Friday, March 20, 2009

Random stuff

Didn't do a whole lot today with WoW.  Messed with the UI some more . . . (I have another long post about this), so I'm going to stop - for now at least!  I'll post a pic of the current trio-boxing setup - it's not overly busy - I'm trying to come up with clean/yet usable.  

I'm sure it would be trimmed down some more if it was the hunter trio, as I can play them not quite blindly, but there isn't a whole lot of mystery to hunters until later when shot rotations, chain trapping, etc., should prove interesting with three!  

But as I'm working the druids and doing this on the 'learn as I go' method, it's keeping me involved.  First I haven't a clue on all the forms/spells let alone doing that X three - eek!  Add to that the boxing challenge.  Getting three of them to do what you want when you want requires a bit of planning for macros and key bindings.  Being a leftie, I've complete 'unbound' the right side of my keyboard - so I'm also getting use to different keys for quest, skills, guild, etc.  Fun fun fun!  

The downside to three-boxing I've found with WoW (it's a good thing but seems bad), is the RAF program.  Two (the veteran account and the newbie account) are getting excelerated leveling so they've outpaced the third, which was the second but doesn't get the bonus xp.  The druids started at levels 5, 1 and 1 and now are 23, 22, and 14!  PIA!!!  I like the speend the RAF adds, but to continue to take advantage of the RAF and have #3 fall further behind OR hold off until the 90 day RAF bonus time is over OR continue what I'm doing and drag the low guy along as the other two stream-roll along.  Bleah.

I did organize everyone a bit more.  Cloth for first aid, enchants and glyphs are made. I still haven't determined which will be the 'Engineer', so I'm just stockpiling stuff from the random engineering supplies I keep picking up, all deposited with one 'holder' toon.  I did clear out the guild bank from all the excess green items that I thought one of them might need and d/e it all.  Of course as soon as I'm done I realize Treja (level 15) is running around in grey/white level 5 gear (with enchants on but still!).  She's 75% to level 16, so a DM run is in order.  

Sithi threw a few Alliance recipes/pets on the neutral AH - I'm sure as dead as Darrowmere is, nothing will sell.  It's a really low pop server - I do miss Wildhammer.  Not the wait time or 'too many instance open' messages, but a healthy economy, lots of people around everywhere, it was a PvP server and you actually saw the oppostion other than in Shattarath or Dalaran.  Oh well.

Other than that I just dinked around with a few of them, while watching Babylon A.D.  I like Vin Diesel in many movies - Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick to name a couple.  He's a D&D fan and supposedly into WoW.  Hmmm I wonder what he'd play?

The random stuff - 
  1. Twitter is addicting!  Too many new places to go from there.  Found out about FragDolls - going to check their site tomorrow.  An all femal Professional Gamer team sponsored by Ubisoft. . . should be interesting.
  2. Twitter has the WeFollow Directory which makes locating/following people or politics or  businesses or whatever, much easier to locate.
  3. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog - OMG!!!  It's a must watch.  Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser M.D./Starship Troopers, Harold & Kumar movies fame - love this guy) stars.  I didn't know he could sing???  This show is hysterical!  Also part of the cast Felicia Day (TheGuild - another must watch) and Nathan Fillion (He's one of those - where'd I see him guys??  The movie Serenity was what I finally figured out!). 
  4. Dr. Horrible was nominated for a Hugo award to top it's success.
  5. - streaming video.  Lots of new TV, and old/new movies.
  6. WoW Headlines - blog lists by class listed by the most recent updates.  A huge list, but what a great resource. 
I didn't get to read Greedy Goblin today /frown   It's another addictive read.

Well, i's 2 a.m., I just wrote a bunch of crap - typos and all, but its out!  As I have to be on the road by 8 in the a.m. for a fun weekend visiting friends - I'm out.  

Game on!!!

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