Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Three boxing druids

Three boxing fun
Continuing with the three boxing fun, I rolled 3 druids last week.  Sticking with the lore, I made all male night elves - Sidthr, Uldur and Biyril.  (I think the whole Emerald Dream thing sounds outrageously fun!)  

Now, I've never levelled a druid - I think 13 has been the record in the past - so this is going to be interesting and challenging.  All the stance changes, gear needs, etc., will keep me on my toes - especially x3!

I've always admired good druids, and will have to start haunting the druid blogs (already a Big Bear Butt fan!), to learn how to play properly.   Gearing will be interesting as it seem similar to hunters, but more int/spirit seems helpful, plus tanking need strength.  It will be interesting!!!

For kicks each is going a different spec - Sidthr (main of the trio as he gets the big window - lol) is feral tank.  Uldur is going balanced and Biyril will be resto.  As Blizzards RAF (recruit-a-friend) program has such a nice xp gain my issue with this is Sidthr & Uldur are outleveling poor Biyril. Yesterday the boys were 26, 25 and 17!!!  As Biyril keeps getting further behind, I figured he'd be he best healer!  He's going on a few TLC runs (instance drag alongs!) to hopefully catch up or my 3-boxing will be 2-boxing before long! 

The druids are a complete change of pace from the hunters.  I love the forms and learning the new spells.  I've been working on macros and keybinding things.  Trying to do this x3 on one keyboard is challenging, but fun!  

So far I've only totally wiped them two times - both times from not clicking the right key combo and once actually not responding.  At least it was on 'rated' group boss mob - that was higher level!!!  Poor Biyril pulls so much aggro he's only healing himself right now.

It's all good and fun so far.  As it's a PvP server it will be hilarious the first time I have to PvP and get my a@@ handed to me!  The other person will feel so uber and not realize they just beat a boxing noob - lol!!!  

I do wish I had the time and was willing to devote the $$ to five-boxing.  I tried it briefly with the RAF trial accounts.  It's fun and I could see doing this in PvP or high level instances as being a riot!  But knowing me, I'd want five different classes to keep it interesting lol!!!   As I'm not willing to make the financial commitment three-boxing will have to do . . . for now!

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