going to box with Zadril in a couple more levels. 

Biya, draenei hunter level 24.  Alchemist 152/herbalism 100. (toying with twinking at 30-39).  She's survival specced (I'm a BM player so this is new to me!).

Sidrii, night elf hunter, lvl 15. Enchanting 5/skinning 1.  She's for boxing and d/e instance drops that can't be used.

Pradia, draenei hunter, lvl 13. Herbalism 61.  She's for boxing and really an extra hunter so may go to 'toon heaven'!

Keggard, dwarf hunter, lvl 18.  Engineering 150/mining 108. Keg is the semi twink.  He has better than average gear but not uber enchants.  The libram is still waiting to be completed and the level 19 gear is stored too.  I haven't been Pvping much as the boxing has been entertaining me so much.  But he will be back to it soon.

Death Knights
Greaf, gnome DK level 61. Inscription 182/herbalism 247.  All she's been doing is running alts thru instances so she's only been getting the daily minor inscriptions accomplished and stocking up ink from the many herbers!  I may end up boxing her with Landrel - two DK's should be fun in outlands and instances - lol!

Landrel, human DK level 58.  An extra miner with enchanting.  She only d/e's items as Zadril is the one that enchants and her primary job is running the lowbies.  This way she can d/e any green/blue drops that can't be used.  

Frothe, gnome lock, lvl 11.  Frothe engineering 156.  She's ancient one of the first characters I made long ago and levelled to 5 and she's sat there until just a few weeks ago!  Now Frothe is being boxed with Waddra and a third which ever seems like a good idea!

Waddra, gnome lock, lvl 11.  Skinner 75.  Both are adorable pink haired gnomes and I'm enjoying them when I play them that is!

Sidthr, night elf, lvl 26.  Herbalism, enchanter (for d/e purposes). Feral spec.

Biyril, night elf, lvl 17.  (trying to catch him up . . . darn RAF!). Resto spec.

Uldur, night elf, lvl 25. Uldur is specced balanced,  I'm very UN-familiar with druid specs, so this may change as I experiment.

The rest . . .
Mithe, draenei mage level 10. Tailoring 150.  She's stockpiling cloth and recipes for the next power levelling session at 20!

Sassii, dranei shaman, level 13. Jewel crafter 105/miner.  I've been boxing her with Mithe on occasion.  I like shamans and wish more alliance classes could be shamans.  Maybe I'll roll her a buddy or two - we'll see!

Lealah, human pally lvl 5. Blacksmith level ?.  I've never played a pally and never tried blacksmith so Lealah gets the honors!

And unbelievably there are a few others at level 1-5.  A couple of priests, a rogue, another lock and another mage - I think that's it!  Heck three accounts I can have 30 toons cruising around Darrowmere - but I'm trying not too.

Stress Relief . . . hmmm!  Not so sure. LOL, but fun nevertheless!!!

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