Thursday, March 19, 2009

PvP Rant

Why do people play on PvP servers yet never PvP?  I'm not talking arenas or BGs as those are available for all servers.  I'm talking actual player vs player?  I'm not even meaning the ganksquads or ones that thrill on killing someone 20 levels lower than them. 

But if you're on a PvP (or PvE server for that matter) when your city/town is under attack, why do so many people totally ignore it?  I'm not saying drop whatever you're doing and ride in like the white knight, but sitting on your latest and greatest mount or showing off the newest armor set piece in Org or Stormwind and absolutely not taking advantage of World PvP when its presented - I don't get it!  

It's handed to you!  They're there to kill your king or inconvenience everyone by - heaven forbid - taking out the auctioneers, flight masters and bankers - so why not fight back?  Are all the level 80's that jaded and it's just to boring to bother?

Why be on a PvP server if PvE raiding is all people do?

What I see (and don't generally get) is the group that will PvE kill npc's - how thrilling - in Westfall or Crossroads, but run if any opposition shows up!  I had assumed (bad word that ass out of u and me word!), they did this with the goal of drawing out the higher levels to defend/pvp, but if you run away - I guess beating up the npcs was all they intended to do.  Getting there jollies that way - ???? 

I don't get it.  I'm pretty 'quest and let quest' mentality generally in not actively killing or seeking PvP when someone is obviously out questing.  Especially when they're doing escort quests - its oh so tempting at times - but I've been killed right near then end of one those and what a pain to escort those stupid chickens again!    

But if you're close to town, ganking lowbies or being a pest  . . . you die or I die trying to kill you!

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  1. darkfall is a good pvp game